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Welcome to Dragons Never Forget

If you’re new to this blog, and if you’re reading this you almost certainly are, then I suppose introductions are in order. What you’re looking at is an eclectic mix of all the things that I find fascinating about role-playing games. You’ll find discussions of esoteric rules; polemics about my favorite aspects of various games; a slew of short stories, game reports, traps, tricks, and anything else that captures my imagination. 

I make no claims at being the authoritative voice on the hobby. I’ve found such voices to always be fraught with their own self-interest and enrichment. I only want to show you the things that I love in the hopes that you’ll love them too. So welcome to Dragons Never Forget, a place for me and you to talk about all the things we love in this hobby! 

panel from Wormy by David A. Trampier

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