Blog Notes

Blogging Tip: Make It Easy On Your Readers

As some of you reading this will remember, and those of you new to me will soon find out, I read a lot of role-playing blogs. My goal in doing so is to energize my imagination so that I can become a more creative Game Master (GM). About 75% of the blogs I read are easy to explore, and then there’s the other 25% who go out of their way to make it difficult to fucking read. They either won’t have a archive, they make the archive a god-damned drop list, or they do everything they can to make it impossible to read back beyond the current five or six posts they display on the home page.

If your blog is doing that fucking quit it. Think about the people who are going to read you and realize that your blog goes deeper than the front page; and that if you’ve got talent, people are going to want to read more than just that initial five or six posts. /rant

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