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A Word or Two about Zak Sabbath / Smith

At one time I defended Zak Sabbath / Smith from the attacks of people I thought were playing a zero sum game of us versus them. I didn’t realize at the time that he was playing it, and I had fallen for his tactics, until I started to behave in a way I found repulsive.

I noticed my behavior one afternoon when my wife and I were talking about some internet drama going on associated with Zak – there was always more drama associated with Zak – and I had made some comment, probably a parroted phrase of his, and she said, “That doesn’t sound like you. That’s not who you are.”

It just clicked when she said that.

I realized in that moment that I was allowing his awful, terrible behavior to turn me the same way as I allowed myself to go deeper, and deeper under his sphere of influence. So I pulled back and separated myself from him and most of his cohorts. In my time defending him I never crossed a line; never harassed anyone online, but I could have if I had kept going down that rabbit hole.

I wish that I had realized how terrible a person he was from the get-go. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I knew he was an acerbic prick online, but I had read about his relationship with Mandy Morbid and I thought that if she saw him as someone good, and wonderful, then in real life he probably was. It turns out that was a manipulated facade he crafted to show the world and defend himself. Mandy has recently shattered that facade by showing that he was abusive, a predator, and the worst sort of person I could imagine. He is everything his detractors said he was and worse.

Do not support Zak Sabbath / Smith. He doesn’t deserve your money, your time, or the headspace you devote to him when you allow him into your life.

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