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What the Hell is Dragons Never Forget?

The hook is the thing that you’re supposed to use to sell something. It’s the elevator speech that isn’t so god damned formulaic that everyone hearing it knows what you’re doing and sees right through you.

So what’s the hook for Dragons Never Forget?

Dragons Never Forget was scrawled above a stone tomb whose doors had been sealed for a thousand years. No bear, no bobcat, and no man dared come near it’s entrance. It was a forgotten relic of a world that has lived and died a thousand times since it was first built.

Yesterday the seal shattered.

The earth heaved and screamed when the seal broke. Then everything that lived – birds, man, and beast – held their breath waiting for the evil that laid deep down below to come out. But nothing came out; and now the whole world waits for some fool to go down there and wake it up.

Who wants to go kick it’s tail feathers?


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