Eberron, Eberron Checklist

Eberron? What’s that?

When Eberron first launched back in the summer of 2004 I was in a purchasing fever for anything coming out of Wizards of the Coast. So I naturally bought it, and then I bought a lot of other books as well, but I never read it. I was too busy at the time catching up on the previous decades of cultural hallmarks and gaming shorthand to worry about the upstart setting.

I think that I missed out on something exciting.

Last night I decided to rectify that and started working on a checklist that would include all of the main books, graphic novels, novels, and adventures so that I could begin really digging deep into the setting. There is a comparatively small about of product released for the setting by comparison to the classic settings.

I have not included the Dragon articles, posts from Keith Baker’s Blog, or the adventures in Dungeon magazine because I haven’t yet been able to find all of them. Once I’ve found all of them I’ll add them to the list but for now this is just v1.

If you’re collecting material for the setting you’re welcome to download this version to get started.


3 thoughts on “Eberron? What’s that?”

  1. I never realized Eberron had that many novels and supplements. I get WotC pushed the setting more than I’d originally thought. (Then again, I wasn’t paying much attention. The heady days of 3e/3.5e put out such a dearth of stuff it was hard to keep track of it all).

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  2. I finally completed my sourcebook collection with a lucky find on eBay and after giving this checklist a quick look, I’m not sure if I want to try to complete the novels collection, ha!


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