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Is D&D Just About Combat?

If you play any version of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) for any period of time and happen to mention your love of it on social media you’re bound to see the criticism that D&D is nothing more than a hack-and-slash slog played by murderous hobos as they go from location to location killing things and… Continue reading Is D&D Just About Combat?

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Series Page Updated

I've been spending a bit of time this evening updating the Series Page. My idea is to make things easier for new readers to explore the blog by showing how posts are connected and helping my readers follow my thought process. It's something I always wanted to do back when I wrote Dyvers but by… Continue reading Series Page Updated

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The Baklunish and Suloise Empires, Reconsidered.

Greyhawk was forever changed over a millennium ago when the Suloise and Baklunish empires blew each other up. The two empires had been at war for dominance of the continent of Oerik (where nearly all published adventures in the world are set) and their struggles had sent refugees North into the center of the continent… Continue reading The Baklunish and Suloise Empires, Reconsidered.

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Make Greyhawk in Your Own Image. Gary Said So.

In the fall of 1979 Gary Gygax gave an interview with White Dwarf magazine before the publication of Greyhawk Boxed set that came out in 1983 in which he described the way the world would be presented: [White Dwarf] . . . We understand that your own game-world of Greyhawk is to be published on… Continue reading Make Greyhawk in Your Own Image. Gary Said So.

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Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs

Me, Meg, and Courtney had just sat down,”  Susan said as she wiped some ash off her cheek. "And then this guy stands up and starts screaming. He grabbed his throat and tentacles shoot out of his mouth!""What did you do," Jon asked, his coffee untouched. "We ran like hell!" Susan said."Where did all the… Continue reading Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs