Crowd Size Rules, D&D 5e, House Rules

Determining Crowd Size

Occasionally as a Game Master (GM) you’re going to need to determine crowd size. Now there are several methods to do this but this is mine and you’re welcome to it.

The first thing I do is determine how large a crowd I’m going to need at that particular moment. A small coffee shop, for example, might only have room for 20 people at maximum capacity. In that situation I reference my CROWD SIZE QUICK REFERENCE TABLES to determine how many people are in the room.

For the coffee shop I would select the d4 table to determine the crowd size of the room. Then I would roll the d4 and compare the result to the table. In this instance I rolled a 3, which would give me 12 people in the room.

Now the reason why I used this method is two-fold. On the one hand it gives me a quick way to determine how many people are in a given situation; but it also allows me to quickly determine how many are peeled off as the game dictates. We’ll talk more about that later.


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