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The Gygax ’75 Challenge: The Dungeon, Level 2

With the second level of the Gygax 75 Dungeon I’ve decided to continue with this theme of religious architecture in my dungeon design by emulating the geoglyphs of the Atacama Desert.

The Forgotten Temple, Level 2 by Charles Akins

This level of the dungeon is significantly larger than the previous one (you’ll need to click on it to make it larger) and this was done to help draw the players into the idea that this location was more than just a simple temple dedicated to some long-forgotten god. I’ve added two unique features for this level: the Hall of Forgotten Gods, and the Sacrificial Pools.

The Hall of Forgotten Gods is used to provide the players with some grounding into the history of the world and to connect them to a deeper feeling for the setting. In each of the alcoves I’m going to have marble statues of gods, each as large as Michelangelo’s the David. There will be stairs leading up to them so we’re looking at a ceiling height of around 25 ft (7.62 m).

This leads into the massive Sacrificial Pool room which will span about the length of a football field (around 300 ft / 91.44 m). Each of these shallow pools will have bits and bobbles in them that range in value from a copper to magnificent broaches; but to take from them will have serious consequences.

I’ve also got ideas set up for each of the room forming the “fins” of this level but since I’m actually going to be running this in the near future I’ll keep what those are for later.

I think it’ll be interesting to see what sort of conclusions the players draw from the map as they explore it. Will they make a connection with certain monstrous creatures in the game, or will they just chalk it up to me being weird?

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