2019 Great Blog Roll Call, RPG Blog

The 2019 Great Blog Roll Call!

Welcome to the 2019 Great Blog Roll Call!

What you have in front of you is my RPG blog roll which covers over 450 active blogs. Each post has a brief description of the blog and the average posts published in 2018. The idea behind this list is make things easier for people to discover new blogs, old favorites, and read where our hobby is going before it gets there.

Please feel free to link to this list or re-share it because the goal here is to get more people reading these blogs and to see less of them going dark (no longer updating). If you’ve got a blog that you’d like to add to the list please drop me a note below!

Otherwise, on with the list!


1,000 Foot General: This blog focuses primarily on war-gaming, and in particular, miniatures. The author, John, has a good eye in how he frames his photographs and an easy writing style that not only makes it easy to follow but provides an encouraging atmosphere for both novice and skilled miniature painters alike. If you’ve always been curious about war-gaming then this is a great blog to add to your list. Updates: An average of twice per month.

19th Level: This blog tends to have a wide range of interests that will occupy the author’s, Daniel Stack, attention from time to time. Over the course of this last year Daniel has explored a plethora of games such as: Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, D6 Star Wars, FATE Accelerated, and Pathfinder. The blog does not confine itself to role-playing games alone and instead will discuss movies, books, and anything else that catches the author’s attention. A solid blog that tends to get overlooked in spite of having an engaging author. Be sure to comment on things that get your attention or that need clarification as Daniel is very good at responding. Updates: An average of five posts a month.

1d30: This long running gaming blog tends to focus on older editions of Dungeons & Dragons which shouldn’t keep players of newer editions from exploring its vast archive as the author, who posts under the moniker 1d30, has a keen mind that is capable of offering something for role-playing gamers regardless of their edition or system. 1d30 has a solid writing style that allows the author to get to the center of any topic without the usual meandering that can afflict authors less sure of their subject matter. I cannot recommend this blog highly enough. Read the archives and reap the rewards as this blog will inspire and clarify your own thoughts on the hobby. Updates: Five posts in 2018

2nd Chapter . . ., A:   The posts that the author, David Wright, has produced for this blog have long created this sensation that he was attempting to plant his legs under him to drive his creative energies forward. As a result David has often created lists where he was evaluating or planning what comes next in the blog and in his gaming life. Unfortunately, his creative output has completely stopped in 2018 and dropped to only 4 post in 2017. I am hopeful that he will return to the blog with renewed energy in the coming year as I enjoy his writing style and would like to see more from him in the future. Updates: This blog has gone dark since December 29, 2017.  

6d6 Blog: This role-playing blog hosts several authors which allows it to establish a wide scope in its areas of interest without the feel of distraction that can come from blogs that fail to focus on any one topic. I don’t typically enjoy multi-author blogs, however, 6d6 has managed to allow each author their own distinctive voice while at the same time keeping the blog themed well. As a result it manages to be a pleasant read. I find it worth noting that the authors of 6d6 only find three role-playing blogs worth mentioning to their readers: Critical Hits, Die Heart, and General Tangent. This perhaps explains why their own articles so rarely touch on the same themes as other blogs on this list and why it lends them a different perspective when they do explore those topics. Updates: An average of four times per month though they tend to come in clusters. This blog has been dark since August 5, 2018 though I fully expect more to be coming from them as there is a lot of fantastic creativity to be found here.


About Bruce Heard and New Stories: For many readers who have not encountered Bruce Heard since his work at TSR you may only be familiar with his work on the Dungeons & Dragons setting Mystara or with his stories that appeared in Dragon Magazine years ago. This blog is a great place to remedy that situation as Bruce has used it to further explore the world of Mystara and to launch a fantastic new setting, Calidar. I have greatly enjoyed reading this blog over the last few years and have become a fan not only of its content, but of its author as well. It should be noted that the last few years have seen a greater focus on Calidar than any other topic. Still, the archives are a pleasant place to mine when you’re looking for inspiration to use in your home games and aren’t interested in Calidar. Updates: An average of four posts per month.

The Acorn Afloat: At first glance the Acorn Afloat is an oddity within the role-playing blog scene as the author, Jensan Thuresson, has carefully created a blog that feels like you’re sitting next to a wonderful art installation. Throughout the blog are the quirky sketches that Jensan does that leave you with impressions of his game world that linger long after you’ve moved on to something else; coupled alongside his poems and bits of story his imaginary worlds often feels like they has a life that extends far beyond his own games and blog. Yet it’s when he chooses to explore new ground, like in his PuterPlane setting, that I find myself enjoying this blog most because his sensibilities are so different from my own that I cannot help but entertained. I always look forward to when this blog updates and cannot recommend it highly enough. Updates: An average of one time per month.

Advanced Dungeons & Parenting: In a hobby where it’s more likely that you’ll find people competing to put out the weirdest and most unplayable additions to their favorite role-playing game it’s nice to discover a blog like Advanced Dungeons & Parenting. While you’ll still find homages created to the author’s, Christian Lindke, favorite movie and book characters you’ll also find reviews of games that are actually designed to play with your kids – a side of this hobby that is often overlooked. Christian’s writing style often comes across in a paternal style which fits well with the blog’s theme and I find reading him an enjoyable experience. Updates: Ten times in 2018.

Advanced Gaming & Theory: There is something refreshing about a blogger who looks at the conventional wisdom in our hobby, and not only tells the world that they’re wrong, but backs up their position with well-reasoned arguments that make you question your own preconceptions. The author of Advanced Gaming & Theory, Ripper X, has done just that by enthusiastically throwing his support behind his favorite edition: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. While I enjoy his writing style what keeps me coming back to this blog is its focus on an Edition of Dungeons & Dragons that I have had little connection to over the years. Really a fascinating blog that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone looking to explore Second Edition. Updates: Five posts in 2018, though it has been dark since October 10, 2018. This isn’t unusual for the blog so readers shouldn’t be warned off adding it to their reading list as they can expect future articles from this exciting, little blog in the future. I, for one, can hardly wait.

Adventures in Amateur RPG Design: This blog made its debut on March 22, 2018 with John Bragg proclaiming, “I want to design the RPG that I want.” It’s  a tall task for this blog as John has only written four posts since bursting onto the scene. Time will tell if he’s able to accomplish his goal or if this blog fades into the background to be forgotten. I hope he succeeds because we all deserve the games we’ve always wanted to play in our dreams. Updates: four times in 2018

Adventures in Gaming v2: James Mishler’s blog is a wealth of role-playing goodness that should be mined regularly. His writing is often clear and direct, though it can occasionally get a bit dry. The archives are incredibly easy to explore as James has taken time to clearly denote each post in a manner that makes following your favorite series a cinch. I’m really digging the Legendaria series that he’s launched this year and I can’t wait to see where he goes with it in the future. If you’re a fan of the Labyrinth Lord retro-clone be sure to bookmark this blog as James has a wealth of useful articles in connection with it. Updates: Eight posts last year, although it should be noted that he has already written seven posts this year.

Adventures in the Autumn Court: Edward Lang-Whiston’s blog is a literary jolt to the system reminiscent of other great creative blogs such as Chris Tamm’s Elf Maids & Octopi and Patrick Stuart’s False Machine – though it is very much its own thing. The blog shifts between these little, whimsical stories and deeper thought excursions where Edward might create tables for use in your favorite role-playing game, or a new spell, world, or god. Regardless of which topic he chooses to explore the way that he writes is thoroughly entertaining and I can’t wait to see where this blog goes in the future! Be sure and check this one out as you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming years. Updates: An average of once per month. It should be noted that it has been dark since September 25, 2018, though this is not unusual as Edward has taken months off between posts before so don’t let this trouble you when adding it to your reading list.

Aeons & Augauries: I have often said that if this blog had a tagline it would be, “Boldly going where other blogs dare not to explore.” The author, JDJarvis, has seemingly made it his goal to explore subjects in our hobby that many others have neglected. As a result it often seems that when I go researching some new topic that JDJarvis has already explored that avenue of thought and has laid the groundwork for developing a better understanding of it. His writing has a crispness to it that makes reading posts on the blog a quick, enjoyable process. Aeons & Augauries is filled to the brim with creative ideas, re-examinations of classic role-playing themes, and enough free content that you’ll find it a blog that must be added to your feed. Be sure to explore the deep archives so that you won’t miss out on one of the hidden gems of the role-playing blogging scene! Updates: Eight times during the year 2018. While this is a significant slide from the blog’s previous output the posts continue to be of a high quality.

Against the Wicked City: When I first read this blog I found myself focusing almost exclusively on the author’s, Joseph Manola, exploration of B/X Dungeons and Dragons (B/X D&D) but as time has gone on I’ve enjoyed reading his discussions of Pathfinder (PF) and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play (WFRP) as well. Still though, I find myself gravitating to his Old School Renaissance (OSR) articles more often as I find his thoughts on the OSR articulate and thoughtful.  Joseph consistently explores every avenue of gaming that interests him, and his thoughtful writing brings out the best in every topic he explores. Since I first discovered this blog years ago it has grown in popularity and I can’t wait to see where he takes in the coming years! Updates: An average of four posts per month.

Age of Dusk: When you read as many role-playing blogs as I do you eventually become accustomed to the patterns that most authors fall into. There is a predictability that often develops in the writing of authors who are jockeying for attention from industry insiders and their peers that can often make for dull writing. There are a few blogs though that abandon these actions and instead push back against everyone and everything. Age of Dusk is one such blog. The author of this blog, Prince of Nothing, writes with the sort of flippancy that allows their criticisms of the hobby, and the products that perpetuate it, a weight that other blogs often lack. There is no coddling; no pretense. Instead the blog will often cut deeply as the Prince of Nothing spares no feelings while reviewing both new and old products alike. At its best it is reminiscent of Your Dungeon is Suck at the height of its satirical power; at its worst it is a biting attack on all the aspects of the hobby that get under the skin of the author and will offend those with delicate sensibilities. Updates: An average of seven times a month.

Aggregate Cognizance:  Wil Hutton, recently migrated over Aggregate Cognizance to wordpress and in doing so it appears that he has once again found his feet under him to begin creating at a high level. This blog has a rich archive that allows its readers to explore the topics of the past few years through the eyes of an author who would often discus the most complicated of themes in an easy to follow manner that made for an enjoyable read. If you’re looking to find a blogger whose writing will often help inspire your own this is a great place to start. Updates: About twice a month. IMPORTANT NOTE: The address for Aggregate Cognizance has change to the one I’m using. If you have the old one bookmarked you will not be seeing the latest content as Wil no longer updates the old site.

Aiee! Run from Kelvin’s Brainsplurge!: If this is the first time that you have discovered Kelvin’s Brainsplurge than you are in for a real treat. Kelvin Green has been running this blog since July 10, 2003 and during that time this blog has covered nearly every major topic of the day and explored countless avenues of thought. For lesser authors this long running blog would become a dull chore, but Kelvin has managed to keep it fresh through his art (WHICH I LOVE!), continued play, and clever writing. Kelvin’s thoughtful writing keeps me coming back time, and time again. Be sure and check out the adventures of the Red Line Corporate Solutions through his actual play write ups as they’re just a lot of fun and check out his fantastic art as it reminds me of the best art from the early days of TSR when Erol, Trampier, and the boys were drawing everywhere. Updates: About twice a month, though it should be noted that he’s already beating that average this year with four posts in January.

Akratic Wizardry: The author of this blog, Akrasia, has spent most of their effort over the years on exploring OSR style games and their literary roots, though this last year has seen a bit of a step away from those long running themes. Still the blog is smartly written and the archives are filled with lots of interesting house rules that can be imported into directly into your Swords & Wizardry games or, with some slight modifications, into your favorite system. Updates: About three times a month.

Alex Schroeder: RPG Blog: Alex has an interesting way of writing about the hobby that leaves me wanting for more than what he’s apparently willing to provide. I don’t mean that as a knock against the blog or author; rather I mean to say that the way that Alex writes tends to inspire discussion and thought instead of providing a closed thought. To get the most out of Alex’s writing I recommend following him on Google Plus and coupling his postings there with the blog so that you can see the conversations expand the discussion further and get a more fulfilling experience. Whether you follow him on Google Plus or not I recommend the blog as Alex has a natural talent for beginning a conversation that will leave his readers examining their own thoughts on the matters he explores. Updates: Unfortunately I was unable to find the archive and was unwilling to slog my way through the blog by expanding it ever backwards in an effort to count the total posts in 2018. So I’m unable to provide his average.

Alexandrian, the: It could be argued that Justin Alexander’s blog, the Alexandrian, is one of the most popular role-playing blogs active today. Little wonder, too, as Justin has a natural gift for writing that makes even posts you disagree with an enjoyable read. His writing shows a maturity of thought that is often lacking in other blogs as he is able to delve deeply into complex topics without indulging in the self-importance and droning harangues that often afflict other authors who attempt the same tasks. His influence should not be understated as you’ll often see dissimilar bloggers, with wildly differing takes on how role-playing games should be played, referencing his works as the standard of thought on the subject they’re discussing. I often find myself exploring his archives as a way to refine my own thoughts on role-playing games and I know I’m not alone as I can see his fingerprints in many other bloggers writings as well. Updates: About 16 posts a month average in 2018.

Altdorf Correspondent, The:  Magnus Seter has created a blog with rich archives where you’ll find a deep exploration of the WFRP setting – arguably the best setting ever created – and alternative rules for the system. While many blogs that you will explore through this list cover a wide range of topics the Altdorf Correspondent has narrowed its focus to a single game and in so doing has become one of the best resources for that game in the blogging scene.  Updates: About once per month though it should be noted that the blog has been dark since July 28, 2018.

Analogue Hobbies, The: This blog actually came before the Painting Challenge blog below and features the beautifully painted miniatures by Curt C. The blog focuses more on Curt’s thought process in painting the miniatures and how he would use them in an actual miniatures game. For those of you more into the thought process than just the beautiful miniatures found in the Painting Challenge blog then this is your preferred entry into Curt’s blogs. Updates: An average of three times per month.

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, The: If you love looking at beautifully painted miniatures, or painting them yourself, then you need to check out this blog. The AHPC is curated by Curt C and features an incredible array of talented painters working hard to put out fantastic miniatures. It’s an inspiring place for aspiring miniature painters and old hands alike. Updates: An average of 60 times a month, though it should be noted that due to a recent change that January has seen 194 posts already and this year promises to continue at an incredible pace!

Anamnesis of the Mystic Scholar: I really enjoy the way that Mystic Scholar writes. His short stories are enjoyable to read and the way that he works through role-playing game issues often gets my own mind to reorganize itself and to rethink the way that I’ve decided how things work. While he hasn’t updated so far this year I’m hopeful that he will soon since he’s still active in the community and regularly commenting on other blogs. Always worth reading when he updates. Updates: Dark since September 20, 2017. I hope he starts updating again. I really miss him.

Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets, An Old School Gaming Blog: Unlike many other blogs on this list AV&ES has narrowed its focus to a single gaming system, Labyrinth Lord. For other authors this narrowing field might create a situation where a reader could expect to experience a stagnation of creativity; but the author, Bat, has managed to find freedom in their self-imposed constriction. The blog is prolific in its output of new spells, magical items, and monsters. I particularly enjoy the small bits of fiction that introduce each new spell. Well worth bookmarking for any Labyrinth Lord enthusiasts out there. Updates: About 15 posts each month.

. . . and a Brace of Pistols: I recently discovered this interesting blog and have been really taken with it. The author, Tom, has an enjoyable writing style that has encouraged me to explore two of the systems he’s focused on more fully on my own: Kult and 7th Sea. While the Kult exploration Tom has been steadily working through have been interesting it’s the 7th Sea stuff that really captures my imagination. Tom’s enthusiasm for swashbuckling adventures is positively infectious and I eagerly look forward to new posts on the subject! Updates: There is no archive so I’m unsure how many posts have been made in 2018.

. . . and the Sky Full of Dust:  Simon Forster has made this blog into one of my favorites for plucking out an encounter when I need one most. The blog is done in a tumblr-esque style with all of the maps out front and center, each with a clear description of the type of encounter they’re designed for running. I love the ease with which I can use this site and if you’re looking for a blog that just works and that will make your life easier this is one you have got to bookmark!  Updates: An average of four times a month.

Angry GM, The: At first glance some readers may be tempted to dismiss the Angry GM as a gimmicky blog where the author simply flings invective at various role-playing topics without any real substance behind them; and to do so is to vastly underestimate the value of the Angry GM. Where other blogs will direct their efforts into analyzing the various aspects of role-playing games in a serious manner the Angry GM will do the same with a generous dose of humor thrown in to help his readers digest his thoughts on the subject more fully. It’s a clever technique that gives his writing a greater impact and allows it to stay with his readers longer. This is a great blog to add to your regular reading list. Updates: I have no idea. The archive has been removed and navigating about the blog has gotten a bit difficult. Still a good read, but just difficult to find older content if you’re going in order of publication.

Angry Hamster: Elizabeth Chaipraditkul’s Angry Hamster blog is part publishing blog and another part is Liz’s personal journey through our hobby and through the industry that supports it. While there are the obligatory promotional posts on the blog it’s when she begins discussing aspects of the hobby that have impacted her where the blog really sings. I find myself wishing that on these more personal posts that she would delve deeper into the ideas and explore them more fully because it often feels as though there is so much more she would like to discuss. Updates: Six times in 2018. Dark since October 31, 2018.

ANT-LERRR: Reading ANT-LERRR reminds me a lot of watching jazz musicians perform. The creativity expressed in Luke Gearing’s writing is fantastic but the organization of his posts can take you by surprise. It’s a fun experience and one that I recommend for anyone who likes to read role-playing blogs as he tends to explore whatever strikes his fancy at the time. Updates: An average of one time each month.

anyway.: This fascinating blog is brought to you by the same mind who wrote Dogs in the Vineyard and Apocalypse World: Vincent Baker. Like many independent publishers this blog tends to focus on the author’s experiences as a publisher, but that shouldn’t scare you away as there’s lots of content that spans the entirety of the hobby. You’ll want to explore his archives as there is a lot of good stuff there and while you may not always agree with his conclusions his discussions are almost always thought-provoking. Updates: Two posts in 2018. Dark since February 21, 2018

Appendix M: This blog is a showcase for its author’s, Jon Wilson, monstrous obsession, and we’re all winners as a result. Appendix M is filled to the brim with monsters designed for the Dungeon Crawl Classics system but can easily be used in similar systems without many changes. I’ve used his creatures in my own D&D 3.5e games, as well as D&D 5e games, to great effect over the last few years and have enjoyed mining his archives for future adventures. A great resource for any role-playing game enthusiast looking to throw something at their players that they probably haven’t encountered before. Updates: An average of three per month.

Appendix N: This blog is Joe Kushner’s efforts to expand upon the literary foundation of Dungeons & Dragons by creating a modern Appendix N that will help provide readers with a wider range of fiction to draw upon for their home games. It’s an audacious project that Joe has put on his shoulders but one that in a lot of ways he’s built to accomplish. His voracious reading allows him to add new books regularly to the list and his guiding question always seems to be, “How can we use this to make our games better?” For role-players who are looking for books beyond Gary Gygax’s Appendix N and who would like to move outside D&D 5e’s additions Joe’s blog is a great place to start. 2018 was the least productive year in the history of Appendix N and I’m hopeful that 2019 will see a rebounding year for the blog. Updates: Three posts in 2018. Dark since August 11, 2018.

Archon’s Court: A fairly new blog created by Imperator Osiryx. Topics covered tend to a bit more sci-fi and wilder, which can be a very welcome change from the more common, fantasy focused blogs. The author is still trying to establish their voice at the time of this writing and seems to be struggling at times with the idea that others are reading them. They shouldn’t question such a thing as there is a lot of potential with the blog. Updates: About twice a month.

Archons March On: Semiurge’s blog burst onto the scene on October 24, 2018 and largely acted as a congregate site for the author’s reddit posts and as a quick, randomizer for various traits and topics. Any of the D20x5 posts will provide you with five buttons to press that will create a random thing based on the title of the post. While these random generators have been the main focus of the blog so far, there are still the occasional bits of lore and discussions on how to do various things in the hobby, such as, playing a werewolf, or creating a magic sword. Most things here tend to have a fantasy bent but remain largely system agnostic. With the high volume of posts late last year I’m eager to see where the blog goes in the coming months. Updates: 50 times since October 24, 2018! That’s an impressive average of 17 posts per month!

Arden Est: Chris Blauwkamp has slowly developed Arden Est into a long form game log that chronicles the events of his home campaign; with the occasional addition of magical spells, items, and monsters that he has created for use therein. While the writing is solid I find myself wishing that the posts were longer and that more details of the campaign were posted as I’m always left wanting for more. Updates: About once per month.

Armchair Gamer: Alex Osias looks at gaming in a way that I find refreshing. He tends to focus on science fiction and super hero games, two genres that get too little attention from many role-playing game bloggers, and as a result when he touches upon other genres, like Dungeons & Dragons, he tends to come at them with a different understanding of what makes a successful game. We need more gamers exploring the game from their own perspectives instead of following the popular trends. Alex fits that bill. Updates: About 2 posts per month.

Ars Ludi: This is the long running blog of Ben Robbins, creator of Microscope and Kingdom, that regularly produces thought provoking content designed to begin conversations with his readers that will inspire them to rethink their preconceived notions on role-playing games. Ben’s writing style is easy to follow and he’s often capable of taking complicated topics and simplifying them in a way that doesn’t lose their significance (something that can often happen in the hands of less astute authors). Be sure to check out his Story Games 101 series as the topics he’s discussing are valid not only for story games but for more combat focused role-playing games as well. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Art and Musings of a Miniature Hobbyist: If you’re like me and are still learning how to paint miniatures without making them look like hot garbage then you’ll dig FourEyedMonster’s blog. I really enjoy FEM’s Work-In-Progress posts as there is a fairly honest assessment of the work, how they got where they are in the piece, and of where FEM would like to see the piece progress. Another excellent miniature blog to check out for all you aspiring painters out there. Updates: An average of four posts a month in 2018.

Artifacts and Relics: A relatively new blog that is still trying to find its footing. The author, Edgewise, has figured out the content they would like to cover (OSR with a heavy focus on Dungeon Crawl Classics) but they’re still unsure of themselves as an author as each post in 2018 seemingly begins with an apology for not writing enough. They shouldn’t be apologizing to us as the writing on the blog has a great conversational tone and reading it I’m often able to imagine the author sitting next to me discussing the topic at hand. There’s a lot of strength in that; and it’s something that many other blogs strive towards in their writing and fail to achieve.  I hope we see more from Edgewise in 2019 as I’m really digging what they’ve accomplished so far. Updates: Seven times in 2018. Dark since October 4, 2018.

Asshat Paladins: Matt Borselli’s blog has turned into, largely, a compendium of his campaigns and experiences during play. Throughout 2018 every post was a description of his actual play experiences at the table. Matt has an easy writing style that makes reading these enjoyable. His archives, though, tend to tread the usual ground that other bloggers have explored during the early days of the role-playing blog scene. Updates: 20 times in 2018 with the last post coming on June 27, 2018


B/X BLACKRAZOR: The author, JB, of this long running blog has spent years developing a particular style of writing that elegantly creates the impression in his reader’s mind that they’re reading a letter from a longtime friend. His daily life begins each post with these quick updates on the family, his work situation, and life around him. Then he’ll segue into these long discussions on some aspect of gaming that has preoccupied his attention. As a reader of his blog it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. JB has a natural tendency towards making this fantastic series so be on the watch out for them when diving into the archives.  Updates: Four times a month.

Back in the Labyrinth: I’ve read Sean Robson’s blog for years and describing it accurately has often escaped me. Sean writes with an easy that I envy and I dearly missed his writing when he stepped away from the blog for the last few years. Since returning he’s focused on The Fantasy Trip as his main game and it’s been fascinating to read him as he works his way about the game. I’m hopeful that this exploration continues as reading his work makes me want to pick up the system and take it as my own. I can think of no higher praise. Updates: After a three year hiatus Back in the Labyrinth began updating again in 2019.

Back to the Dungeon: A fun blog that tends to work towards melding the way that games played during the earlier days of our hobby with modern role-playing games. The author has a daring spirit and clearly enjoys the challenge of mixing the two styles together. I’m not always convinced that the author’s efforts will pay off, but seeing their efforts are inspiring. Updates: About once a month in 2018. 

Back to the Keep: After a four-year hiatus Robert Morris has come back to his blog, Back to the Keep, with a vengeance! During the absence Morris spent a lot of time working on his ideas on Google Plus attempting to refine his ideas and create a better game in the process with the help of the gaming community. Luckily for us we’re getting to see the fruits of his efforts as his thoughts have matured and his writing has improved by leaps and bounds. It’s always great to see an author improve and Morris continues to do so with each new post. Updates: Eight times in 2018, but 11 already in 2019.

Balthazar’s Bloviations: This is a quiet blog with a lot of potential as the author, Balthazar Balzacazar, has been steadily creating some rather enjoyable posts with just enough attitude to make the reader chuckle. There have been very few updates to this blog in the last few years but what has been produced have been enjoyable. I hope that it updates more frequently in the coming year. Updates: Once in 2018 on December 9.

Bardiches & Bathhouses: Boris Stremlin began this blog in September 2016 and has been steadily carving out his own, unique, take on role-playing games ever since. Bardiches & Bathhouses approaches the fantasy world through a uniquely Russian perspective which creates a wholly new, and original, take on the fantasy role-playing world in our pseudo-Western European dominated hobby. This is a great new blog to bookmark and add to your own feeds. Updates: An average of twice per month in 2018.

Barking Alien: Since Adam Dickstein began his blog in February, 2009 he has been one of the leading proponents of non-Dungeons & Dragons role-playing gaming. His blog has been a vocal advocate pushing the idea that gaming has far more to offer enthusiasts than just another boring dungeon and another re-skinned orc waiting for players to cut its head off. His writing often reminds me of a Revival as he can become quite impassioned as he proselytizes for one game or another. Yet where Adam’s blog shines brightest is when he just talks about his current games. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve begun reading a post about Champions, Star Trek, or Star Wars and come away with a half dozen ideas for my own games. I always look forward to when Adam updates! Updates: An average of 10 posts per month.

Basic Red: Daniel Dean’s blog often felt like he was on the cusp of something great this year. His writing has taken on a frenetic style that gets me energized and I desperately want to play the Warduke Class Daniel created as it is absolutely mad in the best possible way.  I really like the way that his mind is working and I’m excited to see where he goes in the coming year. Updates: 10 times in 2018, but already 11 times in January, 2019

BASTIONLAND: Chris McDowall’s insightful blog is one part design blog, one part journey through the hobby, one part instruction manual, and it all adds up to a creative whirlwind. It’s a lot of fun to read – especially as he develops these interesting, bite-sized OSR ideas into fully formed games that keep a reader excited to see where his imagination will take us all next. The blog has been around since 2009 and has over 350 articles in the archive to help inspire your own, homebrewed creations. Updates: About twice each month.

Bat in the Attic: Rob Conley’s long running OSR blog has often been one of the first places that I go when exploring one of the more complex topics in old school gaming. His writing is clear, concise, and often phrased in such a way as to encourage a discussion of the topic rather than end it. I highly recommend his How to Sand Box series and his City State of the Invincible Overlord series of posts as a good place to start exploring this excellent blog. Updates: An average of three times a month.

Bearded Devil: This beautiful blog has largely focused on the author’s Hex Crawl explorations of their home game through a series of session write-ups. These posts are well written and among the best I’ve read of their kind. But it’s the gorgeous artwork featured on the blog (which I believe is mostly done by the author) that really draws your attention. Just fantastic stuff all the way around and I can barely wait for more from this author! Updates: About once a month in 2018

Beat Ronin, The: Reading the Beat Ronin often feels like I’m getting a letter from someone that I’ve been corresponding with rather than a blog post and it’s a credit to Jimmy Spence’s capable writing that the blog is able to sustain that sort of conversation when many others have abandoned it for a more academic style. The Beat Ronin (which boasts one of my favorite blog names) has focused heavily in recent years on Warhammer 30K and 40K games, models, and discussions though you should be aware that like many of the best blogs Spence isn’t content with discussing only games. Updates: Dark since July 26, 2017

Bedside Notepad: This is the tumblr blog of former Paizo creative maven, Jessica Price. She writes a challenging blog that confronts topics that can be uncomfortable and infuriating at times – but she almost always has a depth of insight into the nature of our hobby that I find fascinating. Her perspective is often refreshing and I enjoy her acerbic writing style. Updates: Dark since June 1, 2017

Beholder Pie: Will Doyle’s nine-year old blog has seen a significant drop off in production over the last three years. Even with the decreased output Doyle’s Beholder Pie is a pleasant blog that offers its readers an enjoyable, though all too brief, read filled with visually pleasing posts and creative ideas that will help inspire its readers in their own efforts to improve their adventures and gaming. The current series that he’s been working through for the better part of the last two years, Here Be Dungeons, is an outstanding resource for time strapped Game Masters everywhere. My only complaint about this blog is that I wish there were more to explore. Updates: Only once in 2016.

Bernie the Flumph!: Josh Burnett’s Bernie the Flumph! blog tends to focus on providing readers with things they can use in their games: monsters, items, and the like. Often these useful posts tend to feel like Burnett has it in mind that his readers can print off the page and drop them into their games that night. While I’m not a huge fan of the more gimmicky posts (like the David Pumpkins write-up) I have still found posts that I’m using in my home games. Updates: An average of twice per month.

Beyond Fomalhaut: Melan has come up with an interesting titling system designed to help readers quickly discern reviews from blog posts and campaign journals that makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for when scanning through the archive. Melan has steadily created a blog that has carved out its own territory in the hobby. It’s authoritative, without being preachy, and a fun read. Updates: An average of four posts per month.

Beyond the Black Gate: I dig the hell out of Al’s Beyond the Black Gate. When I first discovered it he was delving deep into the pulp underpinning of Dungeons & Dragons influenced games by drawing attention to the weird and wild aspects of the game. At the time it was a breath of fresh air in a blogging scene chocking on everyone following each other’s lead and taking sides in meaningless online feuds. The archives are still a breath of fresh air years later even as his blog has largely gone dark and I keep hoping that he’ll come back with a vengeance to push back against the standards of the blogging community. Updates: Dark since August 17, 2017. This isn’t the first time Al has gone dark for this long so I’m hopeful that he’ll come back soon to the delight of his readers.

Biased Bill: The Biased Bill blog is designed to be a place where Dungeon Masters can explore various topics in a way that will spur their own thoughts on the topics discussed. Often it succeeds in sparking that discussion for other readers; however, I am personally having a hard time with formatting style currently in use on the blog as it tends to fill disjointed for me (though I know that many other readers prefer this method) and as a result I’m not a good judge on its overall effectiveness. Updates: An average of four times a month.

Big Ball of No Fun: At one time David Dolph’s Big Ball of No Fun was one of my favorite reads. Dolph has a firm grasp on his blog’s voice and he’s been able to consistently produce a confident and intelligent blogging experience that could not only expand your understanding of the history of the hobby but of where he would like to see it go in the future. I hope it begins updating again because I miss Dolph’s voice in the discussion of our hobby. Updates: Dark since August 31, 2017.

The Big Red Bat Cave: Simon Miller’s war-gaming blog, The BigRedBatCave, is a great place to break up your role-playing game explorations and breath in the foundations of our hobby as Miller has a great eye with his photography and is able to make the miniature battles come to life. His painted miniatures are quite well done and I find myself often wishing that he would post process pieces so that I can fully understand how he paints them so beautifully. I really enjoy this blog. Updates: An average of three times per month.

Billy Goes to Mordor: Billy Billerson’s long running blog boasts both one of the best names in blogging and a deft author who has steadily created an engaging blog with a firm grasp on where it’s going and what the author wants to accomplish. My recommendation for new readers is to open Billerson’s archive and pick out two or three posts with titles that catch your eye and read those first. His archive is rich with great content and will inspire your own thoughts on role-playing games to new heights. Updates: About twice a month on average.

Black Campbell, The: Scott Rhymer has created a blog that not only showcases a wide variety of games that I’ve yet to experience, but that allows him to write in an engaging manner without coming across like a sophomoric jerk. Most of the posts I surveyed are relatively short, well put together, and often it seems like they are designed more to help shape your thoughts on role-playing games rather than inspire. My only complaint with Rhymer’s blog is that it doesn’t have a typical archive so you’re forced to scroll through countless articles hoping that you stumble upon the one you’re looking for in the process. Updates: Dark since August 26, 2018

Black Gate, Adventures in Fantasy Literature: While not strictly a gaming blog this site features a slew of writers, including Grognardia’s James Maliszewski, who focus on topic related to the hobby. Really a great site to explore. Updates: Hard to say, but multiple posts per day by various authors. Lots to read.

Blasted, Cratered Land, A: A brand new blog started this year which is steadily carving out its own niche in our hobby. The author, Velexiraptor, already has a solid writing style and a voice that comes across well. There are moments where the author seems unsure of themselves and of their writing but this tends to happen with all new bloggers as they grow their audience. I’m excited to see where Velexiraptor takes the blog in the coming years. Updates: 25 times already this year.

Blessings of the Dice Gods: Jeff Russell’s blog is in my personal ‘must read’ blog group. He has a discerning mind and a laser like focus, that I often envy, which allows him to produce outstanding projects. While Russell has been absent from the blog for the last few months it isn’t unusual for him to take time off as he invests himself in his latest project. So while you’re waiting please enjoy his archives as they’re well worth spending a few days exploring. Updates: About once per month.

Blog Full of Demons, A: Mabel Harper’s relatively new blog came into existence in February, 2018 with a haunting picture of demon to help kick off her post and has been kicking ass with each article since. Mabel has come into our hobby with a fire under her and I am looking forward to seeing what she creates in the future! Updates: About once a month. Dark since July 17, 2018

Blog of Holding: I once described this as, “the story of the author’s journey through the hobby focusing on both the current vogue and in the glory of the old without wallowing in nostalgia,” and while I still stand by that statement I think that my understanding of the blog has expanded over the past few years. There’s more here than just someone looking forward and remembering the past – that’s something you can find on most any OSR affiliated blog. What Blog of Holding does so well, is that it allows the reader to look at the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons and to pull their favorite rules from past editions into it in a way that not only works but actually makes the game more fun. Really worth checking out. Updates: Once a month.

Blood of Porkopius: FrDave’s long running blog exemplifies the idea behind a contemplative approach to blogging about role-playing games. His posts come often come along slowly; building the underlying thought into a solid foundation which allows him to break down the intellectual barriers that his readers might have. FrDave’s writing is solid and even when I disagree with his conclusions I often find myself enjoying his explorations in our hobby. Updates: An average of five times a month.

Blue Boxer Rebellion: The Blue Boxer Rebellion is a bit of a mixed bag as far as role-playing game blogs go – and that’s a very good thing. Doug Anderson has spent the better part of the last decade creating a blog that allows him to put out an engaging mix of his own art and his ideas on the hobby. It creates a blog that can sometimes feel all to0 brief as you will often encounter posts in the archive where he’s still working out his ideas and expanding them into a more fully formed thought. Yet my favorite posts on this blog are the ones that feature his own drawings which are just so neat. I love his isometric dungeon maps and the way that he designs the covers for his adventures.  Just a neat blog that needs to update more often. Updates: Dark since August, 11, 2016.

Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming: I discovered Kate Bullock’s Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming blog when it was submitted as a nominee for the 2017 ENnie awards and it’s a blog with which I’m still coming to terms. Her writing is solid and her conclusions on the hobby are often interesting. Bullock’s blog focuses heavily on the social criticism side of the hobby and as a result her topics will often wander into areas that many other gaming blogs avoid like the plague because they can be controversial, if for no other reason, than the chorus of gamers shouting that these games are about playing imaginary elves and not social criticism. While I often find such explorations of the hobby dreadfully boring Bullock’s engaging writing not only manages to keep my attention as she delves into her current subject but gets me engaged in the discussion as well – a rare talent. The last two years of Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming have been rather fruitful for Bullock as she’s substantially increased her output over previous years which I think will only lead to good things for her in the future. Updates: About once per month.

Boccob’s Blessed Blog: A long running blog that that I’ve only recently become acquainted with even though it’s a fairly popular blog. The author has an easy writing style and a wide variety of topics that attract their attention so the likelihood of becoming bored with the blog is low. I’m still fairly new with the blog but I’m growing to really enjoy it. Check it out for yourself! Updates: About three times a month – though there is no easy to check archive so finding earlier posts will take some effort.  

Boomer Kid, That: This blog is the home of Clinton J. Boomer and it’s easily one of my favorite places to find the sort of inspirational fiction I need to kickstart my home games. He has an easy writing style and a mastery of dialogue that I am incredibly jealous of. Really worth checking out as no matter where he goes when he’s writing I find myself enjoying the hell out of it all. Updates: An average of 13 posts per month. He’s currently going through a hell of a creative period so I highly suggest adding him to your daily read list as he’s always coming up with something worth reading!

Borderlands, The: Steve C. has been running this blog for the better part of the last decade and during that time he’s limited his production to the times when he actually has something worth sharing with his audience. It makes for a tighter read and allows his words to carry a bit more weight. If you get into the mood to read a blog from its beginning to end you this is a great one to check out. Updates: Three times in 2018. Dark since November 19, 2018.

Breath of Mystara: Robin D’s Breath of Mystara is a blog that I’ve recently stumbled across while I was attempting to explore more of the Mystara setting, and I’m so glad that I did. Robin’s writing reminds me of a fantastic fanzine as it comes across as both knowledgeable and yet not authoritative. So often reading this blog feels like the author’s writing with the expectation that someone out there will take up the conversation with them and that together the two will create something more substantive than either could have done alone. While Breath of Mystara features a relatively small archive of 43 posts I find reading through them an enjoyable afternoon. I encourage other Mystara fans to check out this blog. Updates: About once a month.

Brighton Roleplayers: Essentially a catchall blog for a role-playing games club over in Brighton. The blog features multiple authors from the game club discussing things going on in the club, their games, and exploring the hobby as a whole. Most of the time I find that it is a fun read though I do admit to getting bored in the more club specific posts as I’m not able to join up with them. Still, the archives are enjoyable to explore. Updates: About four times a month.

Bruce R. Cordell: Since I first discovered Bruce Cordell’s blog several years ago I’ve spent a lot of time reading not only his writings there, but exploring the library of role-playing game resources that he has spent his life creating for our hobby, and I have become enthusiastic about his creative efforts. The way that he crafts settings, games, and adventures just clicks with my sensibilities. And as a reader exploring this blog can often feel like you’re getting an inside look into where his mind is at and how he makes connections to create the sort of fantastic worlds that will inspire your own imagination for years to come. While it’s not updated as often as I would like I still look forward to every new post. Updates: About once a month

Built by Gods Long Forgotten: Lum’s Built by Gods Long Forgotten is one of those blogs that often gets overlooked because its author tends to take long breaks between posts; but for those who stick with it they have found one of the great role-playing blogs. The writing often feels as though the author has been reading other blogs which have creatively choked on the idea that that the game must be played in a certain way, or written about in this manner, and has decided instead to push on in a completely different direction. Lum’s house rules are often straightforward and easily implemented into any fantasy role-playing game. Yet it isn’t Lum’s rules that I find myself enjoying as much as it is their writing style. Built by Gods Long Forgotten reads more like you’re talking with a friend who’s trying to quickly bring you up to speed rather than like some put upon know-it-all who can barely tolerate speaking to you. It’s a fun blog that I wish updated more often. Updates: Dark since April 14, 2018.


Camp Cromwell: A miniature war gaming blog that has a lot of heart. The war games described are often done in a quick fashion geared more towards enthusasts rather than towards novice gamers. That shouldn’t warn off newer war gamers as Jim Gandy has a depth of knowledge that anyone starting out in the hobby should tap for its expertise and guidance. Updates: About 12 times a month.

Campaign Chronicle: Wargames, RPGs, and Miniatures: Formerly known as Clash of Spear on Shield this long running blog has been a fan favorite for years. The author, Chris C., has made a habit of creating engaging posts designed to not only further his own understanding of the hobby but to help encourage both old and new players to stretch their creative legs. Whether he’s exploring his own setting or creating tables to roll on you’ll find something worth reading every time he updates the blog. Updates: About once a month.

Campaign Mastery: Mike Bourke, the primary author of Campaign Mastery, has been steadily pushing this blog towards a position where it could be called one of the definitive pillars in how to effectively craft and successfully run a campaign over the last few years.  The style of campaign that is advanced by Bourke often stands in stark contrast to the style advocated by blogs like Goblin Punch, Elfmaids & Octopi, or Aiee! Run from Kelvin’s Brainsplurge! Where these other blogs tend to focus on a more organic style of play and a natural progression to their creation of their game worlds Bourke’s Campaign Mastery focuses on a steady, measured progression to the game. The format of his posts and the standardization of his process can be refreshing for many Game Masters struggling to find their footing in the hobby. Deep archives and some great contributors are major bonuses for this blog. Updates: Three  times a month.

Cannonfire Crier, The: One part rally point, one part pure role-playing gold mine: all awesome. This blog that serves as a front for the zine of the same name is outstanding and continues to put out fantastic content for the Greyhawk setting. It has largely gone dark since the Zine has mostly petered out. I keep hoping that with the recent announcement of Greyhawk material from Wizards of the Coast that the blog will start firing up again and that the zine will begin pumping out new issues. I’m still hoping. Updates: Twice in 2017.

Carapace King: An engaging OSR blog that should really update more. Whether the author takes us up into outer space, joins the Zones Community Project, or just gives us one hell of a great idea this blog is consistently putting out great content. After taking three years off the blog has begun updating again focusing primarily on the author’s home games. The Dikes Fall series has been particularly enjoyable and I’m hopeful for what comes in the future. Updates: About once per month.

Carto Cacography: A great blog that tends to focus on mapping; occasionally it will move on to other topics of interest, but primarily it concerns itself with maps which is fine with me as I’m always looking for a map when the players go too far off the prepared path. Nick has a solid writing style that lends itself to the blogging format. I’m hopeful that the blog will begin updating again soon as his voice will be missed.  Updates: Dark since August 18, 2017.

Casting Shadows: This wide-ranging blog will send you off to a variety of topics and have you racing to keep up. Expect the author to move about according to their whim and know that every stop along the way will be worth it. There is a certain bit of role-playing game literacy presumed by the author so be prepared to look up some of the concepts described here. It’s worth the effort though. Updates: About once per month.

Castle Triskelion: Perhaps the single greatest project blog ever attempted. Castle Triskelion works its way through a single mega-dungeon, detailing one new room each day. Decidedly OSR in its mentality this blog often has me contemplating leaving my own aside and starting a project blog to rival it. There are now over 5,100 rooms described on the blog so if you’re looking for the greatest mega dungeon ever you may have just found it! Updates: 32 times a month.

Cave of the Dice Chucker: This long running blog has been going strong for nearly a decade, though in recent years it has reduced its overall output. Still, the archives are deep and there is enough meat on the bones to make this one the blogs that everyone should check out if you’ve got the time. Updates: Eight times in 2018.

Cavegirl’s Game Stuff: Emmy Allen’s blog is a strange, little blog that hits all the right notes. Heavily influenced by the Lamentations of the Flame Princess gaming aesthetic Emmy’s writing tends to be loose and experimental which allows her to do things other writers wouldn’t attempt. She’s not always successful in everything she writes but seeing her swing for the fences is worth every missed post. I thoroughly enjoy this blog and can’t wait to see where she goes with it in the future.  Updates: About six times a month.

Chain Link and Concrete Lost in Suburbia: This is a great GURPs blog that will help launch your imagination. It’s become a bit sluggish in recent years and has slowed its output considerably, but the archives will keep readers going for some time. Well worth adding for all GURPs players. Updates: About once a month.

Chaosmeister Games: At one time this blog was an outlier in the hobby game blog scene as it focused almost exclusively on the Savage Worlds system but in recent years the author has begun creating their own games and moved on to newer, more fruitful fields of discovery and gaming. It’s been an enjoyable experience getting to see Chaosmeister grow and I can’t wait to see where he takes us in the coming years. Updates: About twice per month.

Chicagowiz’s Games: Micheal “Chgowiz” Shorten has long been one of the more powerful voices in the OSR movement as he has consistently been able to describe how he games without miring it down in needless, boring minutia. His writing is fun, authoritative, irreverent, and without any pretense at being important. I deeply enjoy his writing and hope he doesn’t blow this blog up like his last one – yet even if he did I would still be happy to have read him. Updates: About seven times a month.

chirine’s workbench: One of my personal favorite blogs (I even wrote a retrospective on it), this little gem focuses on the world of Tekumel and on the early history of the game while never forgetting the modern world. You’ll find lots of inspiring posts here, an interesting podcast, and so much on the history of the game that it’ll make your head spin. I cannot recommend this blog highly enough for all readers interested in how the game was played and how it could still be. Chirine is a wealth of information, a kind conversationalist, and an all-around great guy. Be sure to add him to your blog rolls! Updates: Eight times a month.

Circle of Dar Janix: Rich McKee’s long running blog has never been one to overwhelm the reader with a flood of posts, but it makes up for that by creating small, energetic posts that can often spark discussions and get his readers off to the imaginary races. An enjoyable read. Updates:  Six times in 2018; dark since August 25, 2018.

Cirsova: At one time Cirsova was one of my favorite role-playing blogs with a focus on mechanics and a weird, little setting that I still enjoy reading about today. Then it changed into something wonderful and wholly its own: a sci-fi and fantasy zine. It’s gathering steam with each new issue and if you’re looking for modern inspiration for your home games then I highly recommend ordering an issue. As far as role-playing games go, there’s not much talked about any more though the archives till have a lot worth reading which is why it still made the list this year. Updates: 15 post per month.

Coalition Deadboys: Jeff Diamond’s Coalition Deadboys is the blogging home for the podcast of the same name. Coalition Deadboys is an oddity both in the blogging and podcasting scenes as it covers RIFTS. Palladium has a nasty habit of treating both scenes as though they were something to be feared and best handled with fire. So to find a podcast that covers a game so few of us play nowadays is a real treat. Updates: Dark since August 27, 2017. I’m hopeful that we’ll see updates again soon as I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

Codex Anathema: This blog is a beautiful exploration of our hobby. The writing is solid, but the artwork chosen for the blog is oftentimes breathtaking and can make an article even better. The archives are deep enough that to read everything would take most of a day, but there is so much here I enjoy that I’m fine with committing that time. Updates: About five posts a month in 2018.

Coins and Scrolls: This blog began during a time when I had largely taken a step away from the role-playing blog scene and I didn’t discover it until this year – but I’m incredibly glad that I did. Skerples has a discerning mind that tends towards creating interesting and useful things for OSR styled role-playing games as opposed to the all too common interesting but completely useless junk that can overwhelm a blog. Their writing style fluctuates between conversational and authoritative depending on the topic being covered. I love posts like OSR: The Eight Deadly Sins of Endon because they typify everything this blog does so well. Do yourself a favor and add this one to your bookmarks. Updates: 12 times a month. 

Compromise and Conceit: I am utterly fascinated by this blog. At times the blog will move about the normal role-playing game topics and then come up for air by talking about a topic of real importance. Lots of art, both the author’s and others, and lots of interesting ideas that should be read by more people. Be prepared for the posts to get longer as the topics discussed capture the author’s, faustusnotes, attention. I love reading the longer posts as faustusnotes has a way with words that I really dig.  Well worth reading. Updates: About five times a month. My only complaint is that there is not a functional archive.

The Contessa Blog: Stacy Dellorfano has spent the better part of the last six years putting together one of the coolest conventions in the hobby. The basic idea is that you run games with women in charge. It’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend signing up for a game when you see them around. The blog is an extension of that mission with Stacy, and the Contessa Staff, writing about all aspects of the hobby and helping to raise the profiles of some fantastic gamers along the way. Updates: About once a month.

Creative Mountain Games: After nearly a two-year absence Mark CMG Clover has come back with a vengeance to his long-time blogging home. He’s still shaking off a bit of the dust but with a vast, deep archive behind him you’re in for a treat as a reader. A really nice guy who I’m excited to see more from in the future. Updates: Once in 2018, but already eight times this year. In previous years his average was about 27 posts a month. While I don’t expect him to regain that average immediately it does point towards good things in the future.

Creightonbroadhurst (dot) com: Home of Raging Swan Press publisher, Creighton Broadhurst, this blog is largely a place for him to discuss all the experiences, advice, and thoughts of a small publisher trying to make it in a very crowded industry. Creighton writes like you’ve known him for years and he’s excited to see you; which is a pleasant change. For years the blog has primarily been focused on Pathfinder, but recently it has begun to move towards open system and D&D 5e products which only broadens his appeal. I’m excited to see where he takes the blog in the coming year and I can’t wait to see the results of his 131,000 Design Words challenge. Updates: It’s hard to say how often he updates as there isn’t an obvious archive and I’m unwilling to scroll backwards through an unknown number of posts to find out.

Crimhthan The Great’s OD&D Blog: Daithi MacLaim has some opinions about the way that D&D should be played and they’re not shy in sharing them. While I don’t often agree with their conclusions, or hold many of their political beliefs in common, they do bring a different view point to the conversation which is welcome in a hobby where many of us can begin to echo each other. Updates: About twice a month.

Critical-Hits: A multi-author blog that tends to focus more on helping players create a game that hits all the right notes than on any other aspect of the hobby. With multiple authors the quality of writing can vary though even the weakest among their number is still a solid writer. The archives are deep, and relatively easy to explore. Be sure to check out the Godless Lands project the Chatty DM is currently working through! Updates: About four times a month. 

Crooked Staff Blog, the: One of the things that I like about the Crooked Staff is that Kristian Richards has been able to turn it into one of the go to blogs for creating an interesting dungeon for your players. He specializes in 2.5D – which is something almost no one else is doing – and has created these beautiful dungeons that you can send your players down. I cannot express how much I enjoy what he has been able to accomplish, nor how jealous I am that I didn’t think of it first. Just a brilliant blog and one that I’m always following for inspiration. Updates: About three times a month.

Cross Planes:  Mark Craddock’s prolific blog has been going strong for the better part of the last seven years consistently putting out solid content and moving from strength to strength. Cross Planes focuses on making things that can be used in the game; whether it’s monster, classes, spells, or concepts. It’s well written and Mark is always willing to talk. His easy-going style makes it less intimidating to discuss complex topics within the gaming hobby, and that’s something all of us could from time to time. I highly recommend adding him to your reading list and making him a regular contact because he’s great. Updates: About 19 times a month.

Crowbar and Brick: A sparsely updated blog that is filled with short fiction, creative uses for monsters, and a sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud. I am always excited to see it update because Koewn has a fantastic imagination and I find this blog a lot of fun to read. I wish it updated more often because I dig the hell out of it. Updates: About once a quarter.

Cthulhu Reborn: Part resource, part blog: all awesome. Cthulhu Reborn is one of the best places I’ve ever explored when it came to getting excited for a Call of Cthulhu game. The handouts created are top notch, the writing is excellent, and the sheer volume of things you can use for your home games are outstanding. If you play Call of Cthulhu at all bookmark this site and use it to take your games to the next level! Updates: About three times a month.

Cyclopeana: Scot’s blog has been around a lot longer than it appears as in 2016 he took a scalpel to it and got rid of everything that didn’t meet his standard. The result is a blog that pushes up the level of what’s expected when he writes. Luckily for his readers he’s capable of meeting those standards. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the archives as he’s dug into things I’ve never explored and it makes for good reading. Worth adding to your reading list for all old school gamers looking for a good place to explore. Updates: Eight times in 2018


D&D Doodle: Brandon Kruse’s D&D Doodle is just an enjoyable little blog. It’s like picking up someone’s journal where they’ve been drawing in the margins, under their notes, and just tickling themselves to death. I absolutely love it. He’s been running the blog since 2008 so you have some archives to work through if you would like; though it should be noted that the last few years have each only had a single post: a Gen Con Character Sheet. Still, I like the hell out of it. Updates: Once in 2018.

D20 Pirates: Nate Christen’s decade old blog is one that I discovered only recently and I’m very glad that I did. Nate has an engaging writing style and I really enjoy his actual play writeups that he creates as they read more like little stories than a chess aftermath. The blog originally focused on being a D&D pirate based blog but recently he’s exploring new territories and I think we’re all the better for it!

D4 Caltrops: Ktrey Parker’s blog has been running for more than twelve years and there is a decided old school focus to much of the writing here – but not to the point where it excludes any other form of gameplay. It’s one of those blogs where the author only seems to update when they feel that there’s something of value to be added to the conversation. It makes for slower updates while providing more worth reading. Updates: an average of once per month in 2018

Daddy Rolled a 1: A great read from a guy who tends to vary his topics enough that you can always expect to read something new. One day he’s focusing on comics, the next Dungeons and Dragons, and the next he’s traipsing down memory lane and taking you on a journey that you can’t help but enjoy. Martin R. Thomas has spent the better part of the last nine years creating a fantastic blog to spend an afternoon with; I thoroughly enjoy it! Updates: About once a month.

Daemons & Deathrays: Brian Rubinfeld’s blog is a fantastic find for anyone, like me, who loves to put a bit of science fiction into their fantasy games. He’s always coming up with these inventive ideas for cosmic horror and planar monstrosities that have me wishing I played in his home games. There is a lot of great content here and I am so glad that I’ve found his blog. Updates: An average of five times a month in 2018.

The Daily Bestiary: Is a rarity in the blogging scene: a long running tumblr blog. For years the primary focus of the blog has been dealing with monsters and describing what makes them worth using in your home games; something we could all use more of. It’s a handy blog to have in your bookmarks if you’re looking for some monsters to bring into your games. Updates: An average of eleven posts a month.

Dark Corners of Role Playing: If you’ve never read a gaming blog, then this blog is an amazing place to start. You’ll find an unbelievable amount of free resources and books, an author who writes with an engaging and easy style, and a blog that will make you better. Follow this blog; read this blog and be better for it. Updates: After several years of prodigious output the blog has slowed down significantly and gone dark since April 5, 2018. I’m hopeful we’ll soon see a return to form as I really enjoy this blog.

Dark Paths and Wandered Roads: This blog focuses almost exclusively on play session write-ups, which is fine by me as the author has an engaging and inventive style of play that will inspire your own games to new heights. What I find particularly interesting about his blog is that the author uses GURPS to explore Mystara and Palladium. I love both those settings and seeing someone playing there with a different game system than they were designed for really excites me! Updates: About twice a month.

David Larkins Blog: The digital home of game designer David Larkins. I like his blog even though it doesn’t have an easy archive to explore. His writing is clear and often a place where I find myself inspired by his thoughts to explore our hobby in new ways. His love of Chaosium and his deep connections to Pendragon make him a bit of a maverick in our hobby scene and allows him to view things from a unique perspective which can only benefit the reader. Updates: About one post a month.

Dead Cyclops: Jurgen Mayer’s sparsely updated blogs is one heck of a strange beast. He may not write a new post for practically a whole year and then suddenly he’ll drop something on his readers that will completely challenge the way that you thought about doing some aspect of the hobby – whether it’s an adventure, a monster, or a mechanical aspect of the game, or some new spell he’s devised. Always worth reading and adding him to your feed so that you’ll never miss a post. Updates: Three times in 2018.

Deadly Fredly: The home of Evil Hat Productions’ Fred Hicks. Deadly Fredly has been running well over a decade and in exploring his archive you’ll find both his development as a game designer but also his development as a person. His writing can be deeply personal at times, political at others, and hilarious all within the same post. He’s well worth reading and if you have the opportunity I recommend adding him to your feed reader. Updates: About once a month.

Death Isn’t an Ending: Josh Pearce’s decade old blog is back after a short break last year that saw him posting nothing in 2018. I’m glad his’ come back this year though as Josh is always trying to provide his readers with a creative jolt that could help kick their own energies into overdrive. Whether he’s writing a bit of flash fiction, discussing something that has helped inspire his own imaginations, or helping the community by building his own wing onto a pre-established setting I’m always finding something worth reading here. Well worth checking out. Updates: An average of four times a month this year. None in 2018.

Deep Sheep Thoughts on Old School Roleplaying: Jonathan’s blog began with a flurry of activity in 2016 that promised a lot for his readers as he has an engaging writing style and enough creativity that every post held the promise of something great, but in recent years he has moved away from exploring his topics more fully and instead given his readers a more general understanding. I would love to see him more fully explore games like Mutant Crawl Classics so that we can see why he enjoys them. Still, even without going in depth he has presented his readers with some fantastic ideas like his Pulling Adventure Ideas from Wester Novels series which was just brilliant. Well worth adding to your feed reader. Updates: Seven times in 2018.

Deeper in the Game from Geekdom to Freedom: I recently discovered Christopher Chinn’s blog and it was like a slap across the face. Christopher not only has a depth of understanding about game design that I can’t even begin to fully appreciate but is able to write at a consistently high level when it comes to analyzing the way that games function and what makes them work and where they fail to accomplish their goals. There are lots of times with this blog where I find myself uncomfortable or conflicted with his conclusions; yet even then I find his blog well worth reading because having that opposing point of view is incredibly important. Updates:  Eight times in 2018

Delta’s D&D Hotspot: An incredibly well written blog that will move you out of the chair and down to your local hobby store in the hopes that you can do half the things that this fantastic author does in his blog. The blog is decidedly OSR in its outlook this shouldn’t be used as a reason not to explore it for new readers who are leery of the OSR label. Dan’s musings are applicable regardless of whether you’re playing D&D or any other game. Well worth adding to your feed reader. Updates: About 12 posts a month in 2018.

Department V: I love blogs that approach the hobby in a way that I would never have expected; and this fantastic blog not only does that, but it is so well written that even when I deeply disagree with the author’s point of view I find myself reading the entire article and mulling it over. Always worth reading and I will not miss an update! Updates: About twice a month.

Designer Monolgues: Gareth Skarka’s long running blog where he writes and designs for role-playing games. Gareth is a controversial figure in our hobby as he’s now five years behind in delivering his kickstarted game Far West. I still like his writing, and I enjoy reading his creative process, but I’ll never give him money for any project not already published. Updates: About eleven times a month.

Dice are a Lie, the: OSRbaron has been working on this blog the better part of the last decade and over that time they have crafter a smart blog that will often leave you excited to see where they go next. Mine the archives of this blog while you’re waiting for it to update and you’ll find more goodness than you could imagine. Well worth adding to your regular blog roll. Updates: Twice per month though the blog is currently experiencing a creative rejuvenation as OSRbaron has already put out 30 posts this year.

Dice of Doom: A blog related to the podcast of the same name. It tends to be sporadically updated though it isn’t anywhere near as neglected as the actual podcast. There are some good ideas here, but be prepared for long delays in between updates. My suggestion for new readers is to go diving into the archives as the Dice of Doom group have some really good stuff they’ve covered over the years and are always worth checking out. Updates: Once in 2018.

Dicebound: Tabletop RPG Fan-Blog: This tumblr blog is a massive repository of interesting and inspiring rpg related content. The author fills this thing with a visual treasure trove of all the things that they associate with the hobby. There isn’t a depth of thought here that you might find in other, more traditional blogs as tumblr doesn’t lend itself towards that form of exploration but what you get instead is a snapshot into the mindset of the author that can be dizzying at times. Updates: No active archive but my best guess is that we’re dealing with an average closer to 50 posts a month.

die heart: Sophia Brandt’s die hearts is this outstanding, little blog that consistently finds ways to provide its readers with great content. Whether she’s reviewing some product or discussing her favorite articles with readers it’s always like sitting down at the table with a good friend and hearing what’s on their mind. We all need more friends in our lives. Updates: Five times in 2018 and currently on a break. Sophia has signaled her intention to come back to the blog so it remains on the active blog list at this time.

Disoriented Ranger, the: Jens D’s blog has spent the better part of the last decade becoming this incredibly thoughtful examination of how role-playing games work and better still how they could be improved. Reading his posts always feels like you’re joining a conversation and he’s just waiting for you to respond. His writing is thought provoking and he’s often able to make the connections that often other authors miss as he delves into each new topic. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Jens’ writing and of his blog. I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Updates: An average of twice a month.

Dispatches From Kickassistan: A blog that tends to leave me thinking about how much fun it is to be playing Dungeons and Dragons style games without attempting to tell me that I’m a moron for going my own way. The author has posted one hell of a great introduction to this blog by the way. Updates: Dark since June 6, 2017 which puts it perilously close to being moved over to the dead blogs.

DIY & Dragons: Anne’s blog is like an inspiring how-to guide for going your own way in the hobby. She is constantly creating something new on the blog that you can pickup and run with on your own by following her design methods and pushing her thoughts in your own direction. What I also find so fascinating about the way that she writes that she comes from a whole different avenue of the rpg blogging scene that I have never read before encountering her blog. She has introduced me to so many new blogs and ways of thinking about the hobby that I cannot thank her highly enough! Well worth reading! Updates: An average of five times a month.

DM David: The author of this blog has a great mind that cuts through the fat of any subject and allows for him to provide the reader with some of the most informed posts of any blog. Since I first discovered him DM David has grown both as a writer and as an authoritative voice within our hobby. His writing remains smart, deliberate, and always worth reading. Updates: About four times a month.

DM from Outremer, the: I really enjoy this blog. One minute we’re talking about how to fix a class and the next we’re being treated to these wonderful campaign write-ups written from the perspective of the characters being played. There are letters being written home and journal entries littered about this blog like pages torn from a long forgotten tomb. Cleverly done and very enjoyable; wish I’d found it earlier. Updates: About once a month.

DMiurgy: Wizzzargh’s DMiurgy is a blog that’s still trying to fully find its voice as the author’s style is still developing. This shouldn’t hold back new readers as the author is already creating some really great posts that often feature ideas and concepts that can help your home games. I’m interested to see how the blog develops in the coming years. Updates: About four times a month.

Don’t Let It Kill You: This blog, which mixes Holmes and Mentzer basic, is a fun and enjoyable read. The author has a good mind and constantly finds ways to make the mash-up between the two basic versions worth the effort. The blog has recently begun updating again after a nearly five-year hiatus. I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of more good things from this old school blog. Updates: Once in 2018.

Don’t Split the Party: This is one of my favorite reads. The author is creative, energetic, and doesn’t shy away from any topic that occurs to him. Expect to find a wealth of useful entries from this old school blog as the author works their way through creating their own AD&D clone. I’m excited to see what they come up with. Updates: About twice a month.

Doomslakers: James V. West’s blog is right up my alley. His art is fantastic and reminds me of a cross between Dave Trampier and Vaughn Bode. I absolutely love it! Whether he’s posting about some aspect of gaming ephemera or designing a new character sheet this blog is always worth checking out and I am so sad that I’ve only just found out about it the last few weeks! Updates: About four times a month.

Dorkland!: For the past few years Christopher Helton has been doing the majority of his writing at EN World which has put Dorkland! on the back burner for much of that time. Recently, though, he’s taken on a new job and parted ways with EN World which makes me hope that we’ll see a return to this blog because at one time this was one of the best blogs out there. And the archives will still provide a reader with a great blogging experience that tends to move about a variety of topics which results in a blog that rarely feels stale or dull. Inside you’ll find insightful posts, great gaming fodder, and a group of authors that can entertain you with almost every post. Well worth reading. Updates: Three times in 2018.

The Dragon’s Den: Nick Johnson’s Dragon’s Den is an ambitious blog that tends to have a variety of interests. This can be a good thing but at times it feels like Nick loses a bit of focus which happens a lot with prolific bloggers. The blog is filled to the brim with ideas for Call of Cthulhu, D&D 5e, game design discussions, game theories, interviews, and so much more! It’s a dizzying array and Nick has done a great job pushing hard to create something worth reading. Updates: While there is no archive I could find it appears to be daily.

The Dragon’s Flagon: One of the things I like about waywardwayfarer’s blog is that it’s just a very useful thing. The Dragon’s Flagon is filled with the sort of ideas and rule simplifications that make play better. It’s just good stuff and with an archive that won’t drown a reader in a mountain of content you when dive into it this is one that you’ll consistently find pulling out for your GM’s toolbox. Updates: Three times in 2018

Dragons Gonna Drag: Justin Stewart’s Dragons Gonna Drag burst onto the scene in 2016 and came out swinging hard for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. There are rule variants, classes, spells, setting ideas, and just about everything a LotFP fan could want. If you’re playing in that system than you need to add this blog to your reading list because while Justin has slowed down his production in recent years his depth of ideas have only grown as his writing has matured. Well worth bookmarking. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Dragons Never Forget: The new blogging home of Dyvers author, Charles Akins. This blog was begun at the tail end of 2018 and has seen a rebirth in his writing. Unlike Dyvers, Dragons Never Forgets tends to be more focused with the author creating larger blogging projects to help direct his writing. If you were a fan of Dyvers than you’ll probably like Dragons Never Forget as well. Updates: 26 times so far this year.

The Dread Gazebo: Dread Isocahedrus has reliably been one of the more forceful voices in our hobby since he first started Dread Gazebo nearly a decade ago. This is a ferocious blog whose author gets what matters about his writing and knows his own ethics and beliefs. More often than not in our blogging scene authors are trying to find their voices and are unsure of themselves so it is incredibly refreshing to find a blog so self-assured. Dig deep in the archives because there is a wealth of information to mine. Updates: Seven times in 2018

Dreams and Fevers: T AKW’s relatively new blog is a fun little thing. It’s slowly being filled with these interesting, little ideas that are easy to incorporate into your home games and some that would be significantly more difficult. But what I like is that these are all so uniquely true to T AKW’s imaginary worlds. I love them and can’t wait to see where they take this blog in the future! Updates: An average of about three posts a month in 2018.

Dreams in the Lich House: Primarily about Dungeons and Dragons style games, this OSR blog has slowed down a lot lately. John Ardendt has spent years making this blog into a place where a reader can read an article and spend hours thinking about the way they think about the topic. It’s something that I miss a lot since he has allowed it to go dark and is dangerously close to letting it become abandoned. I hope he comes back to it because his voice is missed in this hobby.  Updates: Dark since September 18, 2017.

Dreams of Mythic Fantasy: I have been an unabashed fan of James Smith’s blog since I first discovered it years ago. He has built upon the strengths of the blog from its early days to make it into one of the go to sources for news in the OSR scene; but where it really shines is when James is writing his own thoughts and exploring the ideas that have captured his attention. A great blog with an even better author. Well worth bookmarking and adding to your feed reader! Updates: An average of twice a month in 2018.

The Dungeon Dozen: Jason Sholtis’ Dungeon Dozen has been the blog for d12 lists since it first premiered nearly a decade ago. It has covered more than 500 d12 topics during that time and it continues to be a fantastic resource for players of practically any role-playing game. The archives are deep, easily searched, and well worth adding to your GM toolbox. Bookmark this blog, add it to your feed reader, and buy his books. Love this blog! Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Dungeoneering: This is the game blog of Tomas Denmark where you’ll find the author working through a wide range of projects and often posting up their own beautiful artwork in the process. Thomas tends to work on the hobby through an old school lens which means that his focus is on simple, easy to play games, with evocative artwork to help set your imagination running. He’s very good at both from what I’ve seen. Updates:  About twice a month in 2018, he’s already on pace to put that to shame in 2019.

Dungeon Fantastic: One of the few GURPS blogs that I’ve found – which is strange because the enthusiasm for the system that Peter V. Dell’Orto’ brings to this blog is infectious. Whether talking about a GURPS specific topic, or a more general role-playing game subject, this blog is always worth checking out. I cannot speak highly enough of Peter V. Dell’Orto’s prolific blog for my GURPS friends out there because he will absolutely talk your ear off and is a delight to engage with on nearly any topic.  Updates: An average of 31 posts a month.

Dungeon Smashing Empire: This blog is filled with useful entries that will make your home games better and it becomes clear after reading a few posts that the author belongs among the most creative bloggers out there. Well worth reading and mining the archives for more goodness as it is very slow in updating (my only criticism). Updates: Once in 2018 but about eight years worth of archives to explore.

Dungeons and Differentials: Van Noa’s blog is like a delectable snack. Every post is enough to satiate your hunger for the moment but as soon as you’re done you find yourself looking for another post to devour. There’s a lot of good stuff here to explore and Van Noa’s engaging writing style will keep you coming back for more. Updates: Five times in 2018.

Dungeons and Digressions: This enjoyable blog appears to have been left to rot by the author, which is sad. Contained within this fantastic little blog are the musings of an author who’s constantly discussing the hobby in their own, unique fashion. The archives are well worth the effort to mine through. Updates: After four years of being on hiatus the blog has begun updating again this year!

Dungeons and Donuts: This is a tumblr blog which means that it is filled to the gills with a visual smorgasbord of rpg related art and I dig it. The author is smart, funny, and my only complaint is that it’s on tumblr because I don’t dig that format. But it’s well worth reading and adding to your feeds. Updates: About 30-ish times a month. Tumblr archives are not my friend.

Dungeons and Drawings: This author has so much talent that it’ll make you sick. My god, the art is beautiful, the words are intelligent, and I’ll bet the son-of-a-bitch is good looking too! Really worth checking out and I just love the hell out of it! Updates: About twice a month.

Dungeons and Possums: This relatively new blog is rising quickly in popularity because the author is well written, thoughtful, and constantly putting out some enjoyable content. While there isn’t an extensive archive what exists is quite enjoyable and I look forward to seeing where this blog goes in the coming years. Updates: Four times a month in 2018.

Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old: This is the second blog of this name with the first having been retired. As with the old blog the author continues to make the blog better with each new post by discussing a variety of topics that appeal to their sensibilities at the time. Updates:  Dark since August 24, 2017 and in danger of being moved over to the dead blogs column.

Dungeonskull Mountain: A fun OSR blog that tends to focus more on its own campaigns and musings then on outside influences. So much the better for it as this blog is a fantastic read that draws you in. If you haven’t explored the archives you’re in for a treat as blizack has a fantastic imagination and has put it to good use throughout. Updates: After a two-year hiatus blizack came back to the blog briefly in 2018. I hope that we’ll see him again in 2019 as I really enjoy this blog.

Dust Pan Games: Mark Van Vlack is among my favorite people and I absolutely adore his blog. He writes in an accessible manner and is always willing to talk about any aspect of his writing. In addition to playing a wide variety of games and discussing the ups and downs associated with each he also designs games on his blog. His imagination is on par with the best bloggers in our hobby and I look forward to every new post. Well worth reading and adding to your feed. Be sure and check out his archives as there is a lot of good stuff hiding in there! Updates: Nine times in 2018

Dyson’s Dodecahedron: One of the most widely read and best mapping blogs out there; but it really shines when it stretches out into the narratives of the maps and the populaces of the worlds it explores. You’ll find lots of useful ideas here for how to do your own maps, and if you follow them, you’ll be better for it. Dyson has now been published by Wizards of the Coast and I’m so excited for them! Updates: About 14 posts a month.


Earthdawn Blog: Mordom OneEye’s Earthdawn Blog is the lone Earthdawn stalwart I’ve found in doing this blogging thing for the better part of the last seven years. I’ve always been fascinated by the setting for Earthdawn and to find someone so dedicated has really excited me and there is so much to explore with this blog as it’s been going for 11 years now! I’ve only scratched the surface but the writing is solid and the love for the game is just what you’d hope. If you have ever wondered about Earthdawn check out this blog and talk to an author who loves it! Who knows, you might love it too! Updates: Four times in 2018

Eaten by Ducks: This blog collects weird art by weird artists from all over the place and is a great source of inspiration for all your role-playing games. Updates: An average of five times a month in 2018.

Echoes from the Geek Cave: An OSR blog that’s a lot of fun to mine for useful ideas in your own campaigns. The author has an enjoyable writing style and a good sense of humor, both bonuses in my view. There’s a fairly deep archive to this blog and Bighara’s focus on Moldvay and Labyrinth Lord help ground the blog system wise. It’s easy to convert to D&D 5e which is a blessing because there’s a lot of good stuff here. Updates: About five times a month in 2018.

Edgar’s Game Blog: Edgar Johnson’s blog has taken a bit of a darker tone towards the end of 2017 and I hope that it doesn’t signal an end to the blog because this blog features some amazing content. Not only will you find the author’s ever expanding campaign world but you’ll find Zappa cropping up at the best times possible (as though there were ever a bad time to enjoy Zappa). The author’s thoughts on elves and the planet Ore are just amazing. Can’t wait to see the setting further expanded. Updates: Dark since November 8, 2017 and close to being moved onto the dead blogs column. I hope he returns to it because I’ve enjoyed this blog over the years.

Elfmaids & Octopi: At a time when many blogs will be rehashing the same topic over, and over again this blog continues to explore new ground as the author, Chris Tamm, explores his own vision for what an amazing game of Dungeons & Dragons should be like. Smart, creative and filled with fantastic content. Look out for the exceptional d100 charts that will come up from time to time as they’re always worth reading and adding into your DM’s Notebook. Chris Tamm is an inventive and inciteful author who constantly amazes me with the depth of his imagination. I cannot recommend this blog highly enough! Updates: 20 times a month.

EN World: A great place to start finding out what’s happening in the hobby today as Morrus tends to break the news stories earlier than many other blogs; and if this were all EN World provided it would still be a valuable bookmark for most role-playing game enthusiasts. In recent years, however, Morrus has expanded what the blog provides to his readers by picking up regular contributions from Mike Tresca, Christopher Helton, Lewis Pulsipher, and many others so that his blog not only offers news, but perspective on the hobby as well. Updates: 79 post per month average.

Esoteric Order of Role-Players, the: This blog, from the same author that brought you the RPG Corner, is a treat. Unlike so many other blogs on here this one is almost exclusively devoted to live play sessions. The GMs involved do a good job and the players are really a lot of fun to listen to. Glad I found this blog, and I’m glad that I’ve found a fun group to listen to. Updates: An average of six posts a month in 2018.

The Everwayan: John Till’s blog will do things to you that you aren’t expecting. One moment you’re exploring Mesoamerican history, following that up with a game reviews, and the next you’re crying for the author’s loss. When I first started reading this blog I though it couldn’t get better, but as I’ve made my way through the archives I can tell you it does. Read this blog and be better for it. Updates: Four times in 2018.

Evil Baboons or Perhaps Mandrills: Mungo Scott Park Rundle’s blog is just a little thing that you could read from beginning to end in an afternoon. It has its own style and at time the way he writes can be a bit disorienting, but it also reminds me of reading beat generation writings. It is a fun place to spend an afternoon and I look forward to more from this fascinating blog. Updates: About once a month in 2018

Exonauts!: Most often a space role-playing game centric blog that touches some fantastic places that few other blogs dare to explore. You’re going to find something inspiring most every time it updates – which has slowed down considerably the last few years. That shouldn’t stop you from exploring Jay’s blog as his archives are filled with some amazing ideas.  Updates: Twice in 2018.

Expanding Universe: This OSR blog makes up for its low number of posts with the depth of the author’s ideas and creativity. Lots of things to mine in the archives that will pay off your efforts in spades. Updates: Once in 2018.

The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends:  Brent Slocum’s engaging Tekmuel blog has some fantastic resources for the setting and if you’ve never heard about it this wouldn’t be a bad place to begin exploring it. Brent has an easy writing style that makes digesting his thoughts palatable and learning about one of the older settings a joy. My only complaint is that the posting has slowed down considerably over the last few years, however, there is a wealth of information in the archives and Brent is always great to talk to so if you have a questions about the setting don’t hesitate to reach out to him! Well worth reading. Updates: Once in 2018.


Fabled Lands: A multi-author blog that has been running for the better part of the last decade. This blog has become one of my recent favorites as the primary author, Dave Morris, consistently puts out high quality articles with a solid focus on the usefulness of the posts towards the reader. I love his work on Dragon Warriors and I’m quickly becoming a fan of most everything else he touches. If you have the opportunity to start following this blog I highly recommend adding it to your feed reader! Updates: About four times a month in 2018.

False Machine: This blog has consistently been one of the best written and most creative blogs in the rpg blogging scene for the better part of the last decade. Patrick Stuart has an engaging and quick writing style that makes even the longest post seem too short and the more complex ideas easy to understand. His depth as an author is second to none and I cannot say enough good things about this fantastic blog. Add it to your blog roll and read one of the best blogs out there today. Updates: About eight times a month in 2018.

Fantasy Heartbreaker by Rose Bailey: A rarely updated blog that tends to tread deep waters as the author is always looking at things from a different perspective – which only makes me wish it was updated more often. The archives aren’t very deep, but the subjects covered are almost always interesting and enjoyable. Be sure to add her to your feed reader so that you don’t miss any of her updates. Updates: Dark since September 20, 2017 though this shouldn’t worry readers as Rose tends to take short brakes from the blog when she’s working on some new project only to come back with renewed energies.

Fantasy Ink: A great inspirational blog filled with artwork from the Golden Age of illustration. Really a great place to explore when you’re looking for some visual inspiration for your next session or gaming post. Updates: Three posts in 2018, and already surpassed that number in 2019.

Fantasygames.com: This beautiful blog features the work of professional miniature painter Lukasz (aka C’tan). His skillfully painted miniatures are some of the best I’ve seen. Well worth checking out for anyone who enjoys minis. Updates: Ten times in 2018, although he’s already passed that up in 2019.

Fate of Tekumel: A relatively new blog that is endeavoring to combine one of my favorite settings, Tekumel, with the beautiful FATE system. It’s an exciting project that has me following this blog’s every update! There is still a lot of meat on the bones for this blog to cover and I’m hopeful for future updates to it as the author has promise in the work they’ve done already.  Updates:  Once in 2018 and once in 2019 so far.

Fate SF: This is the blog that made me give the FATE game system a chance.  The author is very persuasive and if you give them half a chance you’ll be rolling dice with pluses and minuses on them and happily roving the stars! The blog has slowed down in it’s update frequency in recent years, but the deep archives will give new readers hours of material to explore as they dream of setting sail on the infinite seas of space. Updates: Ten times in 2018.

Fictive Fantasies: One of the great things about following a blog over the course of several years is when you see one like Fictive Fantasies grow. Early on this blog was like so many on this list, providing its readers with a wide variety of content, but since I first reviewed it Andrew Shields’ writing has really taken off. His short stories are engrossing; his actual play write ups are among the best, and I often find myself rereading them. But even if fiction isn’t your favorite thing in a RPG blog his archives are worth exploring as he’s gone down every avenue your favorite blogs explored with his own, unique viewpoint. Well worth checking out. Updates: About once a month on average, although there will be large gaps.

Field Guide to Doomsday, a: This post-apocalyptic and Mutant Futures RPG blog is going to make your head spin. The author has a fantastic mind and can really churn out some great monsters and funny posts. You’ll find so much goodness here that you won’t want to leave behind. The blog has significantly slowed its output in recent years though 2019 has already matched all of 2018. I’m hopeful we’ll see a resurgence in the coming year. While you’re waiting, though, be sure to check out the deep archives! Updates: Five times in 2019.

Follow Me and Die! Larry Hamilton’s long running blog has often been one of my favorites haunts. I find his writing style comforting as it tends to read like an older friend telling you about his latest adventures and pickups rather than like some self-important, authority figure. He has a definite viewpoint in how he enjoys role-playing games, and he’s unafraid to be confrontational when the situation demands it, which helps create a fantastic blog as he brings his audience along on his explorations of the hobby. Updates: When I reviewed the blog the archive buttons were not working properly. It appears to several times a week but I wasn’t able to dig all the way through. 

Forgotten Realms: Loudwater, Princes of the Apocalypse: A long running blog that once covered much of the typical RPG blog fair but has since moved on to this beautiful record of the author’s RPG campaign. It may have taken all of 2018 off but since coming back the blog has seemed to gain new life and I look forward to seeing the group progress and reading the author’s notes on how they’re running the campaign. Updates: None in 2018, but 9 in 2019.

For Honor . . . and Intrigue: This is a unique blog in our hobby. Rather than focusing on the early or high Medieval gameplay this one focuses on a time period much closer to our own: the 1620s in France. As a result, the game that Gaston’s Hat (the author) creates and explores takes on a whole new aspect and feel from your typical sword and sorcery RPG. The author’s writing is solid and while it has slowed down in its output in recent years (largely due to a hiatus of the campaign I suspect) the blog is still worth exploring. Do yourself a favor and check this one out because you won’t be disappointed. My only criticism of the blog is that the native font is far too small for my eyes. Updates: Twice in 2018. 

Forgotten Runes: The author of this blog has a sharp and discerning mind that will put you on your toes and make you wonder why you’ve been so damned sloppy with your own work. The author’s best work comes when they personalize their relationship with the RPGs they’re exploring, and I look forward to those posts the most. Updates: About once a month.

Fossilized GURPS Blog, The: This relatively new blog has been exploring the GURPS system since it began in 2016. The author is still finding their footing, as is common with many new blogs, and I’m hopeful that we’ll see them continue to develop as I’m intrigued by their early work. Updates: Dark since March 27, 2018.

Frank GM, The: A new RPG blog that’s slowly carving out its own niche in the blogging scene as the author, Frank Meinecke, works towards providing readers with a home for Game Mastering advice. His advice, so far, on GMing tend to be solid and I’ve rather enjoyed reading them. There’s a lot of room for growth here and I’m hopeful for the future of the blog. Updates: 8 times in 2018.

From Kuroth’s Quill – grodog’s AD&D blog: If you’ve been a fan of the world of Greyhawk for any length of time than you’re bound to have run across the works of grodog. And if you’ve never explored it then you’ve found a great place to start as grodog is a fountain of information on the setting. His writing on this blog, and on his other sites, tends towards the conversational which makes the reading go so much easier. Updates: About twice a month. 

From the Sorcerer’s Skull: I can not say enough good things about this blog. Trey, the author, has a discerning eye when it comes to picking topics to explore and he’s always finding new ways to look at the hobby. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from comics to post-apocalyptic D&D, to far off space adventures. Always worth checking out and the archives are worth exploring. Updates: About 20 times a month in 2018.

Frothsof D&D (Thought Eater): After struggling for several years to find their voice this blog has really hit its sweet spot as a hybrid between a traditional RPG blog and a home for the author’s, Jeremy Smith, podcast. It’s a fun romp through the hobby and the podcast – particularly the Humpday Blog-O-Rama series – is always a fun listen. The archives from the early years are all still there and the author continues to put out some amazing content that will provide you with hours and hours of useful hooks, adventures, items, and all the rest!  Updates: 10 times in 2018, but an astounding 98 times so far this year!

Frugal GM, The: I’ve only recently discovered this long running blog and have become enamored with the concept. The core mission of the blog is to provide GMs with cheap (and often free) aids for their home games. It’s a godsend for cash strapped GMs and I wish I had found it years ago! Updates: About once a week in 2018, though it has already passed by that average in 2019!

Further Up the Spire: This blog has been a fascinating read since I first discovered it a couple of years ago. The blog focuses on Monte Cook’s Poltus setting, and not in the usual “Here’s a quick review” sort of way that so many other have done. Instead the author writes with a mixture of actual plays and helpful hits for actually running the adventure. The writing is solid and coupled with pictures of the beautiful miniature setups the author has used in play I find myself longing for more from this blog each time it updates! I love the formatting that the author has used where we’re given a bit of actual play, a bit of what worked, what didn’t, and what their take-aways were from the session. Really cool blog! Updates: Six times in 2018


Game Lawyer Blog, The: A relatively new blog that focuses on legal aspects of the hobby. Have you got questions about Fair Use, Cooperation Agreements, or Privacy Policies that individual states have enacted? Then this blog is a great place to start your research. The author, Zachary Strebeck, is an actual lawyer and his guides are great places to start understanding how to protect yourself legally in this litigious day. Check him out, but remember that you should always consult a lawyer with the particulars of your situation before deciding on any legal strategy or plan.  Updates: 10 posts since it was created 2018

Gamers and Grognards: I really like this OSR blog as it tends to really fall close to my own tastes. You can expect lots of art, fun gaming posts, and a keen sense of humor that pops up at the best of times. I’m slowly working my way through the archives of this fantastic blog as I’m savoring them. Well worth reading. Updates: About twice a month on average.

Gamerstable: The homepage and blog of the podcast by the same name. One of my personal favorite podcasts on the web filled with interesting people and great links. Updates: Three times a month.

Gaming Ballistic: As I mentioned with Dungeon Fantastic, I’ve had little contact with the GURPS system; but reading that blog and this one has gotten me to order my own copy of the system. When you are reading this blog you’ll find insightful articles, interviews, reviews, and an author who’s love for the system is infectious. Of particular note are the Firing Squad Interviews which are always an interesting and enjoyable listen. Yet the blog doesn’t stop with just those offerings as it has grown into a full-fledged business and I can’t be happier for Douglas Cole. One of the great blogs in our hobby and always worth reading! Updates: 21 posts a month.

Gaming for Learning, RPGs in the Classroom: Keenan Kibrick’s project blog is one that I find incredibly endearing as he has taken to using RPGs in the classroom setting to help his students learn and grow. It’s fascinating to read about which RPGs he picks for this project and how he uses them. Every time he posts a new article – which is not nearly enough for my ravenous appetite – I’m excited to see where he goes next and how the children respond. Updates: Twice in 2018.

Gaming Ronin’s Ramblings: I only discovered this blog this past spring but I’ve been taken with the author’s writing style and breadth of interests. The blog jumps from indie games, to Basic Fantasy, to Castles and Crusaders, and back to D&D 5e. It’s a buffet of bite sized content to help kickstart your own creative energies and help you get off your duff and explore a new game. Check it out today! Updates: An average of twice a month in 2018 though it has been dark since the end of February, 2018.

Gauntlet Blog, The: Until the Age of Ravens ended I had never heard of the Gauntlet Blog but I’m glad I’ve found it now. The blog is an expansive beast featuring multiple authors and an engaged community that has helped foster one of the better environments for gaming online. I’m still working my way through the blog and really enjoying it! Updates: About twice a week.

Geek Ken: I like this blog more for the way that the author writes then necessarily for the content. Geek Ken has a fun and enjoyable way with words and I often find myself contemplating where he’s going even when I don’t agree with him. A fun place to lose four or five hours and not mind one bit. Ken is easy to talk to and always engaging as an author. Please be aware that he is now on Wordpress and has moved away from the Blogger location. Update your links if you’ve still got the old one. Updates: Five times a month.

Generic Universal Eggplant: This is a fantastic GURPS blog filled with wonderful, little items to drop into your home games (whether you play GURPS or some other system they’re fairly easy to port over), monsters of all shapes and varieties, races to play, and even the occasional rule variants. I like the flavor and depth of posts here, but my only complaint is that the native font is so small! Worth checking out for anyone looking to play GURPS or hoping to find some inspiration for their own games. Updates: An average of once per day in 2018.

Genius Loci: Joshua De Santo’s s blog will re-energize you and remind you why playing role-playing games is so worth the effort. The author has a quick mind and will make you a fan of their style of play. De Santo has been, and remains, one of my favorite blogs due to his fantastic imagination and consistent sense of what he likes and why.  Updates: Once a month in 2018.

German Geek, a: Jurgen Hubert’s blog has been one I’ve rooted for from a far for years. He has a good eye for narrative that he’s made use of for some engaging actual play posts and continues to put out one hell of a blog. I love reading how his mind delves into a subject and explores it to mine the best content from it for his readers.  Updates: Not one in 2018 but it has updated twice in 2019.

Giblet Blizzard: This blog has been one of those I go to when I’m feeling like everything in role-playing games has been done to death. It’s consistently weird and wonderful. The author writes in an engaging manner that often sucks me in and has me reading the whole blog in a single sitting again. The production has slowed in recent years, but it remains a wonderful place to explore every time it updates. I can only wish for more from the author. Updates: Once a quarter in 2019, but already 12 times in 2019.

Githyanki Diaspora, the: An enjoyable blog written by one of the most inventive authors on the list. The author challenges himself and his readers to explore new avenues of play, whether through new games or new ways to do the same old, same old. Occasionally the blog will meander into short fiction and then into a discussion of what’s going on in the author’s life. A good read. Updates: There is no blog archive that I could find but it appears to update about four times a month routinely.

Glimmerhaunts: A sporadically updated blog that will often surprise its readers by moving from a light discussion of some topic, spending a few short lines on the post, only to then dovetail into a detailed exploration of its next subject and writing thousands of words on it. I enjoy the unevenness of the posts as it breaks up the monotony of longer winded blogs. Updates: Once in 2018, twice in 2019.

Gnomestew: This multi-author blog has long been heralded as one of the most popular gaming blogs in the hobby and even a cursory glance of the blog will give answer to why. The blog is filled with helpful advice for GMs new and old and hosts a wide selection of viewpoints which allows for the blog’s authors to discuss the hobby in a way that many other blogs are unable to accomplish.  Updates: Four times a week.

Goblin Punch: If you’re looking for inspiration as a Dungeon Master, blogger, or writer than look no further than this fantastic blog. The author is without question one of the most creative and enjoyable bloggers in this community. This blog should be on everyone’s reading list. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Goblin Stomper: I discovered this blog late last year and I’ve been steadily devouring it since. The author tends to write in a frenetic style that I find exciting even when I don’t find the particular topic all that engaging. It’s an enjoyable blog that I’m still exploring and am quite happy to have found. Updates: About twice a month in 2018 though production has fallen off in 2019.

Goblin’s Henchman: I’m enthralled by this gaming blog. It is largely a dumping ground for the author’s game designs with all kinds of fascinating ideas in practically every post. I’m not usually interested in design posts but this has been the rare exception when it comes to blogging. Updates: There is no archive and the post dating seems to be a bit all over the place at the moment. So I’m unsure of how often it updates.

Gorgonmilk: This blog has recently relaunch after the original was deleted by the author. Greg Gorgonmilk has long been one of my favorite authors on the blogging scene as his creativity is nearly unparalleled. The author has a happy talent for finding ways to get the reader to look at each topic they discuss with fresh eyes and to examine their long-standing beliefs on the hobby. It’s a rare talent. Updates: Nearly twice a month in 2018.

Gothridge Manor: An interesting blog written by a very creative author who publishes his own materials. The blog will talk about sales, the creative process, ideas that are floating about, and then it’ll move on to some subject you’ve never considered before. A really fun read. If you enjoy it you should consider picking up the author’s zine, The Manor, and listening to the Gothridge Manor podcast! Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Graeme Davis: This is the blog of longtime RPG author, editor, and creative maven Graeme Davis. Like Graeme’s long career this blog covers a wide range of topics and reflects Graeme’s eclectic tastes. The writing is tight, conversational, and inviting for new readers and long-time fans alike. Be sure and check out his “Freebies” tab to gain access to some great AD&D, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Call of Cthulhu, and GURPS adventures and resources! Updates: An average of once a month in 2018 though there were very long gaps in-between posts. Be sure to mine the archives while waiting for his next update!

Grand Tapestry, The: Kyrinn Eis’ decade old blog has spent years exploring and crafting its own world: URUTSK, The World of Mystery. I find myself captivated by the setting and wishing, more often than not, that I had found a way to join Kyrinn’s long running Google Plus games in the setting before the platform died. That said this blog is a fantastic place to mine for ideas for your own home games as Kyrinn has a quick and to the point style of writing that I find refreshing. Production has slowed down considerably from the early days of the blog but this shouldn’t deter new readers as Kyrinn continues to put out solid content with each new update. Updates: Five times in 2018, with more already in 2019. 

Graphs, Paper, and Games: A very new blogging endeavor from the mind that brought us Strange Vistas. The blog is beautiful to look at and I’m excited to see more effort put into in the coming months as so far we’re very early into this blogging excursion. I’m hopeful that it will grow into something special as I’ve enjoyed Strange Vistas over the years. Updates: 4 times this year (its first year of existence).

Gray Wolf Prowls, The: A new blog that began in the fall of 2018 and has been steadily carving itself a place in our hobby by looking at things with a unique perspective. The posts tend to look at the topics it covers with a level of fondness that is often missing from other blogs. The author writes well and is unafraid to discuss their opinions. I’m growing rather fond of this addition to the GBRC and I’m looking forward to where the author takes us in the future. Updates: An average of six times a month since in started in 2018 although new readers should be prepared for gaps in posting.

Great Game, The: Stuart’s long running blog is one I’ve only recently discovered much to my chagrin. The writing is engaging and varied as the author will move from Star Trek, to Blood Bowl, to Call of Cthulhu, and on to whatever game captures their attention next. It’s the sort of variety that can capture a reader’s attention and keep them there month after month. Really enjoying this fantastic blog. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Green Skeleton Gaming Guild: Brutorz Bill’s long running blog tends towards useful resources for its readers. Whether it’s discussing some product, creating a resource for Game Masters and players alike, or discussing the latest campaign I find his advice useful and often a good place to help my mind start working on a topic. The formatting on the posts can be a bit disorienting at first for new readers as some posts do not provide a space between paragraphs which results in a visual jumble. Push through this though because the blog is worth exploring. Updates: About once a month.

Greyhawk Grognard: One of the greatest proponents of the world of Greyhawk. Smart, well written, and often time one of the best places to start exploring when you’re interested in the setting. That said the blog does not limit itself to the World of Greyhawk and will instead discuss all of the topics that come to the author’s mind. Over the years I have found myself both agreeing and vehemently arguing with this blog but the author has always been wonderful to talk to no matter how I felt about a given topic. Worth reading, exploring, and debating with for new readers, longtime Greyhawk fans, and role-playing game fans alike. Updates: About fifteen times a month.

Greyhawkery: Alongside Greyhawk Grognard this blog is a major force for the world of Greyhawk. It’s filled with amazing content for the Greyhawk setting – both cannon and non – and it has a fantastic webcomic that recently finished. The author is a major contributor to Cannonfire, Legends and Lore on The Greyhawk Channel, and the Gamerstable podcast. He’s also a hell of a nice guy and I root for him in everything he does. Updates: About six posts a month.

Grognard Files, The: This blog, which is also a digital home for the podcast of the same name, is a fascinating little blog. Dirk, the primary author, tends to write with a solid sense of humor and in an engaging manner that I often find myself wishing lead to longer posts. It’s a fun blog to explore though there is no discernable archive I’ve been able to find that would allow for easy navigation through older posts. Updates: Frequent, though I’m unable to say how often without an archive.

Grognardia: One of the big proponents of the OSR movement and a major force in the blog-o-sphere until the author experience some rather unfortunate personal issues. If you’ve ever wondered what was so exciting about the OSR movement in the early days, or what inspired so many creative people to take up the mantle, then this is the blog that you need to check out. It’s been abandoned since December, 2012 but due to it’s place in the history of role-play blogging I continue to feature it on the list. The archives here are filled with interesting reads that will help inspire your own discoveries of the early days of role-playing games and of the OSR movement. Updates: Dead since December 11, 2012

Grubb Street: Former TSR author Jeff Grubb’s blog. While this blog often focuses on the author’s life it is filled with content about his time at TSR and some of his favorite games. I enjoy reading his thoughts on Cthulhu, movies, role-playing games, plays, and even quarters. Always an enjoyable read and fun to speak with as he’s an engaging conversationalist. Updates: About five posts a month.

Grumpy Old Troll, The: This sparsely updated, long running blog is one that I recently discovered. The author tends to write in a fun manner and while I find that I rarely agree with their opinions I, nonetheless, enjoy reading their blog. Sometimes it’s fun to have a blog that you disagree with when the author not only creates an engaging point to their arguments, but does so with such creativity that you find yourself reading it again just for the fun of it. Updates: Three times in 2018.

GURB – The Generic Universal Roleplaying Blog: One of the few, the proud, GURPS blogs out there. The writing is solid, though it tends towards the more experienced reader than new readers just starting out with GURPS. As someone with very limited experience with the system I tend to find the posts less enjoyable then I suspect more experienced players would. If you’re a GURPS fan give this one a chance. Updates: Nine times in 2018; 4 in 2019 so far.


Hack and Slash: Courtney Campbell’s Hack & Slash blog is an extension of the author and as it has developed it has become a fuller, clearer picture of Courtney. In the early years this blog tended to take highly opinionated stances on a variety of topics and the author was a vociferous defender of their chosen position. I deeply enjoyed debating esoteric topics with him, and I still enjoy doing so when something comes up that we’re both passionate about in his explorations of our hobby. Over the years, though, Hack & Slash developed from a blog where the author backed themselves against the wall and fought the world into this beautiful extension of the author as a whole. The fire is still there; but now posts are tempered with Courtney’s artistic stylings and a maturing eye that has made his arguments better rounded and even more fun to debate. Add this blog to your regular reading list. Updates: About once a week.

Halfling’s Luck: James Spahn’s blog focuses heavily on older editions of D&D and similar styled role-playing games. In the early days of the blog it was more common to see him working towards creating a better version of his favorite D&D game, but in the last couple of years his blog has moved towards reviews of the things he’s reading, playing, and thinking about. The end result is an enjoyable blog that provides the reader with a pleasant read and some solid reviews. Mine the archives. Updates: 10 times in 2018.

Hall of the Mountain King: I once described Jason Zavoda’s blog as “one of the most understated powerhouses in the hobby” and after watching Jason’s writing develop over the last few years I am fully committed to that statement. Hall of the Mountain King often gets overlooked by readers because Jason’s indexing can appear disjointed for readers who haven’t understood what he’s working on – but to dismiss this blog is to lose out on a fantastic experience. Jason’s short stories are fun to read, and his longer novelettes are a blast! His writing continues to improve each year and I highly recommend taking your time to explore his archives and really dig into this blog. Well worth bookmarking and reading with a glass of wine by your side. Updates: About 20 times a month.

Halls of the Nephilim: Justin Isaac’s Halls of the Nephilim is a fun blog that doesn’t take itself so seriously that you can’t imagine him having a good time. His writing often reminds me a good friend who’s got a fun little idea they’d like to get you in on – that probably ends with the two of you broke, covered in mud, and with one hell of a great story. As a result, I’m constantly finding myself checking his blog to see when the next post is going to publish and hoping that I’m lucky enough to catch the next one. Updates: An astonishing average of 53 posts a month!

Hanging Out in the City State: James Mishler’s Hanging Out in the City State blog tends to focus on Judges Guild’s Wilderlands campaign setting. Recently the blog has focused on the campaigns James has been running, but the archives are filled with his explorations of the settings with ideas on how to run it, how to play in it, and how to get the most out of this classic setting. James has written several blogs over the years and I’ve largely enjoyed his content as he tends to write with an eye towards usefulness. Updates: Six times in 2018.

Harbringer of Doom: Brandes Stoddard’s Harbringer of Doom is a well written blog primarily focused on game design – a topic which often puts me to sleep, but with Brandes’ excellent writing even this topic becomes something interesting. One of the things that I find best about this blog is that often the author is able to not only teach their readers how to think about game design in a meaningful manner, but to provide even the most reticent game designers with some useful ideas to plug into their home games and help add a new layer of depth and fun. Updates: There is no clear archive as you have to slog through the “older posts” button at the bottom of the page to see more posts so I’m unsure how often it’s been updated in 2018.

Haunted Spookshow Of Channel X: Justin Davis’ blog reminds me of a fantastic grindhouse film that constantly assaults the viewer on every level. It’s challenging for those with delicate sensibilities, but the overall effect of this excellent blog is to create a sense of the sort of wild, brutal world that the author would love to adventure in and run for his friends. While it’s slowed down significantly from the early days of the blog it is still active and I’m still excited for the next update. Updates: Four times in 2018.

Harvard’s Blackmoor Blog: This blog is a treasure trove of information from one of the foremost scholars on Dave Arneson and his legendary Blackmoor setting. Harvard seems to possess an amazing talent for finding out new and interesting information on the setting and for drumming up support for it. I’ve been reading this blog for the better part of the last decade and it continues to impress me with both Harvard’s dedication and with the depth of material they have curated during that time. New readers and old should dig deep into the archives so that they can understand how fantastic Blackmoor is and how we should all give it a try, at least once. Well worth the read. Updates: About three times a month.

Henchmen Abuse: Pat’s blog is funny, smartly written, and a real joy to read. I find that it’s often one of the blogs that I enjoy digging through the archives whenever I’m bored and looking for something to read that might get my energies sparked again. Sadly, the blog has experienced long periods of dormancy over the last few years. It’s still fun to read, but I wish that there were more frequent updates because I really enjoy reading it. Updates: Three times in 2018.

Here Lurks the True Heart of the Black Raven: Raven Trueheart’s blog is a recent addition to our community as it began only in March of 2018. Yet in the short time this blog has been active I’ve been very impressed with the author’s depth of thought on OD&D and their discussions of how to play the game and how to think about it. Without question, this isn’t the first blog to focus on OD&D, but the author has a perspective that I find refreshing and that often makes me long to join in an OD&D game. Something I’ve rarely wanted to do in the last few years. Updates: About three times a month.

Hereticwerks: I love Hereticwerks! This blog has been one of my favorites for a long time as the world it’s been exploring, Wermspittle, is this fantastic place. The blog features some amazing illustrations, great monsters, and enough home brewed material to launch even the least imaginative reader’s mind into overdrive. Do yourself a favor and check this blog out; dig deep into the archives, and explore an amazing world! Be sure to check out the long running Bujilli series! Updates: Five times in 2018.

Hero Press: Since Heropress first burst on to the hobby well over 13 years ago it has become the powerhouse blogger producing an astounding average of 1,117 posts a year! The author is constantly bringing up everything they love: cosplay, roleplaying games, monsters, funny stories, beautiful and inspiring pictures, and so much more. The archives are massive and there’s so much here that you could disappear inside them for months only to come out and be buried all over again! Updates: 145 posts a month! Unbelievable!

Hero Twice a Month, A: After a three-year layoff I’m happy to report that A Hero Twice a Month began updating again in 2018! During the early days of this blog it was often one of my favorite haunts as the author not only discussed role-playing games but would delve into comics and just about any other nerdy topic that came to mind. I deeply enjoyed it and I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of a resurgence of this blog! Updates: Four times in 2018.

Hex Culture: This long running blog is a wild ride. The author tends to write in a way that reminds me of cool jazz, hip hop, and the best anime you’ve ever watched. The result is a highly enjoyable blog that often has me coming back to it just to reread a post I’ve already read so that I can catch all the bits I missed on my first, second, and third pass. There aren’t many blogs that will keep you coming back time and time again but this one does it for me. Updates: Ten times in 2018.

High Level Games: A multi-author blog that I discovered late in 2018 that features blog posts, videos, and podcasts to help get your creative energies going. I am not a big proponent of multi-author blogs as they tend to feel very uneven in reading them as different writing styles may not mesh well together; however, I enjoy most of the authors who write for this blog as the theme among the authors seems to be towards providing useful ideas to the reader in whatever they publish. Updates: About twice a week.

Hill Cantons: I have long enjoyed this delightful blog. The author, Chris Kutalik, has built a fantastic setting with his Hill Cantons. The Hill Cantons is based around a pseudo-Slavic world and has been detailed in the blog over the past ten years to the delight of many. His writing is solid, inspiring, and can often make readers long to play in his game world. I am such a fan of Kutalik’s work that I’ve bought all three of his books based in the Hill Cantons and am constantly digging through his past posts to add some new facet to my games. I highly recommend this blog to anyone reading this list. Updates: Twice in 2018, though it has already doubled that count at the time of this writing.

Hit Adjacent Ally: I’m pleased to announce that Hit Adjacent Ally has recently begun to update again. While you’re waiting for the next post from this fun blog be sure to check out the archives where you’ll find some excellent posts with great monsters, settings, and more. The archives can be read in an afternoon and the ideas inside are often worth mining for your home games even if you don’t play old-school D&D. Updates: Twice in 2019.

Hits to Kill: This blog focuses largely on painting miniatures. I rarely experience envy, but when I sit around looking at these beautiful miniatures I find myself eaten alive with it. It continues to be one of the best places to go for beautifully painted miniature on this list. Updates: Nine times in 2018.

Hitting on a Double 1, Killed by a Double 1: A fun war-gaming blog that caused me to reconsider my position on war-gaming and actually join a table a few years ago. The writing is very engaging and I look forward to the updates as it reinvigorates my interest in war-gaming and miniature gaming each time I visit. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Hive Fleet Charybdis: This blog largely focuses on the Warhammer 40,ooo (40K) war-game. It’s a fun miniature war blog and I find the author’s knowledge of the setting and of war-gaming to be enjoyable. For someone like me, who loves the 40K  setting this blog is a real treat! Updates: About four times a month in 2018.

Hobgoblinry: JC’s Hobgoblinry began in February of 2018 and it has been a delight to see it grow. The blog moves about from monsters, to books, to fantasy gaming, to miniature painting, to whatever captures’ the author’s imagination next and I really enjoy it. The writing is good, the miniatures are even better, but it’s the ideas that JC explores that keep me coming back. Be sure to add this one to your reading list. Updates: An average of eight times a month in 2018.

hours without sleep: This is one of the few Savage Worlds blogs I’ve discovered this year, though that shouldn’t warn off readers interested in other systems. The author tends to focus more on the world building and exploration than on the system so it’s easy to get lost within the archives. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

How Heavy This Axe: This blog tends to focus on creating solid ideas rather than providing the reader with an overabundance of content. As a result each post tends to read more like a fleshed out thought, than a moment within a conversation; which results in a unique experience for the reader of RPG blogs. I’m not sure that I agree with most of the author’s conclusions but I find myself thinking about them long after I’ve moved on to other things. Updates: Once in 2018, but has already update 19 times in 2019.

How to Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying: Stuart’s blog is the sort of blog that you bookmark and check out every month because he’s bound to create something that you’ll be using in your home games for years to come. This blog has long been one of my regular haunts and I really enjoy the way that his mind works when it comes to thinking about RPGs. Be sure to check out the archives as there is a lot of good stuff in there. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Howling Tower: Former TSR and Wizards of the Coast author, and current freelancer, Steve Winter’s blog. While more varied in scope than Bruce Heard’s blog, this one offers up some fantastic views on the hobby and on the topics he chooses to cover. Steve has a great mind for role-playing games and I find myself inspired by so much of what he’s written over the years. Be sure to check out the archives when you visit his blog. Updates: No updates in 2018, but has updated once in 2019 so far with a great post on chase scene variations.


I Fly By Night: Clash Bowley’s blog is this fantastic place to explore if you enjoy Sci-Fiction role-playing games like I do. His writing is tight and watching him work his way through an idea, building on it as he explores the subject, and refining it as he goes is a delight. The archives of this blog are deep, as it goes back a decade, and I’ve only scratched the surface but so far I’m really impressed with what I’ve explored. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Id DM, The: This blog began as a Dungeons & Dragons 4e blog – which makes it a rare commodity on this list – and has since transitioned into a really smart, inventive blog that provides interviews with some of your favorite creators in our hobby. Dig through the archives as the author has covered a lot of ground in the last decade. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

In My Campaign: KJDavies’ long running blog is one that only recently came across my radar. It’s written in a self-deprecating style that I find endearing and the author often approaches topics from a vantage point of trying to move away from people like Gary Gygax and attempting make the game better in the process. The end result is a blog that can be challenging if you hold to any of the long-standing dogmas of the old school movement, but that can be rewarding if you allow yourself to approach our hobby differently. Updates: About once a week.  

In Places Deep: One of my favorite things the old school resurgence gave us was the rise of weird fantasy role-playing worlds, and blogs like In Places Deep exemplify why I love these sort of worlds. The writing is quick and designed to give the reader just enough information to kickstart your own imagination. The author’s artwork enhances the posts, rather than dominating them, and without fail it is the author’s own imagination that shines through on each post. Bookmark this blog and read the archives. Updates: A little better than once a month in 2018, but it’s currently seeing the most productive year of the blog since 2012!

In the Words of Tom: A long running blog that tends to focus on the author’s writing and personal life. Lots of little bits worth reading in here that can inspire you and touch your heart. I’m always rooting for Tom. Updates: Could not find an archive to estimate.

Inspiration Strikes!: Marc Plourde’s blog is a fun trip. The blog has focused on the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games in the past but currently it’s doing some really cool stuff with the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG. In particular, new readers should check out the Purple Pit of the Mole Men series which is actually an adventure GMs could run their players through. I love projects like this and Marc’s execution is solid! There’s a lot to mine in the archives as well! Updates: An average of five times a month in 2018.

Ironlands: This old school blog has more coolness on each page then I had ever hoped to find. Great monsters, content, and I’m really digging the Pendragon archives. Of the more recent content I must confess that I find the explorations of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play to be really enjoyable – but I have a sweet spot for that setting. Updates: Nine times in 2018, but it has already doubled that amount for 2019.

Iron Mitten: This is a fun miniatures war-gaming blog by Secundus. Beautiful miniatures and fun write-ups of the various campaigns the author participates in are the bread and butter of this blog. Secundus tends to write in an energetic style that reminds me of sitting down with a friend who’s excited about their latest game and can’t wait to tell you about it. Updates: About three times a month on average in 2018.


Jeff’s Gameblog: Without question Jeff Rients’ blog is recognized as one of the greatest OSR blogs to have ever been and there’s little wonder why as you’ll see discussions he began and spearheaded across countless blogs on this list. His advice on running games, while directed towards D&D styled games, is often applicable to any role-playing game you could play. His writing is engaging and he’s often a kind conversationalist looking to move us towards a better game at home. Bookmark this blog, add it to your feed, and dig deep into the archives to find one of the treasures not only of the OSR movement but of RPG blogging as a whole. Updates: An average of twice a month in 2018.

Jeffro’s Space Gaming Blog: Jeffro has long been one of my favorite RPG bloggers. His writing is often among the best our community has to offer and his thoughts on the hobby have frequently gotten me excited to discuss topics I would otherwise pass by without comment. He’s an engaging debater and while you may never agree with his opinions he’s always fun to talk with. Be sure to check out his Appendix N series as he did an amazing dive into the literary roots of Dungeons & Dragons (and if you like the posts check out his book as well). Update: About ten times a month in 2018.

Joeskythedungeonbrawler’s Blog: After a five-year hiatus this blog is finally back up and running! Joeskythedungeonbrawler is consistently one of the funniest blogs I’ve had the pleasure of reading since I first started reading RPG blogs back in 2013. Everything is in CAPS which always makes me think he’s yelling everything as he types! I love this blog and I’m so glad he’s updating again! Updates: Three times this year.

Joe the Lawyer’s Wondrous Imaginings: There is something refreshingly pure about the directness of this blog that is missing from so many others. There is no hedging of language or tip-toeing around feelings. If you suck, you will soon know; and that’s perfect. It’s largely shifted over to a podcast hub for Joe, but that’s fine because the archives are still amazing to dig through. Updates: After a two year hiatus the blog came back in November of 2018 to produce 16 posts before the end of the year. Currently it has pushed out 43 posts in 2019 so it’s safe to say this blog is back!

Jon Bupp: This blog is now the home of 5e Grognard author Jon Bupp. It’s got a lot of good stuff here for anyone looking to make their D&D 5e game more fun. Lately though Jon has taken a little break from the blog so if you check him out be sure to let him know how much your enjoying the blog! Updates: About twice a month in 2018.


Kabuki Kaiser: This is the recently relaunched Kabuki Kaiser blog, the old one on blogger has disappeared. Gone along with the blogger version are all of the old posts. However, Kabuki Kaiser is still a solid writer and their ideas are still worth reading and discussing. While this one won’t have the archives to explore it’s still worth bookmarking. Updates: Eight posts since launch in February, 2019.

Keep on the Heathlands: This blog represented the old home of the podcast of the same name. It’s still got some things worth exploring in the archives but if all things remain the same then this blog will be removed next year as it will be officially closed and rolled into High Level Games. Updates: 11 posts in 2018.

Keith Baker.com: This is the online blog of Eberron creator Keith Baker. Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of resources discussing the worlds he’s helped create and influence (with a lot of Eberron content), short stories, and his thoughts on the industry. I really like the thoughtful way that Keith writes and his exploration of themes on the blog. If you’re a fan of Eberron then this is a must visit blog! Updates: There is no easy to access archive but at best guess it appears to be twice a month.

Kellri: The tagline for this blog is “All killer, no filler,” and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t provide just that. Practically every post in this blog is either a downloadable file that you can plug into your home games to help you do something. Really just filled to the brim with all kinds of useful goodies. Highly recommended for any older D&D enthusiasts. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Kill It With Fire!: An interesting blog that brings a lot of inspiration along with each post as you’ll find yourself reading the authors ideas and thinking, “I could use the hell out of this; but what if I tweak it just a little bit . . .” This is the sort of blog that gets you thinking about how to improve your game each time it updates. Updates: Once a month in 2018.

kill your dungeon master: A relatively new blog that tends to focus on an older style of D&D, along with all the weird wonderfulness that came about with the OSR movement. The blog is still trying to find it’s footing but what’s been put out so far is intriguing and I’m hopeful that we’ll see more from this blog soon. Updates: Six times in 2018.

Known World, Old World: Andy Bartlett’s blog is a fun old school blog that tends to look towards older D&D styled games and build a ton of house rules and all kinds of other fun stuff for them. Andy’s writing tends towards the conversational, which I always enjoy. It should be noted that one of the refreshing aspects of this blog is its focus on British Gaming rather than on the American standards. A solid blog. Updates: A single post in 2018, but 22 so far in 2019.


Lake Geneva Original RPG Campaign: This is the blog of former TSR employee and longtime friend of Gary Gygax, Robert Kuntz. It’s a mixed bag. When Robert writes something for the blog where he’s actually expressing his thoughts, or writing about his memories of the early days of the hobby, it can be entertaining; but often he uses this blog as a placeholder for current products he’s attempting to sell. There are some good stories about the old days in the archives and bits and pieces about how he thinks the hobby should be today that are worth exploring. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Land of Nod, the: Without question this blog is one of the most engaging and challenging blogs out there. The author is smart, creative, and always pushing the boundaries of his blog into new spheres of difficulty and exploration. If it isn’t on your reading list, it damned well should be. Also, this is the new WordPress version of the blog as the blogger version has now been discontinued. Be sure to update your links in your feed reader and bookmarks. Updates: Ten times in 2018.

Lasgunpacker: A war gaming blog that focuses mostly on painting miniatures but with a large helping of D&D thrown in for good measure. Well written and often filled with valuable advice on painting and game play. Worth exploring for anyone where those two interests overlap. Updates: A little better than once a month.

Last Gasp: If you are not reading this fantastic blog then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. The writing is smart and inventive. Inside you’ll find monstrous creatures that will haunt your nightmares and make you shudder at the very thought of them. Great smutty art and some wonderful narratives that will take hold of your imagination and make you wonder how you can use them in your home games. This blog is not for everyone due to its adult content, but for those who can dig it, it will rock your face off. Updates: About once a month in 2018. Adult Content Warning

Lawful Indifferent: A daring blog by an author that isn’t afraid to take chances. I’m consistently enjoying reading about his efforts to throw his players into new and strange surroundings. Lots of great ideas here, and some bad ones, but they’re all worth reading because this author has the balls to try what a lot of us wouldn’t. Updates: Three times in 2018; five times already in 2019.

Lawful. Not Necessarily Good: This blog focuses on the challenges associated with judging the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. You can expect an author that is fully capable of making even the most mundane topic well worth reading. Really nice blog; I wish it updated more. Updates: Once in 2018. 

Lawful Goodness: A tumblr blog filled with lots of fun memes about D&D and comic books. Like many tumblrs this blog tends to present more of an overall feeling for the sort of games that the author likes, and a deeper connection to their personality, than more traditional blogs. My only complaint is that it tends to be more of a catchall for other people saying things than for the author telling us what they think. Still, it’s an entertaining read. Updates: Too many to count. In January 2018 alone the blog hit 156 posts!

Le Chaudron Chromatique: This beautifully illustrated blog sends my mind racing down new and exciting paths as I try to find ways to work the author’s illustrations into my own game. A great place to find inspiration and to lose yourself in the archives. Be sure to check out the author’s zines as they are fantastic! I completely and totally love this blog! Updates: About 5 times a month in 2018.

Legacy of the Bieth: This blog is a fantastic mix of Arabic traditions and spaghetti westerns, which sounds odd, but it totally works. Unlike other blogs who focus on a wholly western (read US/British) perspective for the hobby this unique cultural view presented by the author results in a blog filled with ideas and resources that you won’t find anywhere else. Like Hill Cantons this blog is a refreshing break from the usual and it creates a space within our hobby to explore new spaces and to do something no one else has done. I cannot say enough good things about it. Updates: Eight times in 2018.

Let’s GURPS!: A really fun GURPS blog that tends more towards resources for GURPS referees than for anyone else. That shouldn’t keep people who enjoy the system as players from reading the blog as the author has an easy writing style that I find often demystifies the system. Well worth reading for experienced GURPS players and those who are interested in playing the system for the first time. Updates: About five times a month on average in 2018.

Library of Lost Legends, The: I recently discovered this long running blog and have found myself identifying with the author on so many occasions. Their short bits of fiction are fun, their exploration of the rules are interesting, and in general I find the blog a fun place to visit every couple of days even if the author hasn’t updated as there’s plenty in the archives to keep me coming back over and over again. Updates: Four times in 2018; already matched that number in 2019.

Life Full of Adventure, a: An Old School Renascence blog that tends to focus its efforts on both its own home brewed setting and on Warhammer Fantasy Role-play. This is the relaunched version of the blog of the same name. The author, like myself, found that Google’s sudden cessation of Google Plus proved them to be unreliable partner and so moved to a new site to continue their blogging in the future. Since the move not many of the old archives have made their way over to the new blog but the author has continued to put out solid content and remains one of my favorite eplorers of the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing world. Updates: 19 posts since launching in February 2019.

Living 4 Crits: Living 4 Crits began nearly five years ago discussing Numenera and Savage Worlds and has moved on since to talk about wide variety of games as the author balances being both a parent and Dungeon Master. Reading this blog is a pleasant experience and the way that the author organizes their posts makes for easy reading. Really enjoy this blog. Updates: About five times a month in 2018.

Lizard Man Diaries, The: Michael Raston’s Lizard Man Diaries has long been a favorite of mine. Seemingly every time I start thinking about something I need for my game Raston is already there creating a fantastic table that will help me build an underground cavern, or curating links to help with the artistic feel of a world (which is an amazing way to ground the world), or building a fun new class to play. It’s just a fun blog and if you get the chance to explore the archives you absolutely should. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Lord Kilgore: After taking all of 2018 off I’m happy to report that Lord Kilgore has not only come back to blogging but is having a banner year. The blog has mostly focused on AD&D throughout it’s history, but since coming back it has spent almost all of it’s time exploring Basic and Expert D&D. It’s a nice change of pace as it’s allowed Lord Kilgore to come at the hobby from a different perspective. Updates: None in 2018, 5 in 2019.

Lord of the Green Dragons: Originally this blog featured a wide range of well written authors working on building this fantastic gaming blog that focused on classic gaming and exploring the hobby from that perspective. Sadly it has dwindled in active authors until only Robert Kuntz has made use of it – and only for publicizing his most recent posts from his own blog. The archives are where this blog shines though as you can see the potential for where it was going when all those authors originally got together. Check them out if you get the chance. Updates: Eight times in 2018.

Lost Pages: I really like this OSR blog as it makes an effort to talk about how you should deal with things in an adult manner while remembering to have fun. Unusual in an age when people take themselves far too seriously. A good read that is updated far too infrequently. Updates: Three times in 2018. There is no archive for this blog so to find older posts you will have to scroll down. It’s worth the effort though as Lost Pages has some absolutely brilliant stuff!

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: A great blog that will remind you why you used to spend days drawing dinosaurs that ate all your friends and enemies. Great art is featured and the author’s love of his subject is infectious. While not necessarily an RPG blog the materials covered are so inspiring that for Game Masters looking to add some dinosaurs to their games it provides an invaluable resource. Updates: Six times a month.

Lunchbox RPG: I recently discovered Gin Lunar’s Lunchbox RPG and I’m so glad I did. This blog has spent a lot of the last year working on the idea of solo role-playing and creating these short, fun adventures that make the downtime between sessions pass quicker. I’ve really been enjoying the trifold dungeon project Gin has been working on as well and I can’t wait to see what they explore next! Updates: A little better than once a month on average in 2018.  


Mage of the Striped Tower: This long running blog tends to focus on two topics: AD&D and Greyhawk. Both of these topics tend to fall into my sweet spot, but even if you’re not a fan of them you should check out this quirky, little blog. The author has crafted a style where they write these short posts that tend to evoke a feeling of the world they’re looking to play in and explore. Some posts are nothing more than images and a few words to give context, some are quotes, and some are more detailed discussions of adventures. The end result is a blog that is busy creating a world to explore, but also feels very personal. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

magehammer’s Gaming Table: This incredibly sweet blog tends to focus on a father playing with his children. You’ll find posts discussing what games were played, their triumphs at the table, and his hopes for the future. Utterly delightful and I look forward to every post! Updates: Nine times in 2018.

Mailanka’s Musings: In a list populated with explorers and world builders slugging their way through quasi-medieval settings Mailanka’s blog stands out. This GURPS blog is out there on the fringes of space building it’s own territory. Check out the fantastic, and long running, Psi-Wars series which draws from Star Wars as its source of inspiration. The writing is solid, and the ideas are the sort that can capture your imagination and keep you coming back time and time again. Check this blog out! Updates: About eight times a month in 2018.

Manse, The: Cacklecharm’s delightful blog tends to read a lot like how I imagine the author is in real life: quirky, fun, and a bit excitable. I adore the art and the writing is solid. The blog has a lot of useful ideas and charts that tend towards system-neutral though there is a decided focus on the traditional fantasy setting. It’s a fun read and my only complaint is that I didn’t find it earlier. Updates: About 12 posts a month in 2018.

Matt’s gaming page: Without question Matt Slade is a talented artist and his beautifully painted miniatures will leave new readers and old salivating over his work. There’s not a lot of words but the inspiring miniatures he’s painted more than make up for the lack of text. Updates: About ten times a month in 2018.

Mazirian’s Garden: Without question Mazirian’s Garden is in the discussion for one of the best written blogs in our hobby. The author, Ben L. has an astute mind and his ease with the written word creates a blog that makes for some of the best reading. Yet what I’ve enjoyed most about this blog over the years is the steady evolution of Ben’s thoughts from the early days of the blog to today. Updates: Seven times in 2018.

Medieval Melodies: Jon’s delightful blog has been putting out some fantastic D&D 5e content since it first premiered nearly three years ago. The writing is solid, and the monsters tend towards quick use rather esoteric rewrites. It creates a really functional resource for D&D 5e GMs and I’m glad it’s out there. Updates: About 11 times a month in 2018. Currently on hiatus in 2019.

Melvin Smif’s Geekery: A long running blog that I’ve found a fun place to visit throughout the years. The author, Kevin Smith, tends to write in such a way that it always feels like you’re talking to a friend. This informality tends to be a major strength as it allows his advice to penetrate deeper than blogs with more authoritative authors. One of my favorite parts of this blog tends to be when he allows himself to explore a topic fully and then takes all that information and boils it down into these insightful articles. Really an excellent blog all the way around. Updates: Six times in 2018.

Merric’s Musings: Merric Blackman’s blog is an interesting place to explore. The author writes with an authoritative voice and his reviews tend to be among the most thought provoking I’ve read. His ideas on how to improve the flow of D&D 5e games are among the best I’ve seen and though I don’t always agree with his suggestions I find them interesting nonetheless. Well worth exploring but readers should be aware that his archive is clunky and difficult to navigate as a result. Updates: Hard to say due to the way the archive works, but it looks like about twice a week in 2018.

Mesmerized by Sirens: So many blogs talk about being old school yet this blog not only walks the walk, but it actively tries to remind you that while the early days of this hobby were dominated by Dungeons and Dragons it wasn’t the only game in town. It’s got so much fantastic content that you’ll constantly be wishing that you had found out about it sooner. A fantastic read that I’ve been digging through for years and loving every minute of the journey. Updates: Once in 2018, though it has already surpassed that number at the time of this survey.

Metal Earth: This blog has only gotten better as the author continues to experiment and evolve. There is so much to offer that if you don’t read it then you’re doing a disservice to yourself. Read this blog and enjoy the author’s amazing work to better your own games. The art is amazing and the way the author thinks about games ticks all the right boxes for me. Love this fantastic blog! Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Methods & Madness: Eric Diaz’s is one I discovered early this year. It tends towards beginning a discussion with the reader over being the final voice in the discussion. This makes for a pleasant read as I find myself often jumping from where the author has left off into my own thoughts and attempting to better organize them. It’s a good, solid read. Updates: About four times a month in 2018.

Middenmurk: In a crowded field of creative blogs Middenmurk stands head and shoulders above many of them. The author has a happy talent for putting out the sort of beautiful prose that makes you reread each entry time, and time again while asking yourself why you didn’t write something even half as good. Read this blog, it’s outstanding in every way. Updates: After a four year hiatus I’m pleased to announce that Middenmurk has begun updating again in 2019 with five posts!

Middle Finger of Vecna: A multi-author blog that uses the various parts of Vecna’s hand as their nom de plumes. The writing can, as you would expect from a multi-author blog, be a bit uneven. But that shouldn’t scare new readers away as the authors have worked hard to put out a ton of free resources for D&D 5e and while some of them are silly most would fit in with the majority of gaming tables. Updates: There is no archive so I’m unsure how many posts were written in 2018.

Monster Brains: I absolutely love this blog that celebrates all things monstrous. The blog generally consists of weird, and wild monster art. It’s not necessarily an RPG blog but the sheer volume of artistic inspiration it provides brings it on this list. Love, love, love this blog! Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Monster Manual Sewn from Pants: Scrap Princess has been running this fantastic blog for the better part of the last decade, and during that time the author has matured into not only a fantastic artist whose art evokes emotional responses from their audience but into a solid writer whose ideas will often sit with the reader long after they’ve moved on to other things. I try hard not to miss an update. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Monsters and Manuals: A well written and thought provoking blog that often asks more questions than it answers. By turns it will engage you by defending your own views and then eviscerate you on your own petard. A good all-around read that is often overlooked for more combative blogs. Don’t sleep on noisms or their blog because you’ll miss out on some of the best RPG blogging has to offer. Updates: About eight posts per month in 2018.

Mook, The: Largely an exploration of the GURPS gaming system – but that shouldn’t send other game enthusiasts running for the hills as Mook’s enthusiasm for GURPS is infectious. Their discussions about the assumptions GURPS makes for GMs and the lessons that we can draw from the game are often universal for role-players and can only help improve your home games. Updates: A little better than once a month in 2018.

Mortaine’s Blog: Stephanie Bryant’s blog tends to be a deep well where a reader can explore for ours. Inside you’ll find discussion of books the author has read, short bits of fiction, game designs, reviews, and so much more. It’s a well rounded blog that helps remind readers that there is more to our hobby than just killing a dragon. Updates: About five times a month in 2018.

Moss Covered Cave: A very new blog that began just this year. The author, Domicilius, has started strong by building systems and establishing their home world as a place the blog will be exploring in the future. I’m excited to see where it will take us in the coming years as there is a lot of potential here. Updates: Six times since being created in February, 2019.

msjx: If you like cool, little maps then you have got to check out Matt Jackson’s blog. Like Dyson’s Dodecahedron you’ll find a lot of maps here that you can use in your home games, but don’t limit yourself to only reading his posts about mapping. Matt has a deep archive with lots of useful information for home gamers that should be taken advantage of as soon as possible. Updates: A little less than once a month in 2018.

murder nerds, the: After taking a large part of 2018 off the murder nerds is finally back in action. The author, jona, tends to embrace the murder-hobo appellation and make the most of it by creating a blog that not only gives the reader lots of things to want to loot, but also encourages us to do just that with this fun session reports. I’m glad it’s updating again and I’m excited to see where it takes us in the future. Updates: Once in 2018, but already four times in 2019.

Murky Pool:  What a delightful read Murky Pool is. The author has an ease with the written word that I often find myself jealous of and their advice is often solid. In fact my only complaint with this blog is that the author doesn’t update enough! Happily though it has begun updating again after a two year hiatus. Updates: Twice in 2018.

My Dice are Older than You: Theron’s blog is a fun read. The author doesn’t take themselves too seriously and their posts are often the sort of things I find myself bringing into my home games (although modified as we play different systems). Worth checking out. Updates: Three times in 2018.

Mythlands of Erce: Anders H’s blog is unlike most other blogs you’ll find on this list. It focuses not only on a home setting (Mythlands of Erce) but on the author’s efforts to create their own OSR styled game. As a result the blog is slow to update but each one tends to look at the game with a thoughtfulness that I find refreshing. I’m really glad I found this blog and I can’t wait to see what Anders does with his projects in the end! Update: Twice in 2018, and already 13 in 2019.

Mythopoeic Ramblings:  When I first reviewed Mythopoeic Ramblings years ago I did the blog an injustice by noting that the author was fearless and was willing to try anything without worrying about failure. Allow me to correct that today. This blog takes chances that I often wouldn’t as an author and you can see when the author is uncomfortable in their writing, but by doing so they have improved dramatically over the years. Their creatures are fun, and the descriptions are engaging. I cannot wait to see what they do in the future! Updates: About once a week in 2018.


Nature Kills: Charles Saeger’s GURPS blog is dedicated towards the Dungeon Fantasy setting and makes an effort to create this wonderful hexcrawl through Saeger’s fantasy world. Undoubtedly long time RPG blog readers will be familiar with hexcrawls as they’re a popular way to explore the world in OSR blogs, but the way that Saeger has been working his way through his hexcrawl is refreshing. I’m excited to see where he takes it in the coming years. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Necropraxis: A great OD&D blog that can sometimes overwhelm you with the sheer volume of quality posts and ideas. Thankfully the majority of the ideas are universal to fantasy role-playing games so it makes importing them a lot easier. Always worth reading and I’m constantly finding myself happily working through the archives! Updates: Eight posts a month.

Necrotic Gnome: Largely this blog functions as a place where Necrotic Gnome Productions can work through, announce, and explore the ideas for their latest products. This shouldn’t keep anyone from checking out this blog though as the ideas Necrotic Gnome explores are a lot of fun and should be explored by more members of our community. We need more creative people like this, not less and anything that keeps them pressing forward is a good thing in my opinion. Updates: About five times a month in 2018.

Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork: I want more of this blog. Anders has a happy talent at creating the sort of role-playing posts and ideas that strike a cord with me and send my mind racing. His art can be haunting at times and his writing is solid enough to keep me coming back time, and time again. Such a great blog! Be sure to check out the free downloads and the archives while you’re here because there is so much goodness!

nerdwerds: I really like the attitude of this blog and the directness that it expresses. The archives are a fun romp and there’s good to be found there, but nothing more than how he savages those scoundrels who try to screw over their kickstarter backers. Currently going through a major renaissance as Patrick has published more in 2019 than in the past three years combined!  Updates: Seven times in 2018, but 41 in 2019!

Neural Archive: I recently discovered Geist’s cyberpunk blog this year and I have been digging the hell out of it! I’ve long been a fan of the cyberpunk genre and reading Geist’s blog is like finding a blueprint to add the genre into your own game. Updates: A little better than once a month in 2018. 

Newbie DM: When this blog began over a decade ago the author was a freshly minted DM, but in the years since he has matured into a skilled DM that I would love to play under. His writing, however, has never lost its focus on providing help for new players and old alike has he explores our hobby with an emphasis on creating a fun and engaging blog that will help focus its readers attention on getting the game going and making sure everyone gets the most out of it. Updates: Four times in 2018.

Nine and Thirty Kingdoms, the: This blog has something for most everyone out there. The author writes with a sense of self-awareness and humor that can make even the dullest topic an enjoyable read. The author is sometimes overlooked due to their longevity, but to do so is at the reader’s detriment. Talysman has been an influential voice in the RPG blogging scene for years because of their creative and thought-provoking writing. This is one blog that should be added to your regular reading list. Updates: I was unable to find the archive but it appears to be several times a week.

No School Grognard: The author of this wonderful blog has a full sense of who they are and what they’re about which allows them to write with an ease that makes reading them a delight. There is no pretension with the writing and you’re more likely to find yourself wishing that the two of you could hang out than you are to want to argue with them. The blog explores a wealth of topics and my best advice to new readers is to start at the beginning and just enjoy it all the way through. I can hardly wait for new content! Updates: Once in 2018.

Notes from Pavis: A rarity among the blogs on this list is this fascinating Runequest blog. For people like myself, who have limited knowledge of the setting, this blog is a great introduction as the author has a deep understanding of the world and has been crafting their own version of it for decades. I constantly find myself becoming fascinated by some aspect of the author’s home game and disappearing down a Runequest filled rabbit hole. I cannot be happier! Updates: Nine times in 2018.

NUELOW Games: While technically a sounding board for Nuelow Games publications there is enough interesting content for most anyone who comes across it. This blog tends to be a creative powerhouse with the author, Steve Miller, constantly putting out fantastic content that will both improve your home games and challenge you to do better. Updates: About five times a month in 2018.


Observations of the Fox: You can expect this clever and long running blog will help you improve your games; whether we’re talking about through the long running mapping tutorial or through the author’s own thoughts on how a game should look and feel. One of the things that I have found so exhilarating about this blog is not only how the author has maintained an aggressive posting schedule throughout their long history, but that no matter how many times a topic has been touched upon they’re always able to make it feel new and interesting. Always worth reading. Updates: 19 times a month.

Ode to the Black Dougal: I wish this blog updated more. The author has a creative mind and the series of articles working their way through the B/X books are just a fun read. The blog has some seriously great content in the archives and it’s a pity that it’s gone dark. After a five year hiatus Black Dougal came back to life this past winter. Hopefully we’ll see more in the coming year. Updates: Once in 2018.

Of Dice and Dragons: Scot Newbury has been waving the flag for RPG bloggers longer than just about anyone else I’ve ever seen. He started the RPG Blog Carnival, has spearheaded the RPG Blog Alliance, and has used his twitter handle to help bring attention to bloggers for years. His writing on Of Dice and Dragons has slowed down in recent years but his archives are a fun place to delve into while you’re waiting on his next post. Updates: Updated five times in 2018.

Of Dice and Pen: Michael Johnson’s Of Dice and Pen started out as a Pathfinder blog, and there’s still a lot of that going on, but since beginning the blog nearly a decade ago he’s expanded his focus to include television shows, science fiction novels, and just about anything that gets his attention. It makes for a nice mix and keeps the blog from feeling stale. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Old Dragoon’s Blog, The: The Old Dragoon’s Blog is a fun exploration of the hobby through the eyes of the author. The writing is solid and the author tends to move beyond D&D to explore a variety of role-playing games (most of them older). What makes this blog special though is the author’s writing as it tends to feel like an old friend who’s been waiting to tell you about all the neat things they’ve been up to lately. I really dig it. Updates: Four times in 2018, already more in 2019.

Old Guy Gaming: Mike Summers blog has long been a favorite of mine. His writing tends towards the conversational which makes reading his articles a breeze. His sense of humor is solid, and his ideas about the game have often made my own games better rather than worse. I rarely read a post from Mike that I don’t enjoy. Do yourself a favor and check out this hidden gem! Updates: Eight times in 2018.

Olde School Wizardry: Jarrett Perdue’s blog has long been a regular read of mine. His writing tends to use a lot of bullet points which I find helpful in exploring the ideas he’s written about. The session write-ups are fun to read and the authors experiences with his players are just fantastic. I’ve enjoyed watching this blog mature as the author’s writing has progressed year over year and I’m excited to see where he takes us in the future. Updates: A little better than once a month in 2018.

Once More Unto the Breach!: Anthony’s long running blog has done a lot of changing in recent years. Early on it was often like other RPG blogs, discussing various esoteric gaming topics, but over time it has morphed into this beautiful quasi-art blog. The idea, from what I’ve been able to gather, is to both celebrate the great art of our hobby and to help inspire readers to play in the sort of games these works of art describe. You’ll still find session write-ups, and the discussion of new games the author has found, but the art is clearly the focus. Updates: About four times a month in 2018.

One Monk Miniatures: This blog features these beautiful paper minis that readers can to download and use in their home games. It’s a wonderful resource blog that should be added to every Game Master’s resource folder because you’ll find new stuff you can use every time you turn around. Updates: About once a month.

Ongoing Campaign, the: I’ve had the pleasure of reading faoladh’s enjoyably eclectic blog for the better part of the last decade. His writing during that time has continued to improve as his thoughts on the hobby have matured. I still love when he posts a narrative article and then explains how the game mechanics are employed as this has made implementing his ideas easier time, and time again. Always worth reading and adding to your regular feed. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

OSR Library, The: I recently discovered this fun blog. David Baymiller has been taking a lot of the old-school themes of design and principals of play and applying them to the game in way that no other blogger I’ve read has done. He’s got air planes, cannons, WW2 adventures, and that’s just from this year! I haven’t gotten to put all of his ideas into practice yet but seeing someone push the limits of what’s standard to create something new and exciting is always fun! Updates: Three times a month in 2018.

OSR News and Reviews: Jeremy’s blog tends to be a bit of a news dump from time to time as he focuses on a side of the hobby that often gets overlooked by the bigger hobby news blogs. So far as I’ve been able to tell Jeremy tends to cover only product releases in his news without discussing other noteworthy events in the OSR community. Updates: About eight times a month.

Other Side, the: Timothy Brannan’s blog has long been my favorite Witch advocate. His writing on the Witch as a class has gotten me to include one in my games for years now – but new readers shouldn’t imagine him as a one topic blog. Brannan’s writings move across the entirety of our hobby and he’s an active debater ready to discuss most any topic that picks up steam. His writing is articulate, arguments sounds, and I love watching him dig into a topic. One of my favorite blogs! Updates: About 18 times a month.

Owen K.C. Stephens: This is the blog of Starfinder Design Lead Owen K.C. Stephens whose design credits are far too long to list for this short review. Suffice it to say that Stephens’ blog, much like his career, tends to be varied and well written. He’s got a good mind for our hobby and his writing tends to help reshape my own thoughts on what I’d like to do in my home games more often than not. Be sure to dig into the archives here as he’s been writing and designing on this blog for the better part of the last decade. Updates: About ten times a month from what I could tell.


Paint-it-Pink: Ashley Pollard’s wargaming blog is a delightful look into the wargaming hobby. She plays a variety of games and her models are beautifully painted; but where this blog excels is in her writing. I love reading her blog and I always look forward to the next update. Updates: About four times a month.

Paladin in Citadel, a: Aaron Steele’s blog has finally updated again after a two-year hiatus. Fortunately for his readers the archive is filled with his explorations of Gygax’s Appendix N and his explorations of our hobby. Aaron’s writing can be authoritative at times without becoming overbearing. He’s a solid writer and a great place to begin exploring our hobby.  Updates: Once in 2018.

Panda Gaming Grove: This Earthdawn blog is a fun place to pull up and explore the game. The author, Moran Weeks, tends to shift between working through the game’s monsters and spells to describing their home games. This allows the blog to have a singular focus that can be refreshing in a blogging scene where it seems like everyone is bouncing from topic to topic each week without a theme. Updates: Twice in 2018, but 12 times in 2019. 

Papers and Pencils: This blog is a hell of a ride. The author is inventive and has an irreverent writing style that rocks. The games they’ve made are the kind of in your face fare that often check all the right boxes with me. I’m a big fan of this blog and have been really impressed with its growth over the years. Be sure to check this one out! Updates: Five times a month in 2018.

Pitfalls and Pixies: A delightful blog written by brynvalk. The author creates fun monsters and has been a frequent host of the Blog Carnival. Their focus on the fey gives the blog a unique feel and the author’s interpretation of the creatures often makes for enjoyable reading even if I’m not going to use them. I’m excited to see where the blog goes in the coming years as the author has only gotten better over time! Updates: Ten times in 2018.

Pits Perilous: The author of this blog has placed themselves in an awkward position in recent months by trying to remain true what they perceive as the original goals of the OSR movement. This has put them in the position of straddling the line between the Inglorious OSR and the Sword Dream movements of old school gaming. As a result, the blog’s writing feels tense from time to time. I’m hopeful the author can find a happy medium that provides them with some solace in the coming months because their archive is filled with fun ideas and I hope they are able to get back to them soon. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Planar DM, The: A fairly new blog that began in February, 2019. If you’re a fan of the Planescape setting, as I am, then you’ll find a lot to love here. The author has begun building a great resource on the setting which includes interviews with some of the authors involved in creating it. I cannot wait to see what they are able to do in the coming years as this blog is really knocking it out of the park right now. My only complaint is that there is not a real archive here. Thankfully the blog hasn’t been out long but adding an archive would be wonderful for newer readers looking to catch up on older content. Updates: 20 posts in 2019!

Planet Algol: One of the first blogs I followed and one of the ones I check first every time I get ready to read some RPG blogs. You never quite knew what you were going to find when it updates, but it will always be something that got you thinking in a cool way. The short stories are a lot of fun, the world building is among the best in our hobby, and I’m always excited when they update. The archives are well worth mining. Updates: After a four-year hiatus the blog has begun updating again in 2019! Seven posts this year!

Playing at the World: Jon began this blog after publishing his mammoth book, Playing at the World. Like the book, this blog is devoted to the early history of our hobby and is consistently discovering something new from the beginnings. Jon’s writing is solid, and the way that he tends to weave a story together makes for interesting reading. If you’re a fan of role-playing games and would like to know about how we came from wargaming to where we are today, then you cannot pass up this blog! Updates: A little better than once a month in 2018. Be sure to explore the archives as Jon tends to do a lot of research before publishing.

Polemic 10′: A Lamentations of the Flame Princess focused blog that has a lot of ideas that are easily implemented into other fantasy games. The author is creative and has a lot of enthusiasm for his projects which makes reading them enjoyable. My only complaint is the native font is a bit small for my old eyes! Really worth checking out! Updates: Once a month in 2018.

Power Score: Sean McGovern’s blog has long been the go-to spot for Dungeon Masters looking for help in running 5e adventures. His deep dives have become one of the best places to begin researching how the adventure plays and how to make it better for your own games. He’s got a good eye for finding what works and discarding the rest. Well worth bookmarking and exploring for all 5e DMs. Updates: About six times a month in 2018.

Profane Ape, Tales from the Cataclysm: This blog is like a secret history of a world that never existed and yet feels like it could be reached if we just knew the right words to say. At times it is haunting; at others it feels like the quant, banal history of everyday life. It stands among some of the best setting blogs on this list. The author is well written and is consistently pushing themselves to do something uniquely true to themselves. I love it. Updates: A little better than once per month.

/PROJECT/MULTIPLEXER: Emily Dresner has spent the better part of the last decade looking at the hobby in a way unlike any other author on this list. She has expertly crafted these intricate analyses of the hobby’s economics and the impact that player characters would have on the world they inhabit. She brilliantly builds a world that reflects our own and yet realizes the consequences of a world where magic is real, and heroes can actually speak to gods. If you’ve never read her Dungonomics series on this blog (or on Critical Hits) then you’ve missed out.  Without question Dresner has become one of my favorite bloggers and I am always excited to read her. Updates: After taking the year of 2018 off on this blog she has begun updating again in 2019. She has written two posts this year.

Pulsipher Game Design: The design blog of Dr. Luis Pulsipher, who often wrote for White Dwarf Magazine years ago. This blog is a fantastic find for any role-playing game designer as Pulsipher brings his experience to bear each time he sits down to the keyboard and writes. He’s opinionated, articulate, and very well written. If you have ever thought about getting into game design he’s one of the people you should begin reading – even if you disagree with everything he stands for. Updates:  Ten times in 2018.


Quag Keep: When I first reviewed Wymarc’s blog years ago I found it interesting but still trying to find its place. In the years since the author has managed to not only find their voice, but to do so by creating what feels like an archival blog. Inside you’ll find posts with descriptions of products. Like some art blogs it feels like the author is attempting to create a feeling for the sort of adventures they’d like to explore and to suggest to the reader that these are the adventures they should go on as well. I find myself reading an update and then going backwards into the archive to watch Wymarc’s theme evolve and show itself. A fascinating blog. Updates: 29 posts a month in 2018.  

Quasar Knight’s Fantasy Blog: Ray Chapel (Libertad on many RPG sites) has created a fun blog. The author tends to build off other resources to create something that reflects its source material while becoming fully his own. His willingness to manipulate things to suit his own ends is a constant source of inspiration and I’m always excited to see how he will change the game. Updates: Seven posts in 2018.  

Questing Beast: Ben has spent years curating this blog to make it into one of the most articulate and useful review blogs in the hobby. His focus is almost exclusively on old school styled games; but for people not enthused with that particular style of play this should not dissuade you from checking out his reviews. Ben has a talent for picking out the things that work best from each product he reviews and reading through his blog is like getting a cheat sheet for how to make your own games and products better. I cannot recommend this blog highly enough for new readers because it will help you find the sort of games you like and will help you understand why you like them. Truly an exceptional blog. Updates:  Six times in 2018, but you should check out his YouTube channel as well because he updates it more frequently.


Raging Owlbear: The Raging Owlbear has spent the better part of the last five years developing themselves into a force within our hobby. The author consistently puts out quality content that can be moved into most any fantasy RPG with ease. The writing is solid, the author likable, and I find myself rooting for him every time I open his blog. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Ramblings of the Easily Distracted: Matt Farr’s blog is an eclectic and irreverent blog that hits all the right notes for me. His writing can be hysterical at times, his ideas are fun, and I’m just so glad I discovered this blog. I’ve only just started going through the archives recently but what I’ve discovered has been a lot of fun. Updates: Twice in 2018, but already 10 times in 2019.

Rambler Plays Games: This is the new home for the rpgrambler who formerly wrote the blog Rambling Roleplayer. This blog represents a new direction for rpgrambler. The author has grown into a more confident writer; their ideas have matured and become more nuanced. Yet for all that change the hallmarks of his style remain. His humor is still funny, and he continues to be a great voice within our hobby helping shape the discussion. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Random Acts: A blog that has a lot of great non-player characters for you to use in your games and some fantastic Spelljammer stuff. Where it shines, though, is in its storytelling as the author has a fantastic imagination that they have brought to bear to the benefit of all of us. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to read their world building and to implement those ideas in your home games. Be sure to check this blog out! Updates: It is missing an archive but best I can tell it appears to be two or three times a month.

Rather Gamey: This blog is behind an Adult Content warning so you should be aware of that right off the bat (there will be nudity and it will start with the banner). I’m going to tell you though that you’re going to want to bookmark this blog. The author has more going on then you would ever expect and even when you don’t agree with their conclusions you’re going to be better for reading them. Lots of resources, adventures, and deft writing. Updates: Six times in 2018.

Raven Crowking’s Nest: One of the things that I like about the Raven Crowking is that I often disagree with him. His entries will get me writing and have me actively working to come to terms with my own views on the subjects he covers. He’s smart and really an infectious read. We need more authors who challenge us and if you’re looking for that sort of experience than this should be one blog you check out! Updates: Three times a month on average in 2018.

Reality Refracted: A.L., the author of this blog, has spent years making this blog into a delightful Game Master advice repository. Their writing feels like a parent helping you through your problems instead of like some draconian authority figure. The end result is a blog whose advice tends to sit with you instead of just being dropped to the wayside as soon as you move on. Updates: An average of 13 times a month in 2018.

Really Bad Eggs: A blog with more depth and heart than many I fear would give it credit. Deep archives with fantastic ideas that you can use for your own games. The author has put it on the back burnner due to life becoming wonderful – the best reason to put aside a blog – and has left it updated for large swaths of time. That said the archives are fun to explore and the ideas Black Vulmea began exploring are still worth looking into today. Updates: Once in 2018.

Realms of Chaos 80s: This miniatures blog is an absolute blast. In between talking about how to paint older figurines, there are interviews and esoteric essays on the hobby. It’s a look into the miniatures side of our hobby that you can’t get anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Realm of Zhu, the: While this bog is ostensibly about role-playing games it touches on most every geek hobby at some point. Well written and often very entertaining. The author is frenetic in their writing style so I regularly find myself going in to read a single post and then an hour later realizing I’ve read a dozen posts or more.  Updates: About two posts per month in 2018.

Realms of Chaos: This blog is a beautiful look into the weird, wild world of Games Workshop miniature battles. The author can write well and their pictures of wargaming tend to focus more on the people having fun than just on the battles. The end result is a miniatures blog that not only gives you a reason why people are wargaming, but shows its audience how much fun they could have it they picked up the hobby too! Updates: There is no archive that I could find but it appears to be multiple times each month.

Realms of Chirak: This blog is one of those rare gems that can cover a variety of subjects without diluting its overall power and focus. The author has an engaging style that they use to showcase their favorite games. The author has only gained steam over the years and continues to offer fresh examinations of the hobby. I’m a big fan. Updates: An average of 12 times a month.

Renaissance Gamer: This blog is a fun romp through the hobby written by a gamer who tends to look at the game as something that should bring enjoyment to its players rather than a philosophical battle between warring ideologies. It’s a refreshing take on the hobby after you’ve read some of the more political role-playing blogs and need a good cleanser. Updates: The blog doesn’t have an actual archive that I’ve been able to find, but it appears to be three to four times a month.

Rended Press: An old school blog that makes an effort to be relevant in a time when it’s so easy to get lost in the minutia of the hobby. The author is smart and well written; and the archives are filled with great ideas and resources to use in your home campaigns. Be sure to check out their posts be cause Matthew Schmeer, the author, often provides his readers with free resources for their games. Fantastic blog! Updates: Slightly more than once a month in 2018.

Retired Adventurer, the: This intelligently written blog will get you thinking about aspects of your game that often go neglected. Since it first began back in 2012 the author’s writing style has matured into a fuller expression of the author as a whole. This provides readers with a deeper conversation with the author as they push at our hobby and attempt to see where it bends and breaks. Updates: Twice a month in 2018. 

RetroRoleplaying: The Blog: When I first reviewed this blog years ago I noted that it was consistently one of the best blogs I’ve ever found, and while the author has slowly turned the focus of the blog more towards their own products it has not lessoned the skill of the writing, nor the impact of the ideas discussed. Be sure to check this one out so you don’t miss out on one of the hidden gems of our hobby. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Reviews from R’lyeh: While this opinionated blog is not for everyone it most certainly is for me. I find the author’s writing insightful and enjoyable; and I’ve been having fun reading through the archives. Well worth trying. Updates: Twelve times a month in 2018. 

Richard’s Dystopian Pokeverse: An engaging and thought provoking blog that often has me wondering if I’m thinking about the right way to deal with my games. I’ve been reading Richard for the better part of the last five years and it’s been a delight to see his growth as an author and to watch him develop his thoughts over that time. Well written and visually appealing. Updates: About once a week.  

Richard Baker, Blog: If you’re a fan of the Forgotten Realms then you’re already familiar with Richard Baker’s name. Baker has designed for Wizards of the Coast and published a number of highly successful novels. He’s still out there plugging away, creating memorable content for our hobby. Largely this blog focuses on his current projects and what he’s looking forward to in the future. Updates: Slightly more than once a month.

Rob Heinsoo’s Blog: The blog of 13th Age Designer and all-around awesome dude, you’ll find tones of good stuff here (and even more at his old blog). His writing tends to remind me of reading a design notebook so it often feels like readers are getting a sneak peak of what’s going on behind the scenes. Always worth reading when it updates. Updates: Slightly more than once a month in 2018.

Roles, Rules, and Rolls:  Roger G-S has spent a lot of time developing his voice as a writer over the years and it has paid off. His writing, which was always good, has tightened to allow him the freedom to explore his topics more thoroughly and as readers we’re the beneficiaries. His discussions are almost always well thought out and it’s a lot of fun to debate his conclusions with him. Well worth the read – especially the archives which have some great stuff in them. Updates: Nine times in 2018.

Roll for Initiative: This brash Pathfinder blog will make you regret not picking up their system. The two authors have a love for their games and for the hobby that is infectious. Really worth digging through their archives and stealing the best of this blog for your own. Updates: Four times in 2018.

RPG Pundit, the: I had a hard time reviewing this blog. The RPG Pundit often goes out of his way to attack his enemies and at times his blog can read like a long list of imaginary grievances against a world that long ago moved beyond him. It’s a shame too because the RPG Pundit doesn’t need an enemy to be creative or to write posts that will capture your imagination and get you excited to game again. Like Grognardia’s James Maliszewski, the RPG Pundit has had a profound impact on the blogging scene, but his list of grievances and constant attacks on imaginary enemies has steadily lessened his prominence to the point where his opinions are often undervalued, and his voice has ever lessening power. It’s a damned shame too because exploring his archives will provide the reader with a history of the conflicts that shaped our hobby over the last six years and helped define where we would be going in the coming decade. I still read the Pundit and I often find things that help focus my own thoughts on the hobby – even if they rarely line up with his anymore.  Updates: Nearly daily in 2018.

Ruins of Murkhill, The: In recent years this blog has become more of a quick reference repository for the author to find the articles and social media groups that matter to them, than for their original content. This is all fine with me as I often find myself disappearing within the links he’s curated for hours at a time. Yet the posts when this blog shines brightest are when the author explores their latest idea. I have never played OD&D but reading this blog makes me want to and I’m always glad to see them explore some new avenue of the game. Well worth checking out for any OD&D players and anyone interested in the system. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Ruminations of a Geek: Ed Allen is the sort of author that I enjoy reading. His writing is solid, his ideas inventive, and there’s often something special that he’s created for his readers to take home with them. The blog is a lot of fun to read and I’m so glad that it’s still going. Check this blog out! Updates: Four times in 2018, already as many in 2019.

Rumors of War: Dither, the author of this blog and web comic, is a lightning rod of creativity. They are constantly bursting at the seems with ideas and entering into a discussion with them can, at times, feel a bit overwhelming. It’s delightful to find someone who gets so excited about nearly every aspect of our hobby and who’s willing to take the time to talk with you about all of it. Dither has been running this blog for years and practically every post will be filled with fantastic gaming content and ideas that could be tweaked to work in your home games. This blog is criminally under read and that so few people know who Dither is and follow their work is a damned shame. Do yourself a favor and check out this blog. Updates: About six times a month.

Run a Game: This blog is like finding an older friend who is going to help you solve all the troubles you’re having with running an RPG for the first time. The author tends to focus on practical advice that will help smooth your games and eliminate many of the common mistakes rookie GMs make. While I don’t always agree with all of the author’s advice I find that most of it has been worth considering. If you’re getting ready to start running an RPG for the first time this is a solid blog to explore. Updates: Six times in 2018.

Rust Monster Ate My Sword, A: Reading Christopher Brackett’s long running blog is a delight. A lot of his most recent posts tend to be meme centered, but it’s when the author unwinds a bit and begins to really dig into an idea that you find what they’re really about. Their writing stands on par with the best among this list and their creativity often sends my mind racing to join them on their most recent idea. My only complaint is that I discovered this blog last year instead of having gotten to read it for the last decade! Well worth exploring and be sure to check out the archives! Updates: About once a week in 2018.

Ryan Macklin.com: At times this blog will touch you in unexpected ways that will have you memorizing lines from it like it was a book of poetry. Ryan is an inventive and creative person who made an incredibly fun game in Mythender but his creativity didn’t end there. I cannot recommend this blog highly enough for anyone who loves RPGs. To put it simply if you aren’t reading his blog you’re missing out on one of the leading voices in our hobby. Updates: Seven times in 2018.


Sage Advice D&D: This blog is a curated repository of all the answers the D&D Design team provides for player questions. You’ll find a lot of their twitter responses here and if it weren’t for this blog then a lot of this information would have disappeared into the void of the digital landscape. There is no obvious archive and that’s the one weakness of this blog as it makes searching for your answers slightly arduous.  Updates: I’m unsure without an archive but it appears to be many, many times a month.

Sarah Darkmagic: The author of this blog occupies an unusual space within our hobby in that they not only think deeply about role-playing games, but they tend to think about the wider societal impact of our choices in games to play, and how we play them, impacts us. It’s a challenging blog for a lot of readers as the author is unafraid to discus topics that most of us choose not to examine. The author has taken substantial abuse online over the years for their wiliness to pursue these controversial topics and their resiliency is incredible. Like many readers, there are posts the author writes which I find uncomfortable to read; but I find that sometimes it’s good to be uncomfortable and to examine our hobby in a way that forces us to ask if we’re making the right choices. Updates: There is no easy to find archive and navigating to older posts is a bit onerous so I’m unsure.

Savage Afterworld, the:  This blog is one of my all-time favorites. The author has an easy writing style that makes it a pleasure to dive into and disappear for weeks at a time. Whether we’re working our way through a comic book, discussing some esoteric game topic, or just getting an update on the author’s life I find myself always enjoying this blog! Be sure to check out the archives of this long running blog! Updates: Eight times in 2018, more already in 2019. 

Savage Everything!: This Savage Worlds blog is a treat for fans of the system. The author has a solid understanding of the game and has been creating all kinds of content to throw into their home games for years. In a scene that has too few Savage Worlds fans blogging I cannot recommend this blog highly enough! Updates: Once in 2018, more already in 2019.

Savage Fallout: A blog dedicated to the Savage Worlds version of Fallout. The blog has some solid archives though the author has struggled in recent years with updating the blog. I’m hopeful that with the failure of Fallout 76 that this blog will pick up on the ideas that 76 failed to deliver on and help lead the charge into West Virginia. Updates: Once in 2018.

Save or DIE!: This interesting blog tends to be written in a manner that reminds me of an older relative telling you about all of the most interesting things that happened in their favorite hobby. Nathan Mahney, the author of this blog, has a love for this hobby that I find incredibly endearing.  Updates: Slightly better than once a month in 2018, but has since gone through a renaissance content wise producing the most posts in a single year since 2010!

Save Vs. Dragon: One of the things that I really like about this OSR blog is that I always seem to be getting exposed to something I’ve never encountered before. That alone makes it worth reading on a regular basis. But when you consider that the author is able to write in an engaging way it’s a win-win blog. Updates: Seven times in 2018.

Save Vs. Poison: A decade old OSR blog that makes an effort to put some real thought and life into the older products it engages. The author has tended towards shorter posts in recent years, but there are longer reads in the archives. Well worth checking out! Updates: About three times a month.

Save vs. Total Party Kill: I’ve loved Ramanan Sivaranjan’s blog since I first discovered it years ago. Regardless of the topic discussed Ramanan’s writing tends to cut through all of the ephemera and debris that tends to accumulate and obscure a topic behind a thousand ‘hot takes’ to provide their readers with a firm understanding of what’s actually going on. Their clear focus and articulate writing stands out in our hobby; making this blog one of the best places for your first deep dive into the blogging scene. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal: A fascinating blog that tends to deliver a lot for its readers. The author is articulate, and I’m infinitely fascinated by their Sea of Stars RPG. But there is so much more here than just the Sea of Stars! Be sure to check out this blog if you’re thinking about working on your own game or just looking for an inspired space game. Well worth checking out! Updates: About five times a month as best as I could tell.

Secrets of the Shadowend: While this blog tends to focus on Swords and Wizardry content you shouldn’t shy away from it if that isn’t your game. The author is inventive and his archives are filled with lots of items, monsters, and adventure hooks to help inspire your own games. In recent years the author has gone through some personal issues and I’m rooting for them to have a resurgence of creativity. While you’re waiting for an update be sure to check out their archives! Updates: Twice in 2018.

Signe of the Frothing Mug, the: An OSR blog that tends to get too wrapped up in labels – which is the only complaint I have. The author is smart, inventive, and regularly putting out fun ideas to help inspire your home games with everything from monsters, to NPCs, to items. I really enjoy their fiction and find their narrative bits the best parts of each new posts. Well worth checking out. Updates: No archive that I could find. Still worth exploring.

Sly Flourish: Michael Shea’s blog, Sly Flourish, has been one of the foremost voices in our hobby scene for years now – and with good reason. His writing tends towards a style reminiscent of an older friend helping you. As a result his advice often tends to feel like it penetrates deeper than other, more authoritative, authors discussions of the same topics. There is a lot to enjoy about this blog as Shea tends to focus on ways to make being a Game Master easier and often avoids the needless obfuscation that some blogs use to hide behind. I highly recommend trying this blog out and exploring the archives for new and old readers alike. Updates: About weekly in 2018.

Sorcerer Under the Mountain: While the author tends to spend most of their time focusing and promoting the latest project they’ve been working on; however, it is in the archives, where the author has worked through their ideas, that this blog really shines. I find this blog tends to be a pleasant place to explore for a few hours at a time as I pick a topic and follow along the author’s thoughts as they dig deeply into it. Updates: About three times a week in 2018.

space is pretty neat: Madeline Hale’s tumblr blog is a delicious smorgasbord of art, rpg musings, and a fascinating look into the author’s mind. Like many tumblr blogs this tends to capture snapshots of the author’s efforts rather than the deep explorations that come along with more traditional blogging formats. Often I find that such blogs tend to become an unfocused mess; however, Hale tends to post slower and in the process has created a visual reference for a world that I would dearly love to explore. Her artwork is just wonderful and I really cannot recommend checking her out highly enough. Just a fantastic place to land upon. Updates: About 11 posts a month in 2018.

Splintered Realm, The: Michael T. Desing’s blog, The Splintered Realm, is a fun diversion in our hobby as he tends to explore avenues that many of us tend to ignore with our quasi-Medieval fantasy focus. Desing writes with an easy prose and a comfort in the subjects he explores that belies a deeper understanding of each topic. Worth checking out. Updates: About three times a month in 2018. 

Stargazer’s World: What a fantastic read this blog is! From musings on the benefits of different systems to intimate glimpses into the author’s life, you’ll find yourself reading this blog’s latest entries and then slipping into the archives just to enjoy the eclectic mix. My only complaint is that they don’t update enough for my ravenous appetites! Updates: About 10 posts a month in 2018.

Stocking the Dungeon: Darva’s relatively new blog (begun in the fall of 2017) has been slowly trying to find its footing for the last few years as it explores the hobby. The writing is solid and the author is enjoyable so I’m hopeful that we’ll see more of them in the coming years. Updates: Three times in 2018.

Strange Stones: The Venomous Pao has created a blog that gets overlooked far too often. It’s focus tends to be on either putting out these short, quick snippets of useful game content or on slowly building a small idea into something much more exciting by the time their done with it. It’s an interesting place to explore, and with no archive it takes a dedicated reader to do just that, because it tends to feel like the author is trying to force their reader to take each post as its own thing, building upon the last at times while completely ignoring what came before the next moment. I really enjoy it.

Stronghold Rebuilt, the: I really like this cantankerous blog as the author tends to bounce from one miniature war game to the next with enough frequency that I rarely become bored with their explorations. It’s an interesting look into a side of the hobby that many RPG enthusiasts don’t have a strong enough connection with anymore. Well worth checking out. Updates: About 13 times a month in 2018.

Super Galactic Dreadnaught: The Desert Scribe has long been one of my favorite bloggers as he tends to bounce from one game, to the next, focusing only on the things that he finds worth exploring rather than bemoaning each game’s failure. One of several blog that I make sure I read every update from. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Swamp of Monsters!: Nate L’s blog is a bit like a loose thought. Often his posts will simply begin as though you walked up on him in the middle of a conversation and rather than catching you up he just continues on going. As a result, occasionally, his posts can be a bit disorienting when they first begin because he’ll still be working on an idea he had started previously or that he’s been discussing elsewhere. This shouldn’t keep new readers from trying him though because Nate’s ideas are so fun that even if you’re not sure why they began you’re still glad they are there all the same. If you enjoy the way Nate writes, as I do, then be sure to explore his archives! Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Sword & Backpack: This fantastic Tumblr blog was the first of its kind to really capture my attention and with the author’s artistic sensibilities and has continued to be one of my favorite places on Tumblr. It has largely slowed down in its use in recent years and hopeful that we’ll see a resurgence soon. Updates: Once in 2018.

SWORD PEDDLER: Cecil Howe’s Tumblr blog is this beautiful glimpse into his mind that I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone interested in our hobby. His artwork is captivating, and I often find myself wishing that he wrote more! There is no traditional archive that I could find so you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the page and work your way through the various pages of this blog. It’s worth the effort. Updates: Slightly better than once a month in 2018.

Sword +1: Mike D’s blog is filled to the brim with downloadable resources, creative ideas, and fantastic writing. Mike’s focus is on an older style of gaming, however, for newer gamers this shouldn’t be a barrier to entry as his ideas are often applicable regardless of the system you use. This is one of those rare blog where no matter how much time you spend with it you always find something new to use in your home games. Well worth checking out! Updates: Twice in 2018.

Swordfish Islands: Jacob Hurst’s blog is a wild place to explore. The author has a brilliant imagination and his writing is fully capable of backing it up. Jacob has a happy talent for discovering an idea that not many other people would have thought of, and then developing it into something that you’ll find yourself wishing you had come up with first. I always look forward to his updates and only wish they came more frequently! Updates: Once in 2018, five times in 2019 already.  

Swords & Dorkery: Mike Monaco’s Swords & Dorkery has long been one of my favorite blogs. His writing is enjoyable, his ideas are captivating, but it’s his ability to engage his readers that has always endeared him to me. So often reading a blog feel like it something you’re doing to kill time, but with Mike it’s like you’re visiting a friend. I absolutely love this blog and I cannot recommend it highly enough to new readers. Updates: Slightly more than once a month in 2018.

Swords and Stitchery: Like its sister blog, Dark Corners of Role Playing, this blog is an amazing place to start when you wonder about the role-playing game and its influences. The author has a great variety of free books and resources on the blog, along with new monsters, product reviews, and so much more. Read this blog and enjoy the hell out of it. Updates: An average of 28 posts a month. On a down year! Already in 2019 the author has posted 458 times!

Sycarion Diversions: Really digging this fascinating blog by an author who has clearly developed their own voice. Most of the content is Swords and Wizardry centered, but it’s well written and can easily be ported over to other systems. Well worth reading any day of the week. Updates: Hard to tell, as there was no archive that I could find, but it appears to be about once a week.

System sans Setting: This blog tends to be heavily focused on the design aspects of role-playing games, often pushing and building new rules and systems for play. For some bloggers this would be dangerous territory to explore, however Stephen has a talent for this sort of thing and I tend to find the discussions enjoyable, if a bit dry (as most rule discussions tend to be). It’s a blog worth exploring. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.


Tales from GHQ: David’s wargaming blog tends to be a bit of a refreshing break from the usual role-playing blogs that dominate this list. His writing is brief, his pictures excellent, and his miniatures are often in games I would enjoy playing. It’s a fun place to stop for a bit and explore the miniature game scene that gave birth to role-playing games. Updates: About eight times a month in 2018.

Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque: Arguably one of the greatest proponents of Gothic sensibilities in gaming, and one of the most criminally overlooked blogs on this list. Jack has spent years using this blog to create a resource for gamers everywhere to take a gothic setting, like Ravenloft, and to make it into something memorable that their players will be talking about for decades to come. His imagination is second to none. His passion for this hobby, and for where we can take it if we put a bit of effort into making it more than just the same damned thing we’ve always thought we knew, make this a blog you should add to your reading list and put in the time to explore his archives. Updates: About 17 times a month in 2018.

Tao of D&D, the: Since the blog launched in 2008 Alexis Smolensk has consistently written one of the most thought provoking and controversial blogs to have appeared in our hobby. During the rise of RPG blogging his thoughts carried a weight to them that allowed him to help shape the discussion of what our hobby was and where it should be going. However, since he began heavily moderating his comments and locking away much of his content through his Patreon, his influence has waned. His current discussions on how to run the game are largely hidden from your average reader, however, his archives are still open and well worth mining. Alexis is a challenging author for new role-playing enthusiasts and can help spur their creativity as they attempt to examine the game and formulate their own thoughts on the hobby. Updates: About 20 times a month in 2018.

Teleleli: I don’t know how many people are aware of this blog but I can honestly tell that it isn’t enough. This blog will change how you think about your setting and it will challenge you to up your game in every way imaginable. Really one of the must reads every time it updates. If you’re a long time fan of the blog be sure to update your link as the old site is not going to be renewed and the only version that will remain is the wordpress version I’ve linked here. Updates: Hard to say since the WordPress version has no actual archive but rather a page listing. It appears to be about 3 times a month.

Tenfootpole.org: A cantankerous blog that skewers about 90% of all the products it reviews (and it only reviews). Often the author can be spot on, but there are times when it goes too far. I don’t buy a lot, but when I do I check here for the criticisms of the products I’m going to be buying first. Updates: Ten times a month.

Tenkar’s Tavern: One of the most popular (and active) blogs out there and with good reason. The author is a great guy and helps spur on the OSR movement by constantly engaging his audience and other blog authors. His posts tend to focus on short, easily digestible discussions of a topic in our hobby (often a product being offered) and then his own thoughts. Yet where this blog really shines is when the author begins to dig into a kickstarter that failed or some charlatan who is attempting to defraud the community. I have often enjoyed this blog over the years and continue to do so to this day. A great read. Updates: 63 posts per month in 2018!

That Boomer Kid: Clinton J Boomer is a bit of a creative maven. He’s had his writing featured in Kobold magazine, his twitter account is pure gold, and his Tumblr is a great place to explore for inspiration and to get a bit of a break from the seriousness of the world around us. I only wish he wrote more! Updates: An average of 13 times a month in 2018.

Thorfinn Tait Cartography: If you like looking at maps, as I do, then you’re going to love Thorfinn Tait’s blog! You may be familiar with Thorfinn’s work if you’ve had the pleasure of exploring the Atlas of Mystara or picking up Bruce Heard’s Calidar setting. If you haven’t then be prepared to enjoy some beautiful maps as Thorfinn explores Mystara and other worlds. I cannot express how much I have enjoyed digging through Thorfinn’s blog and looking at these imaginary worlds in a whole new way! Updates: Slightly better than once a month in 2018.

Thorn’s Chronicle, Daughter of the Ashen Empire: This blog is a great example of what an author can accomplish when they’ve got a goal for their blog. While other blogs tend to meander about from topic to topic (my own included) this blog tends to focus on the Ashen Empires setting that the author has been developing. This focus hasn’t limited the author in any way I’ve found as they’re incredibly creative and fearless when it comes to exploring the world. Great blog for mining the archives and for seeing where it’ll go in the future. Updates: Six times in 2018.

Thoul’s Paradise: An old school role-playing game blog that tends to focus on finding the aspects of the hobby the author loved growing up and translating them into their games today. While the author can be provocative, and challenging at times, their writing is without question worth reading. The author is smart, writes incredibly well, and tends to think deeply about their positions. I’ve enjoyed this blog for years; while I don’t always agree with the author, I find that reading them helps refine my own thoughts and makes my games better as a result. Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Tomb of Tedankhamen: Chief Broom has been writing this old school fantasy blog for years and in the process, they have staked out a territory of dark fun that I can’t get enough of. Lately the author tends to like to mash up various systems and ideas, like Call of Cthulhu and Gumshoe, to create something fun and new. I’m not entirely sure that all of their ideas work, but they are intriguing enough that I often wish I were friends with Broom in real life so the two of us could play all the strange amalgamations they come up with each week. Just a fun blog that too many people miss out on. Well worth checking out. Updates: Three times in 2018, already triple that amount in 2019.

Tower of the Archmage: David Brawley’s blog has long been one of my favorite haunts. This blog has a lot to love about it. The author writes great narratives attached to interesting items so that bringing them into your home game has a greater meaning than just a +2 dagger. Their creature creations and non-player characters also receive the same level of imagination. The archives are great, but it’s in the author’s growth as a narrator and creative powerhouse that makes coming back to this blog such a treat each time it updates. Updates: An average of 21 times a month in 2018.

Tower of Zenopus: A fun blog that limits itself to nothing and covers everything that appeals to the author. Blacksteel has introduced me to so many fun, and imaginative ideas over the years that I often find myself recommending their blog without thinking about it. If you’re looking for a blog to help reinvigorate your imagination than you can’t go wrong checking out this one! Updates: About five times a month in 2018.

tribality: A multi-author blog that has spent a lot of time creating some unique creations for readers to bring into their home games. The blog often ranks among the most popular blogs for modern gamers, and while the writing can be uneven (as is common with multi-author blogs), the ideas expressed here are often among the best to be found. Well worth checking out. Updates: As best as I am able to tell there is not a traditional archive so I’m unable to tell how often the blog is updated.

Trollish Delver, the: Both a personal blog and a clearinghouse for the company of the same name. This blog is consistently putting out interesting articles that will have you peeking into its archives as you look for more from an author you really like. My only complaint is that I wish there were less promotional posts, but I cannot fault an author for wanting to bring attention to their hard work. Be sure to check out the archives! Updates: Seven times a month in 2018.

Trollsmyth: This long running blog has gone from being a lightning rod within the scene into one that that explores the author’s own interests instead of the latest buzz. As a result, readers can expect a blog that has matured into an enjoyable read capable of inspiring their imaginations and helping to kickstart their own games into new directions. I highly recommend reading the archives as you wait for the next update as the author has written about many of the most popular topics in our hobby and their ideas are often a great place to begin developing your own thoughts. Updates: Twice a month in 2018. 

Twilight of the GM: I recently discovered this long running blog and I am so delighted with it. The author, Rob Garitta, has created this enjoyable experience that consists of these delightful bits of flash fiction, often followed in the following post by some detailed discussion of an esoteric RPG rule. Just a fun blog that I wish updated more often! Updates: About three times a month in 2018.

Two Goblins in a Trenchcoat: Type1Ninja’s blog is an ambitious enterprise as the author seems to look at a game, or creature, and ask “How can I make this more?” More what? More entertaining, more dangerous, more fun! I am delighted in where this blog has gone in 2018, and where it has been exploring in 2019, as I find myself checking it out each morning in the hopes that I’ll see something new. Be sure to add this one to your feed reader because you won’t want to miss out! Updates: Six times in 2018 (created on September 21, 2018). Already in 2019 it has tripled that number!


Uncle Matt’s Blog: From the creator of the Swords and Wizardry game comes a blog that tends to focus its limited number of posts on quality. Expect lots of well thought out posts to be broke up with humorous exploits. A great blog to read and enjoy. I highly encourage new readers to explore the archives of this delightful blog. Updates: Five times in 2018.


Valiant They Were: Sean Robert Meaney has written a blog that often provides its readers with bite sized posts. Here you’ll find just enough to get your imagination wondering what sort of creatures live beyond the fifty-foot walls that surround the city. Then the next post might be a meme. The next a poem; only to follow it with a map and three short paragraphs to inspire your adventure. For new readers this might create a bit of a jarring effect, but as you read the blog you’ll find that often Sean is building on a theme to create an overall impression for his readers. Check this one out if you’re looking for something completely different to challenge you as a reader. Updates: About 27 times a month in 2018.

Vanadorn’s D&D Campaign: Writing about a RPG campaign can be a bit of a slog. Often the people writing about them are concerned more with addressing what they’ve done wrong and how to correct it then they are in telling a good story to the reader – this isn’t a trap Vanadorn’s blog fall into. Instead this blog tends to write up each session as though it were a story. There’s an introduction in the Referee’s voice, usually denoted with a red-orange text, that lasts about a paragraph and then we’re into the thick of things. These players are daring, and the adventures can sometimes feel overwhelming and disconnected. But that’s what D&D is; and Vanadorn’s blog showcases it at it’s best. Check it out and be sure to read the archives to find out how our heroes got where they are! Updates: About five times a month in 2018.

Venger’s Old School Gaming Blog: I like Venger. He’s a bit weird, very imaginative, and incredibly passionate about what he likes in gaming. His blog is a reflection of those tastes, and while he has largely moved into a different direction than what I personally enjoy I find his passion refreshing. He’s unafraid of touching on subjects that others might find unpleasant and that can make for challenging reading for readers with different interests. Still, if you find him challenging I recommend giving him a try as his perspectives can help make your own better – even if it’s because you find his in complete opposition to your own. Updates: About nine posts a month in 2018.

Violent Media – Dice and Design: Evey Lockhart has been writing Violent Media for the better part of the last decade, and during that time they’ve spent a lot of their efforts into creating this beautiful, strange blog. Evey’s art is delightful, but it’s their sensibilities which have captured my attention. The creatures, and ideas, which populate this blog tend to have a melancholy hold imagination. I love posts like the Malfunctioning Machine where you’re given this strange, sad, little robot that I’ve been bouncing about my games ever since. Just a great blog!  Updates: Eight times in 2018, nearly double that amount in 2019.

Voices in my Head: Peter Amthor’s RPG blog has gone through several iterations over the years as Amthor has developed and grown. At times the blog has focused on cyberpunk themes (my personal favorite period) and then it moved on to other interests as those captured the author’s attention. Currently you’re likely to find the author highlighting the best deals for gamers in their CASH STRAPPED series or discussing some controversy (because there is always a controversy) in the hobby in their JADED GAMER DIARY series. Regardless of where Amthor takes us next I’ll still be reading as I find him an enjoyable author and his blog continues to delight. Be sure to check out his archives as Amthor’s interests have varied over the years! Updates: About three times a month in 2018, though it should be mentioned that he’s nearly doubled that amount in 2019 already!


Walking in Shadows: Jacob Possin’s blog is a fun grab bag that tends to move from exploring the games he’s currently playing to designing a game he’d like to play. I really enjoy his current work on Death & Dinosaurs and I can barely wait for more to come from the series! Updates: Nine times in 2018.

Warlock Homebrew: I struggled with the inclusion of this blog in the list as the author, Warlock, has some outstanding ideas for your D&D 5e games – but often the blog is used as an advertising space for the author’s creations. This isn’t disqualifying (all the ones I observed were Pay-What-You-Want on DM’s Guild) but it is a bit off-putting. Still, new readers shouldn’t let this hold them off from exploring the blog as the archives have many of their ideas available without the DM’s Guild and for 5e DMs this blog can be a godsend. Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Wandering Gamist: While this blog is primarily concerned with the Adventurer Conqueror King System you shouldn’t worry about that when it comes to deciding whether to read it or not. The author is smart and most of his writing will serve you well no matter what version of D&D you play. I am just digging this entire blog. Really worth reading. Updates: Slightly better than once a month in 2018. Already more in 2019!

Wargaming Girl: TamsinP’s wargaming blog is lot of fun! Her painting is fantastic, and I love watching her progress on the various miniature figures as she paints them. What makes this wargaming blog stand out though are the posts where the author describes their process in how they create some piece their working on. Updates: About ten posts a month in 2018.

Wasted Lands, the: Over the last few years this blog has slowly awakened from its slumber as the author, The Grey Elf, allowed it to languish. Thankful they have come back to the blog with a vengeance! Inside you’ll find a blog that focuses largely on the older editions of role-playing games while always trying to bring them along with the author’s modern sensibilities. This mixture creates a delightful reading experience. Updates: About three posts a month in 2018.

What a Horrible Night for a Curse: An OSR blog that tends to be a fun and engaging read. You’ll find more good here then bad on most any day. Recently the author has been exploring the Mentzer Basic set and the series is well worth the read. Updates: About three posts a month in 2018; nearly triple that amount in 2019!

What Would Conan Do?: Reading Daniel Sell’s blog is a bit like reading the advice of your best friend when it comes to role-playing games. He’s imaginative, smart, and often times he works hard to provide his readers with the things they need – not the things they want. I find Sell’s blog to be one of my favorites in recent years and I can not wait to see what he does next. Updates: About once a month in 2018.

Windsor Gaming Resource: While this blog is mostly directed at its local community there is a lot to see here as the author will post reviews, tips, and open invites to bring people to games they’ve never played before. If you’re in the area, you should be following this blog. Updates: Three times in 2018.

Wine and Savages: Sean and Robing have been writing this amazing blog for the better part of the last decade and in doing so they have created one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon reading. Their writing is top notch, with each author bringing something special to the blog and to their professional works. I cannot recommend exploring the archives strongly enough for new readers as this duo has been putting out some of the best RPG content for years. Do yourself a favor and add them to your feed reader and explore this blog throughout its history! Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Wishful Gaming: I really like this blog. Tom Doolan has spent years making this blog into this beautiful glimpse into the hobby through his eyes. Doolan has a talent for making even a boring topic seem interesting and I am always glad to see him writing more. Updates: Once in 2018, 17 times in 2019!

Wizard Thief Fighter: Luka Rejec’s blog is everything I want in a RPG blog. It features amazing art that conveys a world that feels more alive than most any other blog out there. The writing is always good, and the game ideas are often the sort of things I wish I had come up with first. This blog is quite simply among the best blogs in our hobby and if you haven’t check it out then you are doing yourself a disservice. Dig deep into the archives and watch one of the best blogs out there grow over time as Luka develops. Just outstanding! Updates: About twice a month in 2018.

Wombat’s Gaming Blog of Iniquity: This blog is everything that you want in a blog. Great writing, smartly done resources, and an author who can crank out fantastic content. Well worth adding to your personal blog roll. Sadly, though, it has slowed substantially in its output. This shouldn’t warn off new readers as you can enjoy an amazing archive from one of the better writers in our hobby scene. Updates: Once in 2018, double that number in 2019. 

Wraith of Zombie’s Blog: This incredibly creative blog will provide you with some fantastic materials that you’ll want to put into your own game as soon as possible. Some things to look forward to: a great setting created by the author, wonderfully inventive tables, and a sense of humor that is well placed. Updates:Four posts a month.


Xizallian’s Place: Amanda Stormchaser’s blog is very new on the hobby scene, and as a result it’s still discovering what it’s going to be. The author has a solid voice in their writing and so far they’ve been spending a lot of time in celebrating the works of people who have passed in our hobby (namely Dave Hargrave, Gary Gygax, and Dave Arneson). I’m interested to see what they do in the coming years as I’ve enjoyed what they’ve already accomplished. Updates: Fifteen posts in 2018.


Ynas Midgard’s RPG Blog: This long running blog saw a resurgence in 2018 as the author burst back onto the blogging scene as though they hadn’t ever taken any time off and we’re all the better off for it. Ynas Midgard has a solid writing style and a discerning eye for finding some of the best content in our hobby and for cutting to the center of many discussions. Updates: Twice a month in 2018.

Yog Blogsoth: This blog has more great monsters and fluff than many other blogs can even hope to have. Loving the archives and lost four hours to them earlier today. Updates: About three times a month in 2018; nearly double that amount in 2019.

Your Dungeon is Suck: While this blog can really antagonize people by savaging them out in the wilds of the internet, there are times when it not only makes a valid point but launches a pertinent – if not profanity laden – attack on people the rest of us shy away from attacking. This blog is not work safe and it is not for everybody but if you’re looking for where things are going off the rails in our hobby, and looking to find out who to avoid, this blog is the place to start. Updates: Twice in 2018. ADULT CONTENT WARNING


Zadmar’s Savage Stuff: Richard Woolcock has been over the last five years creating one of the best Savage Worlds blogs out there. His writing has a crisp and smart tone to it that I find enjoyable. It has slowly become my go-to blog for Savage Worlds and I can’t wait to see what he does with it in the coming years. Updates: Twice a month in 2018

Zenopus Archives: One of my favorite blogs of all time. The author tends to write in an authoritative manner – and there’s little wonder why as they often do exhaustive research on each topic. There is so much to explore here and if you have any interest in Holmes Basic then I cannot recommend this blog highly enough. Just a fantastic blog in every way. Updates: About three posts a month in 2018.

Zombie Cowboy’s Game Blog: An interesting blog that tends to have a very strong horror bent. Really a lot of fun to read, and every time I get caught up I wish there was more to read. Be sure to explore the archives as this long running blog has been fun to read since it first started in 2011! Updates: Eight times in 2018, more in 2019.


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    1. Some new (and older) authors on my blogroll for your attention:
      terriblesorcery.blogspot.com – New guy, does reviews, play reports
      the-disoriented-ranger.blogspot.com – Jens Durke, author of Monkey Business, does gaming articles
      thiefofwhispers.blogspot.com – writes gaming content for his Godsbound campaign
      trollandflame.blogspot.com – Regular OG that has been at it since 2008. I couldn’t give you a summary that did it justice.
      vorpalmace.blogspot.com – Gaming reviews, playreports, OSR and Zweihander stuff
      tinypinktentacle.wordpress.com – Design,Gaming

      Thank you for your accurate description of my blog.

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  1. My blog is not on this list :(. My blog is Weird & Wonderful Worldst, and while it is primarily a blog for worldbuilding and setting content, I also have various game content for systems such as OSR and Tunnels & Trolls (TNT). Additionally, I’ve created various button-press generator tables for my own ideas, as well as popular tabletop random roll tables such as the entirety of the Hubris GM Section. If you like Weird, gonzo, high-concept science fantasy, and ideas that sometimes require a lot of buy in because they don’t conform to anything you’ve ever seen before, then you’ll hopefully find something to like on my blog.

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  2. I have a blog SexuallyTransmittedCentipedes.blogspot.com

    It’s SFW other than the name. I mostly blog about GLOG content and rules/world building with an OSR sensibility to them.

    I update as often as I can, about once a month.


  3. I run an OSR blog called Espharel(www.espharel.blogspot.com), where I mostly write GLOG content (compatible with other old school systems). I’m updating at least five times a month at the moment.


  4. Thank you SO MUCH for the huge amount of time and effort you put into this. I guess it goes without saying that I will be putting this on the Blog-O-Rama tomorrow. Thank you so much Charles!

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  5. Thanks for the mention! There are actually two of us at Mythopoeic Rambling — Mike is the monster guy and I’m doing everything else.(Not to mention various guests we’ve hosted in the past.) I’m not blogging as much as I wish I could, but happily, we’ve both upped our content lately and there is more new material than there has been in some time.Mike finished a long run of daily horrors for PF1e this April.


  6. Wow this is a great list. Thank you for putting so much effort in to write a review for each blog as well.

    You should consider adding your own blog to Alex Schroeder’s Old School RPG Planet , https://campaignwiki.org/osr/

    It is probably the easiest way to aggregate OSR bogs, and it is updated multiple times daily.


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