Gygax 75 Challenge

The Gygax ’75 Challenge: Conclusion & Links to Other Challengers!

One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed about Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is the creative outlet it provides me. Unfortunately, for me at least, I’m often a bit scattered in how I build my campaigns. I tend to begin with something I find interesting and then I just build from there – but the Gygax ’75 Challenge helped me focus my creative efforts and to keep on task so that I wasn’t locked into a creation cycle and never got to play the damned game.

The other benefit that I got out of doing this Challenge was learning more about how to create a campaign from scratch than I had from years of reading countless blogs, articles in magazines, and referee guides. Gary packed a lot of valuable information into each paragraph and provided his readers with examples of the sorts of things they could do in their home games without becoming wordy, or worse, boring.

Even if you never attempt the Gygax ’75 Challenge yourself I highly recommend finding a copy of Europa 6-8 and reading this article yourself. Gary’s knowledge and advice on how to build a campaign are timeless and can be used whether you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, Savage Worlds, or the next great rules system!

Now, while I’m technically done with the Challenge I’m far from done with the Valley of Three Forks setting that I created during this project. Building that setting has been a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to developing it further on the blog in the future (see Valley of the Three Forks Page for all future entries in the setting). So I hope you’ll check those out in the future.

So what about you guys? Did you have fun creating your own settings?


The Viridian Scroll: Timuria, Land Between the Rivers is shaping up to be a really neat setting. But the thing that sets Viridian Scroll apart was the incredibly useful PocketMod they created to work on the project! Be sure to check their work out!

beyond the gates of cyvnus: JJ’s Caress of Steel is a setting that I find myself enjoying a lot and I can’t wait to see what he’s able to do with it as he completes the project and goes forward with it!

The Gygax ’75 Quick Links

The Setting of the Campaign
The Map Around the Dungeon
How to Build the Gygax 75 Dungeon
The Dungeon Level 1
The Dungeon Level 2
The Dungeon Level 3
The Local Town and All the Trouble
The World Plan
Conclusion & Links to Other Challengers!

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