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2019 Year in Review

One of the things that I have done over the years on Dyvers was a breakdown of my quarterly performance for my readers so that they could see how I was doing on the blog as far as my readership went and my engagement with my readers. These posts helped me contextualize the way that my writing connected with my readers so that I could better understand the things they were looking for when reading me.

We’re technically in the second year of Dragons Never Forget, though the first year only consisted of a few posts, so this allows me to set some baselines in how my blog is performing year over year. So let’s first look at how the blog performed in 2018 to set a (false) baseline to compare 2019 against.

2018 Performance Standards

Posts: 3
Comments: 4
Unique Visitors: 178
Views: 243

2018 for me consisted of the month of December and three posts that I used to announce my return to blogging. I initially saw a good bit of attention, but because I was unused to writing at the time (having largely allowed the habit to atrophy due to neglect) I soon found interest waning in the blog.

To help correct this I began pushing myself to find themes to write about and began a series of projects on the blog. Most notably the AD&D 2e Learning Project and the Gygax ’75 Project. Of the two I have only completed the second as I found myself falling down a research rabbit hole with the AD&D 2e Project. So let’s see how the blog performed as a result.

2019 Performance Standards

Posts: 86
Comments: 212
Unique Visitors: 4,183
Views: 9,938

There are two initial things that this data tells me: (1) that writing the series allowed me to find a focus for regular updates; (2) that increased updating resulted in an increased readership. Let’s go a bit deeper into the performance of the blog to see which posts were the largest viewed to see what brought the most eyes onto the blog.

Top 5 Performing Posts of 2019

2019 Great Blog Roll Call (2,213 views)
The Gygax ’75 Challenge Introduction (281 views)
Class Restrictions and Level Limits in AD&D 2e (236 views)
Traps, Not Just for Ex-Girlfriends Anymore (215 views)
System Shock in AD&D 2e (213 views)

By looking at the Top 5 Performing Posts of 2019 I can tell that the series actually did fairly well overall with each AD&D 2e post achieving around 200 views and each Gygax ’75 Challenge doing nearly as well. This tells me that the theming of my posts actually works for my readers as it gives them something to look forward to and something to come back to as they’re reading along. In 2020 I’m going to work on doing more of this as I think it can only benefit the blog and my writing.

The other thing I did this year, that I’m ridiculously happy with, is I made a banner for the blog. Back when I wrote Dyvers I tended to make new blog banners every couple of months as they made me incredibly happy. For the longest time with Dragons Never Forget I avoided making a new banner though.

I don’t know why.

Anyway, I made this silly thing and I love it. I’ll have to make more in 2020.

I hope you all continue to enjoy this silly blog and that you’ll find things worth reading in the coming year.

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