2019 Great Blog Roll Call, 2020 Great Blog Roll Call

The Lessons I Learned with the 2019 GBRC

I’m currently in the process of adding blogs to the 2020 Great Blog Roll Call and while I’m in this process it’s time for me to start putting down the ideas that I’ve come up with for the new version of the Great Blog Roll Call.

Tags: The 2019 list was the largest GBRC of all time coming in with over 450 active blogs. This created a problem with it being so large that it becomes unwieldy. To alleviate this problem I’m going to be using tags with the new one. At the end of each blog I’ll have a few key words to describe what they’re about for quick searching.

Best Reads of 2019: Concurrently with working on the GBRC I’m going to do a post highlighting the best content from all the blogs featured on the 2020 GBRC. This will help new readers find some great places to begin exploring all of these wonderful authors.

Communicating with the Authors: One of the things I did really well with the first GBRC list is that I made an effort to let each of the authors featured know that they had been added to the list by leaving a comment on their blogs. With the 2019 version I only reached out to a couple of bloggers as I was just so tired of the massive project. In 2020 I’m going to do a better job of making sure that I have contacted everyone on the list.

Promoting the List: With the new one I need to make sure that I have a better strategy for promoting the list. I’ve seen good penetration of the list in certain segments of the hobby, but it’s been missed by others (largely ignored by non-D&D centered bloggers). I’ll have to think more deeply about how to do this in the months ahead but it’s a problem since the goal of the list is to introduce people to more great blogs.

Banners and Badges: I need to create a banner for the 2020 Great Blog Roll Call and badges that people can download for their blogs if they want. I’ve had several people ask about them this year and it’s something I think I need to work on for the new one.

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