A Few Quick Impressions on the New Eberron Book

1.) This book is relatively short. From beginning to end we’re looking at 326 pages – and around 30 of those pages are monsters and non-player characters that you can use in your games.

2.) The artwork is very, very good. I’ve only done a casual sweep through the book but so far every illustration I’ve encountered has been beautiful and helps capture a sense of the world being bigger and more exciting then I thought it might be from my brief recollections of Eberron.

3.) This is the sort of book that begs you to spend time with it. A lot of books that you pick up for role-playing games tend to be boring affairs. There’s some good there – occasionally some great – but more often than not you have to dig deeply into each source book to find the sort of information that will spark your home games and help them move to the next level. This one feels like it wants me to just sit down with it and soak it all up. I’ve only felt that way about these sort of books a handful of times and I think I want to really explore this book because of it.

4.) I’m glad I spent the extra money to buy the deluxe version. This cover is everything that I love about my D&D games. It’s a bit modern, a bit magical, and a whole lot of let’s do everything. I love, love this cover!

1 thought on “A Few Quick Impressions on the New Eberron Book”

  1. I really like the aesthetics of the book for 5e, but I really LOVE the one from the original 3.5 release. Anyway, what I am really glad about is that the timeline didn’t advanced as they did (too many times) for Faerun.


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