The Eberron Project

This week I’ve been spending a lot of time with the new Eberron book: Eberron, Rising from the Last War. The more time I spend with it, the more I find myself intrigued by the setting; so I’ve decided to start exploring it a bit more deeply here on the blog. To do this I’ve decided to use the book itself as my guide for exploration. I’ll be drawing on additional sources from all over the place to help me better understand the setting and themes it’s built upon. My goal is to make the setting my own by helping me ground my thoughts so that I can explore the themes more fully when I set adventures there.

If you’d like to explore the setting along with me then you’ll need a copy of Eberron, Rising from the Last War so that you can get a deeper context on any quotes that I use from the book. You can pick one up from the affiliate link I’ve just provided at Amazon or from your favorite neighborhood gaming store. As I work my way through the project any other resources I draw upon will be linked below in the “Resources” column. So you can expect to see that slowly but surely grow throughout this project.

Resources Used:

Eberron, Rising from the Last War

Articles in the Eberron Series:

Languages in Eberron

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