D&D 5e, Greyhawk & Order

Greyhawk & Order


In a time of escalating tensions throughout the world one group of men and women stand between the law and chaos; they are the Greyhawk Police Department (GDP) and these are their stories.

Each episode would follow a group of detectives for the GDP as they attempt to solve the crimes that haunt the Old City. The world feels like an old noir movie with characters struggling to keep the city in check while the whole damned world presses down on them.


The campaign would revolve around the solving of crimes and would feature drug use, murder, depictions of assault, mobster activities, espionage, assassination, and war themes.

Build Options

Roll 3d6 and arrange the results as you wish. All characters will be members of the GDP and all will be detectives which will allow them to actively participate in all major aspects of the adventure.

Alignments are being dispensed with and will not be a factor in this campaign so all alignment based spells should be removed from your spell lists.

There will be consequences for the choices you make so choose wisely when making enemies and picking your friends. The choices you make may save your life, or seal your fate.

Pick a place to live on the map and this will be your primary residence. All of you will be operating out of the South District Station which is located in the Old City so keep that in mind when picking out your living space.

Make three connections for your characters: One (1) is to be a love interest (either current or former) that you can reach out to for comfort; one (1) is to be an enemy that you have created along the way – describe why they are your enemy; and one (1) is a friend you have that might help you if it doesn’t mean their own destruction.


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  1. You should track down a copy of the novel “The Eyes Have it”. It goes into great depth on this topic. Ditto with one of the stories in the Gord the Rogue collection “Night Arrant”.

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