Ideas Floating Around in My Head

Trying to keep track of the ideas that I’ve got floating around in my head so I’m putting them here.

  • Hotel Detective
  • Building Ancient ruins
  • Secret Societies of Greyhawk
  • A look at cults and how they operate
  • Moore/Sargeant Greyhawk Bible
  • White Plume Mountain Mixed Tapes
  • Kar-tur remixed
  • The Spelljammer Mix tapes
  • Hollow Earth, Full heart
  • Nations of Greyhawk, Remixed
  • The Annihilation Sessions
  • Lakofka Tribute Project
  • Princes of the Seas, Slaves to the Apocalypse
  • Blackmoor Theories
  • City Building Project
  • The DRAGON World Building Challenge (Ray Winninger Dragon #255 – 272)
  • Alternative Ability Generation Methods, Part 2

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