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Organizing My Thoughts on the Greyhawk Wars

In order to cover the event in any reasonable manner I’m going to have to divide it up into segments. All of these will have the Greyhawk Wars Research category if you’re looking to follow just this category.

Order of Research

  • 1.) The City of Greyhawk Boxed Set: An exploration of the boxed set to help establish the feeling of the world before the Wars. This will become our new “baseline” for the setting replacing the Greyhawk Boxed Set that Gary Gygax worked on. This product marks a major deviation from how previous Greyhawk products came out as it attempts to set a cohesive, narrative underpinning to the setting.
  • 2.) WGS1 Five Shall Be One: Part one of build up to the Greyhawk Wars. This module will begin the unraveling of what was into what will be.
  • 3.) WGS2 Howl from the North: Part two of the build up to the Greyhawk Wars. This is the finale adventure before the Wars.
  • 4.) Greyhawk Wars Boxed Set: This will help further our understanding of what happens. While there is not a lot here, what is there, is important.
  • 5.) The Official History of the Greyhawk Wars: This article from Zeb Cook will be the defining document for the official history of the event. From here we will be able to discern the setting defining consequences of the event and explore their implications. This document was an effort by Wizards of the Coast to help re-contextualize the fallout from the Wars.
  • 6.) Return of the Eight: A contextual moment to help re-frame the events as Wizards would later seek to establish them.
  • 7.) From the Ashes: The state of the world after the Wars.
  • 8.) The Sargent Articles: an examination of articles Sargent wrote in support of the setting and its changes.


In order to explore each of these sources I’m going to have to do so in different manners so that I’m able to get the most from each. As follows are my plans for each exploration.

Let’s Read the City of Greyhawk: A series of articles exploring the information found in the boxed set.

Five Shall Be One Mixed Tapes: A series of articles designed to help run the adventure and get the most out of it. I may be able to get a group together to run this adventure and if so I will be providing an additional Actual Play series.

Howl from the North Mixed Tapes: same process as Five Shall Be One

The Greyhawk Wars Strategy Sessions: a look into how to play the board game, strategies for winning, and a look into how it affects the world when viewed in the context of its sisters modules.

Let’s Read The Official History of the Greyhawk Wars: A series of articles looking not only at the seminal Cook piece but also examining how this changed the setting.

Return of the Eight Mixed Tapes: same process as Five Shall Be One

Let’s Read From the Ashes: Critical readings of this wrap up from the Wars. Examining the world as it stands and envisioning where it could potentially go.

Sargent Articles: A look into how Sargent defended the changes and how he envisioned players joining the setting after the events of the Wars.


3 thoughts on “Organizing My Thoughts on the Greyhawk Wars”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this deep dive. I ran in Greyhawk for years.

    Over 25 years ago, I ran a group through Five Shall be One/Howl from the North, and then played the Greyhawk Ward game. Our version came out different than From the Ashes, but I leaned on that box a lot in my post Wars game.

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      1. It’s been so long ago I don’t remember much about the actual sessions.

        We played it as intended. A one shot where they played the pre-generated characters in the adventure.

        It was very linear, but we were ready for that. My group was also into wargames, having played a bunch of old Avalon Hill boxed ones with cardboard chits. We were looking forward to playing Greyhawk Wars, and I explained that we were mainly playing thru the events leading up to playing Wars.

        Istus had set their characters upon their destinies. So they agreed to follow the storyline and not get up to their usual antics.

        Not memorable, but it gave a group of early 20 somethings in the Army an excuse to play D&D all weekend, and then set up a wargame to play through the week.

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