2020, Blog Notes

February, 2020

When I first started writing Dyvers years ago I set a daily posting goal for myself that I maintained for nearly five years before things went sideways. Posting daily pushed me to find new ways to be creative and to keep challenging myself to do something new.

Creatively there have been few periods in my life that I found as rewarding.

This month I decided to try and recapture that feeling on Dragons Never Forget by pushing myself to publish a post each day. As a result of this I started making new Greyhawk posters again – something that I’ve loved doing over the years but let slip to the wayside. I haven’t started sending them to the people at Wizards on twitter this time, but you’re welcome to if you would like.

I also found myself captivated by the Greyhawk Wars as the month went on and finally launched a project I had talked about doing for years: an exploration of the Greyhawk Wars and their aftermath. I’m starting small with the project focusing on a few products immediately before the Wars, and then with the immediate aftermath. My goal is to help better understand the event by exploring these products and discussing how to use them in the game; and at the end, do a final wrap up contextualizing the whole event into a cohesive paper that will make things easier to understand.

Along the way I’ve picked up new readers and have seen the Dragons Never Forget getting more attention than at any point in its history. Thank you all for reading me, and for encouraging me to keep pushing myself.

See you tomorrow.


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