Notes from the Q4 Hasbro Earnings Conference Call

On February 8, 2021 Hasbro held it’s regular conference call from management on the financial health of their business. Some quotes have been making their way out of the report lately so I decided to take a moment and read through them myself. Below are the highlights I found worth digging more into.

For the full year, we delivered $1.8 billion in gaming revenue, an increase of 15%. Franchise Brands MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY each hard their best year ever; DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS did as well . . .”

Brian Goldner, Hasbro Chairman and CEO

I find it fascinating that D&D had it’s best year ever in 2020 considering that we’re entering into the seventh year of D&D 5e. Couple that longevity with a time when the world was experiencing a global pandemic; it is amazing that game about pretending with your friends expanded its reach even when we couldn’t get together in person.

Online gaming is wildly popular, but I never realized how popular until now.

It’s always easy to forget how big and diversified a company Hasbro is until you begin reading through their quarterly statements. Interesting to note their growing potential with Distributor to Consumer (D2C in the report) through Hasbro Pulse. When I explored the site I did not see any D&D content there but that doesn’t mean that it won’t develop there in the future.

Hasbro’s Star Wars product revenues grew nearly 70% last year, despite it being the first year without a theatrical release since 2014. This growth was driven by the strength of the Disney+ global roll out of The Mandalorian . . .”

Brian Goldner, Hasbro Chairman and CEO

The report went on to note that even without the Child merchandise that Star Wars revenues performed well.

I’ll be looking into the Feb 25 meeting notes soon since it was a bit more informative on the D&D front. See you tomorrow for that.

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