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Dyvers: Maybe You Should Start a World War?

One of my favorite things about Dyvers is how quickly they tend to move in opposition to the city of Greyhawk. It’s not quite so contrarian that they would hold their breaths if Greyhawk told them oxygen were necessary, but they’re pretty quick to step up and challenge Greyhawk on their bullshit.

With their alliances this positions them in a place where they could easily start a world war with Greyhawk over territory, or trade, or just because. I mean, who’s going to stop them?

This is Greyhawk. Not the Forgotten Realms. There are no omnipotent beings walking around looking to put things right – and if they were here the rest of the world would band together to shut that shit down. We like solving problems our own ways in this setting.

Thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “Dyvers: Maybe You Should Start a World War?”

  1. A world war in a fantasy world would be a funny thing. The catapults would hurl fireballs, the front line soldiers would be skeletons in leather armor, and the prize would be the head of the enemy, boiled down to a skull, to sit on your oaken desk engraved with magic runes.

    — Catxman



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