Dungeons & Dragons

Dyvers: We Promote Women

One of my favorite things about the city of Dyvers is that they promoted a badass woman, Larissa Hunter, as their new Magister after the previous one, Margus, downplayed the possibility of the city being annexed by Furyondy. She has since proceeded to pick a fight with anyone trying to rob the city of its territory, independence, or prosperity.

Larissa Hunter found out that there were some minor nobles out on the eastern border who were getting ready to throw their allegiance, and take their holdings, to the city of Greyhawk. This would have significantly impacted the ability of Dyvers to protect itself from further incursions on their territory.

So she did what she had to do.

Larissa went out there and stripped them of their holdings and placed in their stead Dyvers loyalists. She built a castle to the east of Maraven, a town that Dyvers controls, and then dared Greyhawk to cross her. The oligarchs of Greyhawk assured her they had no interest in violence.

Larissa remains unconvinced and so do I.

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