Dyvers, Posters

Dyvers: We Will Not Fall

One of the things about Dyvers that you find repeated, especially if you read Slavers, is that the city is ready to be evacuated at a moment’s notice. The people are almost treated as though they are a cowardly lot. And who can blame them? To the north they have Iuz making trouble, to the south they have the Orcish empire creeping closer, and to the east they have Greyhawk – whom they do not trust.

They say a nation takes on the personality of their leaders and the previous Magister, Margus, was a feckless steward in the office who didn’t seem to take threats seriously and tried to placate the aggressions of those around the city. He downplayed the significant threat to the city’s liberty when the Knights of the Heart began pushing for the city to be annexed by Furyondy. He seemed helpless, small, and insignificant; and under his stewardship so too did Dyvers.

Larissa Hunter, the new Magister, is Margus’ opposite in so many ways. She confronts the dangers that threaten the city. She aggressively moves to rebuild the city’s self image and to bring back the Dyvers that stood up to Greyhawk and that stands on the precipice of greatness. With her at the fore the nation’s personality is changing and I like it.


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