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Greyhawk: If We Can Keep Rary from Blowing it Up

One of the defining moments in the Greyhawk lore occurs when Rary goes from being a trusted member of the Circle into a traitor.

Rary was an interesting choice for this turn as prior to the event his character was described as:

. . . quiet, dignified, and a skilled mediator and peacemaker . . . Rary is Archmage of Ket, and largely retired from the Circle of Eight, living in his tower in Lopolla. He still attends meetings when there is peril in the land, however, an his advice and judgements are often sought by others. His gentleness, and his duties as Archmage, prevent him from leading the Circle of Eight but he has never sought this position . . .”

Greyhawk: Folk, Feuds, and Factions, pg 25

It’s the sort of description that makes the act of destroying the peace conference all the more mystifying. I’m hopeful that as I read more into the Greyhawk Wars that I’ll eventually find a reason behind this change in his character but I suspect that he may have been chosen more as a convenience than for any logical reason.

So much to read on this setting and to learn still!

Works Cited

Sargent, Carl and Rik Rose. Greyhawk: Folk, Feuds, and Factions. TSR Inc. 1989. pg 25 PRINT


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