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A look at 2021 on DNF

One of the things that I used to do quarterly on Dyvers was provide my readers with a glimpse behind the screen at the health of the blog. I would show how many comments, views, posts, and even if I made any money on the blog. For me, it was a way of being honest with my audience.

I like finding out what clicks with my readers and enjoy engaging with you – though the end of the year is clearly becoming a difficult time for me to do so. The reason for that difficulty comes from the fact that I work a lot of overtime from the second week of October through the end of December.

Good for my bank account, poor for the blog and my intellectual bandwidth.

Before we look at the numbers though, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have read this blog, commented, and shared it with your friends. When I started blogging again after my hiatus from Dyvers I was convinced that it would just be me and one or two friends who would ever read it. To find that there are other people out there that want to read about Greyhawk, 2e, and all the other silly things that appeal to me really means a lot.

Thank you.

Now, let’s look at how 2021 performed on the blog:

84 Posts

2021 saw an increase in posts of about 33% with an average of a new post every four days. I returned with Series 2 of the Greyhawk Propaganda Posters; launched the Dungeons, and Walmart, and LJN series (which should wrap up soon); and launched the Greyhawk Wars project – a challenge that I’ve wanted to start on for years but due to it’s scope have been intimidated to actually begin.

12,798 Visitors

This year saw the most unique visitors to the blog ever, beating all previous years combined! It saw the second greatest growth rate of 123%! What this tells me is that the blog has not only retained it’s previous readership but has continued to gain traction. Thank you to everyone who has shared a post of mine, and who has talked about my posts with their friends. It’s helped a lot and I appreciate you all.


Along with the most visitors to the blog 2021 also saw the greatest number of posts viewed by my readers with an average of 273 views per post. For a year without a Great Blog Roll Call that is an exceptional number and one I’m proud of. I haven’t spoken much about 5e as I’ve been largely focusing on 2e and Greyhawk – two topics that aren’t on the cusp of most role-players’ interests – so it tells me that what I’m writing about has value to my readers and that it’s something interesting to each of you.


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