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Goodbye Jason Zavoda, You Will Be Missed

I thought Jason was on a hiatus from his blog – we all go through them – as he hadn’t posted since June of 2020. It was odd that he hadn’t posted in over a year on a blog he had routinely posted on for the last decade, but I kept thinking that he must have just decided to take a break. He was still active on the Greyhawk discord servers, so I wasn’t concerned.

Then the news broke that he passed on December 22, 2021.

Jason was one of the people I started connecting with during the early days of Dyvers. He was always knowledgeable about Greyhawk and his excitement for the subject was infectious! I remember reading through the early explorations of his blog and walking away energized to get people excited about playing D&D and to start learning about Greyhawk!

I’m going to miss reading his blog and seeing where he turned his remarkable focus next. I’m going to miss listening to him read the Gord novels on the Greyhawk discord. But I will always remember him.

Goodbye my friend.


1 thought on “Goodbye Jason Zavoda, You Will Be Missed”

  1. Jason was still blogging, but moved his Hall of the Mountain King to the Canonfire! website. He was active until his untimely end. It was very unexpected to me and others I am sure. He will surely be missed. His contributions to the World of Greyhawk will never be forgotten.

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