D&D 5e

A Desert of Glass

Recently I ran across an article, An ancient exploding comet may explain why glass litters part of Chile, by Freda Kreier and it kind of captured my imagination. The article is a fascinating look at this twisted glass that covers about a 75 kilometer long corridor within the Atacama Desert in Chile.

I find myself thinking about creating scenes for my players where they discover a broken road of glass in the middle of the desert. The glass is twisted into gnarly, misshapen blocks and seems to lead deeper into the desert.

There are monsters themed around fire and death, so lots of undead dotting about; and at the end of the path a city that lays in ruins. I think of it like the remains of some ancient, cosmopolitan city. There are signs of high magic and technology scattered about like some angry god tossed its toys down in a fit.

The ancient city of Baalbec. Coloured lithograph by Louis Haghe after David Roberts, 1843. Created 1843. Costume. Antiquities. Roman. Architecture. Contributors: David Roberts (1796-1864); Louis Haghe (1806-1885). Work ID: tfagq6w6.

The whole thing has to feel both mysterious and like its hauntingly familiar. So I think that means it’s time to start looking at maps all my players would be familiar with.

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