Book of the New Sun

The Book of the New Sun

Recently, I started talking to some friends about beginning a new campaign. Several of them had heard of Dungeons and Dragons, though only two of them have played before. So I’m treating this as a new experience for everyone involved and that means that I need to treat it like my first time DMing again, too. What I mean by “treat it like my first time DMing again” is that I need to explore the things that made me first fall in love with Dungeons and Dragons.

So what made me fall in love to begin with?

When I first started playing I began with a simple title: Ashland. From that name the whole world began to take it’s shape. I built up a simplified cosmos (largely lifted from the world of Greyhawk), and then drew a map. From there I populated the world and began working on the adventures that I hoped my players would go on.

They even went on some, if you can imagine that.

This new campaign is called “The Book of the New Sun.” Below is the starting map that I’ll be using for my campaign.

The Book of the New Sun starting map by Charles Akins

I decided that this time I would like to explore a world that’s a bit more wild west, and a bit less old world. I’ve got two deserts, a river leading out into a sea, badlands, marshland, plains, and a big forest. There’s lots of room to explore here and more as they decide to roam further from home.

As I continue to build up this setting I’ll be posting more stuff here. A lot of things will come after our sessions, but things that aren’t going to spoil anything I’ll post on here so you all can see it as I go through the creative process.

I hope you’ll join me for this journey.

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