Book of the New Sun

The Gods of the Book of the New Sun: Geb

One of my favorite aspects of creating a world is building up the gods. I don’t know why it is, but it’s something that I’ve always loved. To that end I’ve begun working on the pantheon of the New Sun.

Meet Geb.

Geb, by Charles Akins

Geb was the first god that popped into my head when I started working on the setting and he kind of set the tone for what would come next. I didn’t define the domains that the gods are associated as it seemed more fun to ask the players if they thought their spell choices would be in line with what their god preferred.

I still think so.

Here’s the original write up from my campaign journal in case you’re interested in such things:

Geb, original campaign journal entry, by Charles Akins

The Book of the New Sun

Campaign announcement and Starting Map


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