About the Author


My name is Charlie, and I’m the author of Dragons Never Forget, and before that I was the author of the blog Dyvers. Through both blogs I’ve been writing about role-playing games for the better part of the last decade and I’ve been playing them for the majority of the past twenty years.

My first blog, Dyvers, tended to be mostly single article blog posts with the idea that each post was it’s own thought, or moment in time. I enjoyed that style of writing immensely, but as I got older the way that I wanted to talk about role-playing games changed. I wanted to explore my thoughts in a more substantial fashion and allow myself the time to fully investigate an idea or concept.

That’s where Dragons Never Forget came in.

By and large, this blog is designed around the idea of a long conversation between me and you; just as if we were sitting down together for lunch. I want to explore all the topics that ignite my imagination and find out what you think about them too! So please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

To help with that conversation I’ve created a Series Page that will be the landing point for anyone interested in following an idea from its beginning to its conclusion. I group my articles up here under a single banner for ease of reading. — And when I’m done with an idea I will be going back through each post and linking them together so that it’s easy for the reader to quickly navigate through the whole series without having to constantly backpedal to the Series Page.