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Dyvers: The Alliance is Everywhere

Dyvers doesn't have a thieves guild like the city of Greyhawk, instead they have a gang known as the Alliance. According to Slavers, the Alliance was formed by several competing crime families so that they could take out their rivals together. This feels more like a mafia thing than a gang, and if that's how… Continue reading Dyvers: The Alliance is Everywhere

Dyvers, Posters

Dyvers: Maybe You Should Start a World War?

One of my favorite things about Dyvers is how quickly they tend to move in opposition to the city of Greyhawk. It's not quite so contrarian that they would hold their breaths if Greyhawk told them oxygen were necessary, but they're pretty quick to step up and challenge Greyhawk on their bullshit. With their alliances… Continue reading Dyvers: Maybe You Should Start a World War?

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Rulers of Governments in Greyhawk

The following are the various breakdowns of governments in the world of Greyhawk according to the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. I've simplified the breakdowns by combining titles that mean the same thing as often as possible and by taking the text at face value. Archbaron Bone MarchesRatikBeygrafKet Caliph Ekbir Commandant Gran March Count County of Urnst… Continue reading Rulers of Governments in Greyhawk

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Dyvers and Greyhawk, a Tale of Two Governments

Sometimes, when you read about Dyvers it can come across a bit like Greyhawk, but worse. One of these areas where this can appear is when discussing the governments of each city state. Both are ruled by oligarchies, small minorities that control the power, but what makes up their oligarchies are vastly different. Greyhawk’s ruling… Continue reading Dyvers and Greyhawk, a Tale of Two Governments