D&D 5e, Greyhawk & Order

Greyhawk & Order

Pitch In a time of escalating tensions throughout the world one group of men and women stand between the law and chaos; they are the Greyhawk Police Department (GDP) and these are their stories. Each episode would follow a group of detectives for the GDP as they attempt to solve the crimes that haunt the… Continue reading Greyhawk & Order

World Building

The Frontier isn’t the Frontier

Recently I’ve been reading the book America Moves West by Robert E. Riegel and Robert G. Athearn and I was struck by the following passage: As it does today, when applied to such fields as science, industry, education, or religion, ‘frontier’ meant something new, relatively unknown, but always promising and exciting. To the pioneers the… Continue reading The Frontier isn’t the Frontier

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Let’s Go Exploring – If We Can Ever Find Somewhere Unexplored

Recently I started running a game of D&D set in the Forgotten Realms; and as I was describing where the players were in the world it occurred to me at how civilized the Realms (and my beloved Greyhawk for that matter) really are. The world still has wild spaces but there are clearly defined boarders… Continue reading Let’s Go Exploring – If We Can Ever Find Somewhere Unexplored