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Is D&D Just About Combat?

If you play any version of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) for any period of time and happen to mention your love of it on social media you’re bound to see the criticism that D&D is nothing more than a hack-and-slash slog played by murderous hobos as they go from location to location killing things and… Continue reading Is D&D Just About Combat?

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Determining Crowd Size

Occasionally as a Game Master (GM) you're going to need to determine crowd size. Now there are several methods to do this but this is mine and you're welcome to it. The first thing I do is determine how large a crowd I'm going to need at that particular moment. A small coffee shop, for… Continue reading Determining Crowd Size

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Projects and Progress

We’re officially at the tail end of July and I’m still going with this blog! I’m not as prolific as I was hoping to be when I launched it in December of 2018 but we’re moving in the right direction. So what I’d like to do today is talk a bit about where I’m planning… Continue reading Projects and Progress

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Greyhawk is Home, but Traveling Elsewhere can be Fun Too.

Since I first started running Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) fifteen years ago I have largely run my games within the world of Greyhawk. It was the sort of setting that allowed me to push the boundaries without having to run against the narrative constraints that are found with the current official setting of D&D: the… Continue reading Greyhawk is Home, but Traveling Elsewhere can be Fun Too.

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What the Hell is Dragons Never Forget?

The hook is the thing that you're supposed to use to sell something. It's the elevator speech that isn't so god damned formulaic that everyone hearing it knows what you're doing and sees right through you. So what's the hook for Dragons Never Forget? Dragons Never Forget was scrawled above a stone tomb whose doors… Continue reading What the Hell is Dragons Never Forget?