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Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs

Me, Meg, and Courtney had just sat down,”  Susan said as she wiped some ash off her cheek. "And then this guy stands up and starts screaming. He grabbed his throat and tentacles shoot out of his mouth!""What did you do," Jon asked, his coffee untouched. "We ran like hell!" Susan said."Where did all the… Continue reading Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs

Crowd Control Rules, D&D 5e, Dungeons & Dragons, House Rules

Dealing with Panicked Characters

We were sitting in Ma Yang's Wing Hut people watching as she fussed about us not eating enough and getting too thin. Outside the streets were filled with crowds of shoppers lit by the neon glow of shop signs and the pale lights that spilled out from shop interiors. It was all so normal. And… Continue reading Dealing with Panicked Characters