The Series

I tend to write series on the blog so to make it easier for new readers here is a list of the series I’ve published. I’m currently working on the AD&D 2e Series so it will be updating as it continues.

Greyhawk Reconsidered

This series examines the world of Greyhawk in an effort to make it my own. In each post I look at a topic and then attempt to ground it better in the sort of world I would like to explore. You can expect it to be a bit more pulp with mixed technology levels, strange magics, and all the stuff I love. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Make Greyhawk in Your Own Image, Gary Said So.
The World Ended, and Then We Got On with Our Lives.
The Baklunish and Suloise Empires, Reconsidered.

The Gygax ’75 Challenge

This series follows out the path that Gary laid out for readers of the fanzine EUROPA in the spring of 1975. It’s streamlined compared to some of his later methods. So I thought it would be fun to actually make a campaign the way that he told us to in the early days – before he really formalized his thinking on the subject. If you’d like to join along you’re more than welcome, just send me a link and I’ll add you!

The Setting of the Campaign
The Map Around the Dungeon
How to Build the Gygax 75 Dungeon
The Dungeon Level 1
The Dungeon Level 2
The Dungeon Level 3
The Local Town and All the Trouble
The World Plan
Conclusion & Links to Other Challengers!

Crowd Control

A series of posts working on how to handled panicked characters and crowds in D&D and RPGs in general. The rules are system neutral and have been used by me for years to make my life easier. I include downloadable copies of each of the sheets I have created which you are free to download.

Dealing with Panicked Characters
Determining Crowd Size
Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs

Nobody Makes it Out Alive

An actual play about the World’s Largest Dungeon and a Game Master no one liked who thought he was far more dangerous than any of us. It was a fun game, but contentious like few I’ve ever played in before or since.

Picking a Fight
A Meeting of Minds
Words of Wisdom and Hits of Dissension
Orcs and Traps, Oh My!
Death on the Floor and Attacked from Above
The Trouble with Rats
Smoking with Your Girlfriend
Forget the Door, What’s Behind that Wall?
Empty Rooms and Whispered Betrayals
Say it Ain’t So

Learning to Play AD&D 2e

Arguably the biggest project I’ve ever attempted on either Dyvers or Dragons Never Forget. I’m attempting to learn how to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition. If you’ve always wanted to learn, then you’re welcome to come along with me for the ride. If you already know how to play, then please come keep me on the right track!

Project Introduction
Welcome to the Game! (PH pgs 1 -17)
Player Character Ability Scores (PH pgs 18 – 25)

Player Character Races (PH pgs 26 – 33)

Player Character Classes (PH pgs 34 – 64)

Learning to Play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition: Money and Equipment (pgs 88 – 105)

Learning to Play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition: Chapter 7 Magic (pg 107 – 115), Part 1
Learning to Play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition: Chapter 7 Magic (pg 107 – 115), Part 2

Learning to Play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition: Chapter 8 Experience (pg 116 – 117)