The Series

I tend to write series on the blog so to make it easier for new readers here is a list of the series I’ve published. I’ll provide you with a bit of context about each series so it will make it easier for you to choose which ones you would like to check out.

Alternative Book Covers

Occasionally I like to make alternative book covers for role-playing books that capture my imagination. They’re usually something that gets me excited to explore the book more than the original covers. I hope you like them as well.

House Rules

These are some of the home rules I’ve been using for my games. I generally run Dungeons & Dragons, typically 3e through the current edition. I’ll mark which version it’s for in the entry but you’re more than welcome to use these if they would be helpful.


The great love of my role-playing life: Dyvers. A city that is detailed just enough to wet your appetite and to make it truly your own. I’ve been writing about Dyvers across two blogs and the better part of a decade. I’m still writing about it and I still love it.

Dyvers Propaganda Posters

Like the Greyhawk Propaganda Posters that you’ll find later down this list these are designed to evoke the sort of city I want to explore. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, with a lot of attitude cast at the City of Greyhawk itself, but always with an eye towards being funny.

Greyhawk Lore

These articles are explorations of the lore of the Greyhawk setting. Sometimes you’ll find an exploration of a character’s development. Other times you’ll find me trying to understand the migration patterns of various civilizations. No matter what, though, the articles in this series focus on the lore of the world.

The Greyhawk Wars

One of the big events in the world of Greyhawk that I’ve spent years trying to wrap my head about is the Greyhawk Wars. It’s this massive, overly complex world war that reshaped the setting and attempted to establish a narrative for the world for the first time. This series is my attempt at understanding what happened, and how it changed everything that came after.

Greyhawk Reconsidered

These articles are all related to the World of Greyhawk. Some of them will be baseline articles to help establish what I’m discussing with the world and to help me build up my understanding of the world. In others I will be examining a topic and then attempting to ground it better in the sort of world I would like to explore. You can expect it to be a bit more pulp with mixed technology levels, strange magics, and all the stuff I love.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Greyhawk Propaganda Posters

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to make up these silly Greyhawk posters that help me think about the world as I would like to explore it. They’re a bit like me: mostly funny, sometimes a bit over the top, and sometimes a bit confrontational.

I hope you like them as much as I liked making them!

Series I:

Series II:

Magic and Technology

Over the years I’ve spent several posts (over on Dyvers and now here) discussing the use of more modern technology in fantasy games and as it keeps coming up I’ve decided to organize them all here. This will only feature Dragons Never Forget content.

The Gygax ’75 Challenge

This series follows out the path that Gary laid out for readers of the fanzine EUROPA in the spring of 1975. It’s streamlined compared to some of his later methods. So I thought it would be fun to actually make a campaign the way that he told us to in the early days – before he really formalized his thinking on the subject. If you’d like to join along you’re more than welcome, just send me a link and I’ll add you!

Sights and Sounds

A series of posts that feature tables to help with building a deeper sense of your underground dungeons. The idea of these tables is to create new opportunities for your players to help propel the story forward.

Sights and Sounds 1

Crowd Control

A series of posts working on how to handled panicked characters and crowds in D&D and RPGs in general. The rules are system neutral and have been used by me for years to make my life easier. I include downloadable copies of each of the sheets I have created which you are free to download.

Dealing with Panicked Characters
Determining Crowd Size
Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs

Nobody Makes it Out Alive

An actual play about the World’s Largest Dungeon and a Game Master no one liked who thought he was far more dangerous than any of us. It was a fun game, but contentious like few I’ve ever played in before or since.

Dungeons, and Walmart, and LJN?

A look at the toy line LJN created for TSR in 1983 and 1984, and the world that those toys were supposed to inhabit both as toys and in official TSR, INC products.

Learning to Play AD&D 2e

Arguably the biggest project I’ve ever attempted on either Dyvers or Dragons Never Forget. I’m attempting to learn how to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition. If you’ve always wanted to learn, then you’re welcome to come along with me for the ride. If you already know how to play, then please come keep me on the right track!

Project Introduction
Welcome to the Game! (PH pgs 1 -17)
Player Character Ability Scores (PH pgs 18 – 25)

Player Character Races (PH pgs 26 – 33)

Player Character Classes (PH pgs 34 – 64)

Chapter 6: Money and Equipment (pgs 88 – 105)
Chapter 7 Magic (pg 107 – 115), Part 1
Chapter 7 Magic (pg 107 – 115), Part 2
Chapter 8 Experience (pg 116 – 117)