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The Gygax ’75 Challenge: The Dungeon, Level 1

For the first level of my Gygax 75 Dungeon I’m going to be presenting the players with a relatively small level. This is because the dungeon’s first level is going to be the remnants of an ancient temple dedicated to a long-forgotten god which sits above a larger structure.

To help create a structure that will help evoke the sort of aesthetic that I’m going for with this first level I’ve spent a bit of time pursuing O.C. Gangoly’s Indian Architecture. This book is great for helping inspire my imagination for this first level as it allows me to combine a few different structural layouts to create a structure that will help set the tone for the adventure that takes place inside.

Forgotten Temple, Level 1 by Charles Akins

With the first level I decided to create a layout that progressed in a straight path towards the spiral stairwell. I have around 20 rooms in this level which allows me to fill it with lots of religious iconography to help set the tone for the adventure that’s going to come as the players progress down through the dungeon.

I want this dungeon to evoke a feeling that the players are somewhere they shouldn’t be and so I’m going to be throwing more than a few traps here as the temple would have been guarded when it was active and as the temple was slowly abandoned the clergy wouldn’t have wanted to leave it unprotected in their absence.

I’ve denoted two unique rooms on this level, The Long Wait and the Sacrificial Chamber, which will help further reinforce the sort of atmosphere I’m looking for and help to encourage my players to keep going deeper – because if there’s good stuff here what would the people who lived here have kept if we went deeper?

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