Greyhawk, Greyhawk Reconsidered

Where to Start with the World of Greyhawk?

Learning a new setting, especially one as old as the World of Greyhawk, can be a daunting task even when there’s only a single setting book to read; but when you’re looking at over fifty years of published material and different eras for the setting it can become paralyzing. Where do you start? What counts… Continue reading Where to Start with the World of Greyhawk?

Greyhawk Reconsidered

The Prelacy of Almor Reconsidered

The Prelacy of Almor began as a fiefdom of the Bishop of Chathold who gained it during the latter part of Overking Ostenbrook’s reign when he cured the Overking’s gout. The fiefdom was ostensibly controlled by the Bishop, however, the peoples of the fiefdom never seemed to notice. For nearly a hundred years the fiefdom… Continue reading The Prelacy of Almor Reconsidered