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Gods of the New Sun: Shaw

The next god of the New Sun is Shaw. Shaw is a god that kind of fills a big void for me that's often missing when you look at the brief lists of gods that often appear in the Player's Handbook. He's there not so much to pick one side or the other, but for… Continue reading Gods of the New Sun: Shaw

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We’ve Lost Our Way When it Comes to Maps

Have you picked up a mainstream RPG book lately? Did you look at the map inside? It's utterly depressing. Map by Mike Schley from Curse of Strahd[1] All of the maps that we use now look the same. Our iconography is the same. Our roads meander meaninglessly along, in windy paths that go nowhere to… Continue reading We’ve Lost Our Way When it Comes to Maps

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Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs

Me, Meg, and Courtney had just sat down,”  Susan said as she wiped some ash off her cheek. "And then this guy stands up and starts screaming. He grabbed his throat and tentacles shoot out of his mouth!""What did you do," Jon asked, his coffee untouched. "We ran like hell!" Susan said."Where did all the… Continue reading Breaking Up Crowds in RPGs