Gygax 75 Challenge, World Building

The Gygax ’75 Challenge: The Map Around the Dungeon

The second part of the Gygax ’75 Challenge is to create a map of the world. Gary suggests in the article that we use a large piece of hex ruled paper and a scale of 1 hex = 1 mile (or 1.6 km) although he admits to using different scales as well.

I don’t have ready access to hex paper, but what I do have is a dot journal that I’ve been using for a while now to help me focus. Below you’ll find a quick map that I drew to help firm up the world.

My scale is 2 dots = 1 mile.

Valley of the Three Forks map by Charles Akins

As you can see all of the major locations that I noted on the previous part make an appearance – except for the Seven Ladies. I’m going to use them as a trade organization similar to the Ashmouths in Sam Sykes Seven Blades in Black. This allows me to have my own thief-ish guild to run in the world that can appear in different places.

What about you? Did you make a map for today? Let me know and I’ll ad a link below!

The Gygax ’75 Quick Links

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The Setting of the Campaign (Published 9/10/19)
The Map Around the Dungeon (Published 9/11/19)
How to Build the Gygax 75 Dungeon (Published 9/12/19)
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The Dungeon Level 3 (Published 9/18/19)
The Local Town and All the Trouble (Published 9/19/19)
The World Plan (Published 9/20/19)
Conclusion & Links to Other Challengers! (Published 9/23/19)


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