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Dyvers: Greyhawk is About to Find Out

The relationship between Greyhawk and Dyvers isn’t as simple as I tend to make it out, but is rather a complicated one based on trade, territorial disputes, and a general sense of who really is the best out of the two nations. That said, there is a definite streak of defiance and obstinate resistance on the part of Dyvers to the power of Greyhawk that draws me to the city.

So when I tell you that the city of Dyvers would absolutely tell Greyhawk to fuck around and find out you best believe that it’s true in my home games – and I hope it is in yours as well.


2 thoughts on “Dyvers: Greyhawk is About to Find Out”

  1. Yeah I’ll pay that. Greyhawk and Dyvers are like NY and LA in the US, or London and Paris in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia, or Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. Each has a list of reasons it is better than the other. And the other has a list of counter arguments. The rivalry continues. Driving them on …


    1. Which I think actually adds a lot to the way that the cities play out in the game. Often it seems like your players enter a city and there isn’t a lot of difference between the current city and the next. A few bits of window dressing, but nothing substantial. With Dyvers and Greyhawk you have two cities who actually have a personality and that have a rivalry. It’s fantastic!


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