Blog Notes, Shout Out to the Family

Shout Out to the Family!

One of the things that I didn’t do enough on my old blog was shout out to the people who are following me. So with this new one I’m going to do a better job of that by celebrating you crazy kids with the biggest electronic high-five I can muster!

I’m only going to be shouting out direct names for people who follow me through their blogs so that I can help send some traffic back to them because I appreciate their eyes on my writing and I want to help them grow too. But if you start following me through your email, and would like me to include your name as well, just shoot me an email at because I want to celebrate all of my readers out there!

New Followers as of 2/14/2019

@scawalrus who writes the blog S.C.A. Walrus and Tales of Adventures of Kawartha Gaming Krew! It’s excellent to have someone who writes so well following me. Thank you for coming along on this ride and I hope we can have some great conversations in the future!

@newyorkgwythaint who writes and draws on Northport and who I’ve known for several years as one hell of a creative badass! Thank you so much for following me and I hope I never disappoint you!

@steliosvperdios who has been one of my favorite people for years. We worked together on a cross blog project a few years ago along with Sean Bircher of Wine and Savages and Jens D of The Disoriented Ranger. Stelios has already taken the lead with the most comments on the blog and now we just need to get him blogging again because he is sharp as hell and I love hearing his voice in our hobby! I’m glad you’re here brother!

Email Followers Not Named: 4


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