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Why Did the City of Greyhawk Slow Down?

I got a DM on twitter the other day that asked why I had stopped writing down my thoughts on the City of Greyhawk and I thought I would take a moment to explain. I had been working with an old copy I bought in a Used Book store a couple of years ago. It was kind of beat up, but still serviceable – until my son spilled his chocolate milk all over it.

I tried to salvage the old copy but it really wasn’t worth the effort. Luckily DriveThruRPG had a print on demand version that I could order! So I’ve just recently gotten my copy and plan to start up again.

We’re through the earliest part where the book is attempting to give the reader a broad overview of the city in some short paragraphs that are designed to give you a place to start thinking about what the city is like and who lives there. Now we’re moving into the more detailed sections. I’m going to continue discussing the big parts that bring my attention and imagination forward but I don’t think I’ll be doing a page by page breakdown as I was doing with the bullet points.

We’ll see though.

Edited at 8:24 AM on 7/28/2021

I’ve decided that I’m going to be posting the City of Greyhawk Boxed set stuff on Mondays just to make it easier for people to read it. Although, let’s be honest, I’ll probably post about it during the middle of the week as well.

Look, plan on Mondays but it could be other days as well but for sure Mondays. #SuperOrganizedAndNotAtAllScatterBrained


2 thoughts on “Why Did the City of Greyhawk Slow Down?”

  1. Looking forward to your discussion. Greyhawk is my inspiring realm, I’ve been running games their when I was a kid. Nowadays going back to the beginning with insights I didn’t have during my youth. I think the Baklunish-Suloise “Nuclear” War was the difference between other Realms at the time, this was during the cold war so it was more relevant to me at the time

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